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  1. When did the US get attacked by Japan in Pearl Habour?
    December 7 1941
  2. What was the name given for the attack at Pearl Habour?
    Day of Infamy
  3. What were the two options for Japan in the 19th century?
    - Do nothing and get colonized

    - Emulate powers just like the west (start imitating military power, keep traditions)
  4. When did Japan sign the non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union? Why?
    - April 1941

    - Felt as they knew a war would arise against SU, and did not want to fight in two fronts
  5. In July 1941, what did the US do to Japan?
    • Two things:
    • - free Japanese assets in the US to stop expansion
    • - revoke all exports
  6. How was Japan simliar to Britain, resource wise?
    - relied on other countries for resources, food, oil, etc.
  7. Why was the attack on Pearl Habour a risky plan?
    • - was a shallow location thus allowing the US to salvage the ships and create new ones
    • - surprise attack = no declaration of war
    • - no comprise settlement ot end the war possible
    • - all at sea
  8. What new technology arise in the Second world war during pearl habour?
    the air craft carrier

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