Photoshop Certification

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  1. What is the command to reset Photoshop settings?
    control + shift + alt and click delete
  2. What does "v" stand for?
    It stands for the move tool
  3. What does the "y" stand for?
    It stands for the history tool
  4. What does the "u" stand for?
    It stands for the shape (rectangle) tool
  5. What does the the "a" stand for?
    It stands for the path selection and direct selection tool
  6. What does the "g" stand for?
    It stands for gradient and paint tool.
  7. What does the "k" tool stand for?
    It stands for slice tool.
  8. Which two are related to the principle of design of balance?
    Symmetry and horizontal
  9. What is shape?
    Element of design related to height and width, and can be defined by lines or color and value changes.
  10. File types: JPG/JPEG:  What is it?
    • A file format...Joint Photographic Experts Group Most common type
    • for photorealistic image, compresses images to take up less space (lossy
    • compression) and loses some data information.¬† 10:1 compression
  11. What is Gif?
    A file format known as graphic interchange format, bit map image format allowing  8 bit or 256 colors... for creating web sites, limited number of colors, transparent background, and animation.
  12. You want to create a duplicate Smart Object that is not linked to the original Smart Object. You also want to ensure that the edits made to the duplicate Smart Object do not affect the original one. What will you do to accomplish the task?
    Click on the Layers > Smart Objects > New Smart Object Via Copy option.
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