SOP 22 Helicopter Landing Sites

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  1. What talk groups are used for contacting helicopters?
    • TG020 (trunked) is for making initial contact.
    • TG040 (simplex) is used when instructed to do so by the pilot.
  2. Who should establish contact between helicopter and landing crews? 2 points.
    • Rescue aircraft should initiate contact.
    • If it arrives overhead and no contact has been made crews should contact the aircraft prior to landing.
  3. Considerations for selecting a Helicopter landing site? 6 points.
    • Scene and evidence preservation.
    • Safety of crews.
    • Ambulance & Medical crew access.
    • Movement of other vehicles.
    • Vehicle security.
    • 80-100 from incident, downwind if possible.
    • Firm ground.
  4. Other considerations for Helicopter landing site? 11 points.
    • Clear area 40mx40m of loose items.
    • Clear area of rotor diameter (15m) of all obstructions to ground level.
    • Clear landing area of 5mx5m.
    • Establish wind indicators.
    • Warn pilot of excessive dust.
    • Warn pilot of overhead wires.
    • Utilise appliance headlights converging from 40m to illuminate LZ.
    • Appliance beacons activated.
    • Use E flares wherever possible.
    • Illuminate rear of aircraft at all times.
    • All vehicles to have doors and windows closed.
  5. How are helicopters to be approached?
    From the side and only after direction from pilot or crew.
  6. Safety concerns with helicopter? 7 points.
    • Main rotor.
    • Tail rotor.
    • Antennas.
    • Searchlight.
    • Static Electricity.
    • Dust.
    • Loose objects.
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