RGM Midterm

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  1. Content Analysis
    • -method to analyze the media.
    • -process of identifying and counting the number of times something occurs.
  2. Framing
    Making sense of the events around us. We use story lines through references/knowledge learned through the culture.

    Journalists frame their stories.
  3. Symbolic Annihilation
    To be represented in media is a form of power. Absence of representation is absence of power, trivialization, condemnation, marginalization.
  4. Intersectionality
    We all have several identities - female, male, gay, black, white, deaf, bisexual, etc.
  5. Agenda Setting
    long-held theory which states that media don't tell people what to think, but rather, tell people what to think about.
  6. PCA
    • P- Production
    • creation & distribution of messages/content

    • C- Content
    • the specific messages

    • A- Audience
    • who is engaging consuming or interacting with the content
  7. Stereotypes
    An ordered, more or less consistent picture of the world, to which our habits, tastes, comforts, hopes have adjusted themselves.

    AKA - generalization
  8. Social Learning theory
    people model behavior that they see in others or from television/film.
  9. Cultivation Analysis
    Theory that people who watch a lot of TV construct a world view that is like the one they see
  10. Ethnic Media role
    • -Provide coverage absent in general market
    • -Offer content that better reflects their communities
    • -Fundamental role of providing voice to the voiceless
    • -Present a more comprehensive picutre
    • -Present a more positive picture
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