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  1. Nueva Cancion
    • New song
    • a new song movement through which people stand up for thier own culture for themselves as a culture in the face of oppression by a totalitarian reime or in the fasce of cultural inperialism  from abroad
    • southern south america 1950s-60s
  2. Charango
    Mini guitar made from aridillos
  3. Claves, Bongos, Congas, Maracas
    Shaken and beaten rhythmic instruments used in both salsa and through out latin america
  4. Victor Jara
    • Great figure in Nueva Concion
    • Chilain
    • Used his songs to promote social issues
    • killed in 1973 in a massicare/ military coup
    • used metaphors
  5. Sesguialtera
    3/and 6/rhythms at the same time
  6. counterpoint
    the use of 2 or more melodic parts
  7. Salvador Allende
    the leader of Chilie for 3 years untill 1973 when there was a military coup.
  8. Metaphore
    An assertion that one thing is also something else, a comparison that typically enhances meaning.
  9. Kena
    Andian vertical notched flute
  10. Violeta Parra
    • Multifaceted artist
    • A moving force in the Nueva Concion
    • used more traditional music.
    • before her, songs were not about peoples problems.
  11. Quilapayon
    • an ensemble that formed in the 1960s
    • Nueva Concion
    • Accompanied  speakers for Salvador Allende's broad-bassed popular Unity party, which bad brough together workers, peasants and students into a mass movement.
  12. Zampona
  13. K'antu
    ceremonial panpipe music from the altiplano or hgh plateau of peru-Bolivia
  14. Aymara
    • a language spoken at the upper elevations of the andies mountains
    • People who speak this take care of llamas, alpacas and sheep
  15. Inkas
    • Indiginus people of south america before the spanish landed
    • 1200-1533 C.E.
  16. Wankara
    Large double headed drum, bass drum
  17. Hocketing
    • the melodie is spread out amoung several insturments. When one is playing the others are not.
    • K'antu?
  18. Pentatonic
    • a 5 note scale
    • K'antu 
  19. Comunas
    Small clusters of houses on the slopes of mount cotacachi, 1 of several volcanoes in the andes
  20. Sanjuan
    • 1860 from saint john
    • at that time it refered to either a type of song played at the festival or a type of dance performed at the festival.
    • Vocal and instrumental
    • Genre
    • Isorhythmic
    • Bimodality
    • dance music
  21. Imbabura Harp
    • Harp with a large base with 3 circular holes.
    • Played in Imbabura province
    • cedar and uses wooden nails.
    • Sanjuan, Vacacion
    • glope and glopeador
  22. Isorhythmic
    • egual rhythm
    • same rhythm
    • Sanjuans are
  23. Bimodality
    the change between major and its relative minor scales
  24. Golpe
    the rhythm beaten on the harp sound box
  25. Golpeador
    musical time keeper
  26. Wawa Velorio
    • A childs wake rituals
    • a harpist plays a mixture of sanjuans and vacacion through out the night, each played at specific time.
    • Cotacachi slopes.
  27. Vacacion
    • strongly percussive music 
    • does not require golpeador
    • purely instrumental
    • lacks the regular stresses that characterize a particular cycles.
    • not dance music
    • Played at 2 ritual moments, the outset and any point the child is the center of behavior.
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