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    Mayo Scissors
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    Metzenbaum scissors
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    Iris Scissors
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    Bandage Scissors
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    Suture scissors
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    Adson Tissue Forceps
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    Brown-Adson tissue forceps
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    Adson Dressing forceps
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    Allis tissue forceps
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    Babcock tissue forceps
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    Ferguson angiotribe forceps
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    Sponge Forceps
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    towel clamps
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    Mosquito Forceps
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    Kelly Forceps
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    Crile forceps
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    Carmalt Forceps
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    needle holders
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    Snook hook/spay hook
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    Gelpi Retractor
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    Weitlaner Retractor
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    Balfour retractor
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    periosteal elevator
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    scalpel (blade) handel
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    • 10 blade
    • basic surgery and skin scrapings
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    • 11 blade
    • puncturing
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    • 15 blade
    • surgeries and small proceedures
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    Yankauer suction handle
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    Poole suction handle
  30. What is measured in gages?
    needles and wire
  31. How does gage ratings work?
    • The bigger the number the smaller the needle.
    • The smaller the number the bigger the needle.
  32. 27/25/22/20/18/16
    common gage sizes
  33. How are sutures rated?
    • Ought is in the middle.
    • The larger the number the larger the diameter of the suture.
    • Diameters smaller than ought will be a number followed by a dash and ought. The larger the first number the smaller the diameter.
  34. How are shaving blades rated?
    • The larger the number the closer the shave.
    • The smaller the number the more hair that is left.
  35. What is the term for a needle attached to the suture?
  36. Do dental instruments have to be autoclaved/sterile?
  37. <---- 5-0/4-0/3-0/2-0/1-0/0/1/2/3/4  ---->

    Which end has the largest diameter?
    Which end has the smallest diameter?
    • 5-0 = smallest
    • 4 = largest
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surgical instruments
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