Mineral Iron

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  1. What is the function of iron
    distribute O2 throughout the body

    Assist enzymes in using O2
  2. O2 binds to what on the RBC
  3. How is iron recycled by the body
    spleen removes iron from old RBC stores some, and sends the rest to liver
  4. Where does iron get proccessed into transferrin for transport to bone marrow and to get used to make more RBC
  5. What is the RDA of iron
    • Men= 8mg
    • Women= 18mg
  6. What are good sources of iron
    heme iron= fish, meat poultry

    nonheme iron= veggies, legumes, dries fruit, whole grains, iron fortified dry cereals
  7. How much iron is actually absorbed by the body
  8. Where does iron absorption occur
    intestinal mucosa
  9. What is iron absorption dependant on
    enzymes for transport and storage
  10. What can help increase iron absorption
    • Eating food with ascorbic acid
    • Eating iron from several sources
    • Cooking in cast iron skillets
  11. What can decrease iron absorption
    • Binders from food
    • Tea & coffee
    • Antacids
  12. Why do antacids decrease iron absorption
    they compete with absorption sites for iron
  13. What results from iron deficiency or blood loss
  14. What are the S&S of anemia
    • Pale skin
    • Fatigue
    • Impaired cognitive functin
    • Decreased wound healing
    • Premature birth
    • Low birth weight infants
  15. What is the treatment for iron deficiency
    • treat underlying cause
    • iron supplements
  16. What is hemosiderosis
    too much iron in the body
  17. What causes hemosiderosis
    • hemochromatosis
    • consuming high iron amounts
  18. What is hemochromatosis
    genetic disorder that allows more iron to be absorbed in liver and spleen
  19. What are the high risk groups for hemosiderosis
    • Men
    • Alcoholics
    • People at risk for hemochromatosis
  20. Who is more at risk for iron deficiency
    • Young children
    • Teen girls
    • Chilbearing women
    • Low income
    • Developing countries
  21. What are the S&S of hemosiderosis
    • Weakness & fatigue
    • Liver & heart damage
    • Dicoloration of skin
  22. How is hemochromatosis treated
    blood removal through regular donation
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