CH 15: Part II

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  1. albuminuria
    • presence of albumin in the urine
    • =renal disease or heavy exercise
  2. anuria
    absence of urine formation
  3. bacteriuria
    presence of bacteria in urine
  4. dysuria
    painful urination
  5. enuresis
    incontinence, lack of bladder control/invountary discharge of urine
  6. nocturnal enuresis
    incontinence at night
  7. hematuria
    blood in urine
  8. glucosuria
    sugar in urine
  9. stress irinary incontinence
    incontinence during a cough, sneeze or strained exercise
  10. ketonuria
    ketone bodies in the urine
  11. ketone bodies/ketone compounds
    • acids which are the product of abnormal use of carbohydrates during metabolism
    • seen in uncontrolled diabetes and starvation
  12. nocturia
    urination at night
  13. oliguria
    small/scanty production of urine
  14. polyuria
    excessive urination
  15. pyuria
    • white blood cells (pus) in urine
    • sign of infection
  16. urinary retention
    retention of urine, inability to void urine
  17. glomerulonephritis
    form of nephritis unvolving the glomerulus
  18. hydronephrosis
    pooling of urine in renal pelvis and calyces due to obstruction of flow
  19. pyelonephritis
    inflammation of the renal pelvis
  20. nephrosis
    degenerative disease of the renal tubules
  21. nephrolithiasis
    • presence of renal stone-due to mineral build up in kindney
    • from hyperuricuria or hypercalciuria
  22. cystitis
    inflammation of the bladder
  23. urethritis
    inflammation of the urethra
  24. urethrocystitis
    inflammation of the urethra and bladder
  25. urethral stenosis
    narrowed condition of the urethra
  26. urinary tract infection (UTI)
    pathogenic organisms in urinary tract-urethra & bladder
  27. uremia
    excess urea/nitrogenous waste in blood due to kidney failure
  28. cystoscopy
    examination of the bladder using a cystoscope
  29. kidney biopsy (Bx)
    renal biopsy
    removal od kidne ytissue for pathological examination
  30. intravenous pyelogram (IVP)
    intravenous urogram
    • x-ray of urinary tract
    • revealing obstruction, trauma, etc. thru use contrast medium injection (iodine)
  31. kidney, ureter, bladder (KUB)
    abdominal x-ray of the kidney, ureter and bladder
  32. scout film
    x-ray taken to detect any obvious pathology
  33. renal angiogram
    x-ray of renal artery
  34. retrograde pyelogram
    • x-ray of upper urinary tract
    • to detect presence of stones
  35. abdominal sonogram
    ultrasound image of urinary tract
  36. urinalysis (UA)
    physical, chemical and microscopic examination of the urine
  37. urinalysis (UA) components
    • specific gravity: kidneys ability to concentrate/dilute urine
    • pH: acidity/alkalinity of urine
    • glucose: sugar level in urine-diabetes
    • albumin: protein/albumin in urine
    • ketones: ketone bodies in urine, if found, fats are being usde instead of carbs-unstable diabetic state
    • occult blood, urine: detects hidden blood in urine-kidney bleeding
    • bilirubin: bilirubin in urine-gallbladder/liver disease
    • urobilinogen: bile pigment in urine-gallbladder/liver disease
    • nitrite: bacteria in urine
    • microscopic findings: to identify abnormal constituents in urine
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