PBH Q3-ch.6 vocab in text

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  1. passive immunity
    • short term
    • injections of antibodies
  2. herd immunity***
    70% ppl vaccinated so others wont be able to contract the disease
  3. cost effectiveness***
    • both benefit and harms
    • last priority
  4. net effectiveness***
  5. lead time bias
    early detection w/o improved outcome
  6. sequential testing
    breast cancer needs two tests
  7. genetic prevention***
    prevent genes that will make disease
  8. genetic detection bf disease***
    detect defects to prevent phenotypic
  9. sensitivity***
    • test is 90% accurate in presence of disease
    • true positives
  10. specificity***
    • test is 90% accurate in the absence of disease
    • true negatives
  11. positive predictive value***
    postive result who correctly diagnosed
  12. negative predictive value***
    negative result who correctly diagnosed
  13. epi treatment***
    treat to control spread
  14. ring vaccination3steps***
    • identify case of smallpox
    • vacinnation of close contact
    • then mile radius case measure
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PBH Q3-ch.6 vocab in text

PBH Q3-ch. 6 vocab in text
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