Intrusion Detection.

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  1. What is "Probability of Detection"?
    Likelihood of identifying an intruder within a protection zone. 
  2. What is an Intrusion Detection System?
    Exterior and Interior intrusion sensors and other necessary equipment to aid communication
  3. What are Exterior Sensors?
    Sensors used in outdoor equipment?
  4. What are interior sensors?
    Sensors used in indoor equipment
  5. What is Intrusion Detection?
    Ability to identify a person/vehicle attempting to enter unauthorized areas that are being protected
  6. What is an Intrusion Detection Boundary?
    Area covered by sensors
  7. hat are the 3 important characteristics of all Instrusion Systems?
    • Probability of Detection (PD)
    • Nuisance Alarm Rate (NAR)
    • Vulnerability to Defeat
  8. Two definitions pertain to the Vulnerability of Defeat measure.  They are...?
    • Bypass (going around a sensor)
    • Spoof (goes through a sensor without setting off alarm)
  9. What is a Confidence Level (CL) described as?
    Calculation of a device working on a specific scenario.

    • 90%-95% is common
    • 100% is ideal but unlikely
  10. What are the 4 classifications of both Interior and Exterior Intrusion Detection Systems?
    • 1- Passive and Active
    • 2- Covert (hidden) and overt (visible)
    • 3- Volumeric or Line Detection
    • 4- Application specific
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