Semester 5 final 4

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    Acute pancreatitis
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    Acute pancreatitis
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    Chronic pancreatitis
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    Endometrial cancer
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    Serous cystadenocarcinoma
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    Granulosa cell tumor
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    Signet ring adenocarcinoma of the stomach
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    Familial adenomatous polyposis
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    Carcinoma of the colon
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    Crohns disease
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    Crohn's disease
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    Noncaseating granuloma of Crohn's disease
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    Pseudopolyps of ulcerative colitis
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    Crypt abscesses of Ulcerative colitis
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    Pyoderma gangrenosum of Crohn's Disease
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    This is most likely a complication of what abdominal disease?
    Ulcerative Colitis (toxic megacolon)
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    What type of abdominal disease presents with these manifestations?
    Crohns Disease
  19. What is the treatment for Crohns disease?
    • Mild:
    • - Loperamide

    • Moderate:
    • - Sulfasalazine
    • - ciprofloxacin or metronidazole
    • - prednisone
    • - azathoprine
    • - infliximab or adalimumab
  20. Treatment for Ulcerative colitis?
    • MILD:
    • - antidiarrheal
    • - enemas
    • - aminosalicylates
    • - steroids

    • - Immunomodulator (cyclosporine)
    • - surgery
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    What type of pattern is seen here?
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    Where are the immune complexes located?
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    What is this loop nephritis usually associated with?
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    What is shown here in this SLE patient?
    IgG and complement deposits at the dermo-epidermal junction.
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    What is the diagnosis in the SLE patient?
    Libman Sacks Endocarditis
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    What is the most likely diagnosis?
    Swollen parotid galnds = Sicca syndrome(Sjogren)
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    What is the most likely diagnosis based on the skin biopsy?
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    What is the lesion called?
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    What is the most likely diagnosis?
    • Dermatomyosistis
    • MIDDLE: inflammatory infiltrate in muscle
    • FAR RIGHT: Inclusion body myositis
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    What is the most likely diagnosis?
    Pemphigous Vulgaris
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    What is the most likely diagnosis?
    Bullous Pemphigoid
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    Picture demonstrates ab against Hemidesmosomes, what is the most likely diagnosis?
    Bullous Pemphigoid
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    What is seen on fundoscopy?
    Cotton wool Spots
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    What diagnosis is suggestive of this xray?
    Pulmonary edema
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