Pearson Chpt 5 NCLEX PN Leadership & Management

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  1. 1.  ABC's airway, breathing, and circulation
    2.  Maslow's hiearchy of needs
    3.  Agency policies and procedures
    4.  Time
    5.  Client and family preferences
    6.  Care related to client acuity
    7.  Priorities in medication therapy
    Framework for determining priorities of client care
  2. this is an individual having authority from employer to hire, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward or diciplin other employees
  3. this is the provision of guidance or direction, evaluation, and follow-up of nursing personnel for accomplishment of a delegated nursing task
  4. is use of nursing personnel to accomplish a desired objectie through allocation of authority and responsibility; involves, as pare of assigning work, asking another to do some aspect of client care
  5. defines delegation as transferring to a competent individual authority to perform a selected nursing task in a selected situation
    National Council of State Boards in Nursing (NCSBN)
  6. delegator do not think that UAP can perform or complete an assignment or does not  transfer full authority
  7. delegator becomes overwhelmed by situation and loses control by delegating inappropriate tasks; tasks that are beyond their scop of practice should not be delegated to UAPs
  8. The five rights of delegations are outlined by who?
  9. they can delegate nursing care activities to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAPs) based on competency of UAP, including eduational knowledge and skill levels
  10. What are these:
    1.  Right task
    2.  Right circumstances
    3.  Right person
    4.  Right direction and communication
    5.  Right supervision and evaluation
    The essential rights of delegation
  11. Based on Rights of Delegation: 
    Nurse determines those activities team members may perform
    Right task
  12. Based on Rights of Delegation:
    Nurses evaluates individual clients and UAPs and matches the two.  Nurses asses client's needs, looks at care plans, consider the setting, and ensures that UAPs have proper resources, equipment, and supervision to work safely
    Right Circumstances
  13. Based on Rights of Delegation: 
    Nurse follows organizational policies, which are congruent with state law, in determining appropriate staff to which to delegate a nursing activity
    Right person
  14. Based on Rights of Delegation:
    Nurse needs to clearly understand organization's policies and procedures to carry out effective delegation.
    Right Direction and Communication
  15. is a person who possesses personal traits that enable her or him to personally move others constructively and ethically to positively impace client/family care or to achieve a goal or vision
  16. is bestowed by employing organization and described in a job description; it provides for influence through:  legitimate authority, power of position, and abiliyt to reward and punish
    Formal leadership
  17. does not porvide an official organizational title but informal leader can substantially influence others through thoughtful and convincing ideas, knowledge, status, and personal skills
    Informal leadership
  18. definition means: meeting or exceeding expectations of customers, meeting and exceeding standards, and achieving planned outcomes
  19. is an individual employed by organization who is responsible  and accountable for efficiently accomplishing organizational goals
  20. are a measurement or flag used as a guide to monitor, assess and improve the quality of client care, support services, and organizational functions affection client outcomes
  21. describes characteristics of a setting that support and have an impact on care (e.g. RN to client ratio)
    Structure indicator
  22. measures an acitivity that is carried out in caring for clients and focuses on natural amount of nursing care provided during hospital stay
    process indicator
  23. describes clients status at a defined time following care interventions, meausres results of nursing care and process, and nursing outcomes are key indicators to show impact of nursing care on positive client outcomes
    Outcome indicators
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