Pearson Chpt 11 NCLEX PN Uncomplicated Postpartum Care

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  1. What are the types of lochia?
    lochia rubra, lochia serosa and lochia alba
  2. The amount may be increased by exrtion or breastfeeding.  Unexplained increase in amount or reapperance of rubra is normal
  3. These are caused by intermittent utrine contractions following delivery
  4. First 48 hours postpartum pose greatest risk of complication for clients with what disease
    heart disease
  5. What low hormone level postpartum lead to decreased vaginal lubrication and vasocongestion for 6 to 10 weeks, which can result in painful intercourse
  6. also known as an attachment
  7. a maternal adjustment reaction
    postpartum blues
  8. occurs on 2nd or 3rd day as supply of blood and lymph in the breast is increased and transitional milk is produced
    primary engorgement
  9. this milk is produced after 2 weeks and appears water and slightly bluish in color, similar to skim milk
    Mature milk
  10. their return time is prolonged in lactating women and affected by length of time the woman breastfeeds and whether formula supplements are used
    ovulation and menstration
  11. this displaces the uterus, increasing the risk of uternine atony and postpartum hemorrhage
    full bladder
  12. to determine uternine firmenss, height or fundus, and position of fundus in  relation to what?
    midline of abdomen
  13. normal pulse range for postpartume is what?
    50-80 bpm
  14. termperature above 100.4 F after first 24 hours may indication infection; it may be elevated initially after delivery related to what?
  15. Inspect any abdominal incisions, cesarean delivery or tubla for REEDA.  What does REEDA stand for?
    • R-reddness
    • E-edema
    • E-ecchymosis
    • D-discharge
    • A-approximation of skin edges
  16. client should void in how many hours following delivery?
    6-8 hours
  17. After delivery you should inspect for type, quantity, amount, odor
  18. pain in calf upon dorsiflexion of foot is recorded as a positive sing and may indicate thrombophlebitis
    Homan's sign
  19. These would be in effort to provide client what:  apply ice to perineum 20 min on/10 min off for first 24 hours, and encourage sitz bath, warm or cool after first 12 to 24 hours
    Promote comfort
  20. gently massage fundus if boggy will prevent what?
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Pearson Chpt 11 NCLEX PN Uncomplicated Postpartum Care

Pearson Chpt 11 NCLEX PN Uncomplicated Postpartum Care
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