Neuropath - Infection / Inflammation

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  1. Basilar Menigitis
  2. Acid Fast Bacili in TB
  3. Bacterial Meningitis
  4. Bacterial Meningitis with PMNs
  5. Abscess
  6. Granuloma as may be seen in TB, Fungi, Spirochetes, Sarcoid, foreign bodies
  7. Multinucleated giant cells as seen in granulomas
  8. Cryptococcus demonstrating large, budding yeast with a zone of clearing around them
  9. Coccidioides - small yeast in a bigger endospore surrounded by PMN's
  10. Aspergillus - narrow, regular, acute branching
  11. Mucormycosis - broad, irregular, branching at 90
  12. Candida - budding yeast with pseudohyphae which is angioinvasive
  13. Toxoplasmosis
  14. Cystecircosis
  15. Cystecircosis
  16. Cowdry A Body

    Single intranuclear inclusion with a large, clear zone

    Seen in HSV, CMV, VZV, SSPE
  17. Cowdry B

    Small inclusions without halo outside nucleus

    Seen in Polio
  18. HSV Encephalitis
  19. Negri Body

    Seen in Rabies
  20. Chronic plaques in the WM with clear boards sparing the GM
  21. Gross MS in the spinal cords. There is no tract or vascular predilection

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Neuropath - Infection / Inflammation
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Neuropath Infection Inflammation

Neuropath - Infection / Inflammation
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