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  1. Generic Name: Clondine
    • Brand Name/Trade Name: Catapres
    • Prescribed for : Used to trest High Blood Pressure
  2. Generic Name: Donepezil
    Brand Name/Trade Name: Aricept

    Prescribed For:  Used to improve thinking and memory in patients with Alzheimers disease
  3. Generic Name: Enoxaparin
    Brand name/Trade name: Lovenox

    Prescribed for: Treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  4. Generic Name: Gabapentin
    • Brand name/Trade name: Nurontin
    • Prescribed for: Seizures, and post theriputic pain associated with shingles and herpes virus.
  5. Generic Name: Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ)
    • Brand Name/Trade name: Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ)
    • Prescribed for: Thiazide diuretic used to trest high blood pressure. A common side effect is hypokalemia.
  6. Generic Name: Allopurinol
    • Brand Name/Trade Name: Alloporinol
    • Prescribed for: To treat Gout, Increased uric acid from cancer or kidney stones.
  7. Generic Name: Amitriptyline
    • Brand name/Trade name:Elavil
    • Prescribed for: Used to trest symptoms of deppression.
  8. Generic Name: Amlodipine
    • Brand name/Trade name: Novasc 
    • Prescribed for: Used to lower blood pressure 
  9. Generic Name: Aripiprazole
    • Brand Name/Trade name: Abilify 
    • Prescribed for: Used to treat schizophrenia 
  10. Generic Name: Atorvastatin
    • Brand Name/Trade name: Lipitor 
    • Prescribed For: Cholesterol Lowering agent.
  11. Generic Name: Losartan Potassium
    • Brand Name/Trade Name: Cozaar
    • Prescribed for: Treatment of Hypertension
  12. Generic Name: Metformin
    • Brand Name/Trade name: Glucophage
    • Prescribed for: Noninsulin Type II Diabetes
  13. Generic Name: Phenytoin
    • Trade Name/Brand Name: Dilantin
    • Prescribed for: Used to control seizures
  14. Generic Name: Tamsulosin
    • Brand Name/Trade Name: Flomax
    • Prescibed for: Used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate)
  15. Generic Name: Tenormin
    Brand name/trade Name: Atenolol

    Prescribed for: Lower BP, Lower Heart Rate, Reduce Chest Pain, Reduce chance of another heart attack
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