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  1. Patient comes in C/O cough after aspirating some chemicals from a nearby chemical plant. What would be the top differential for this patient?

  2. Patient presents with decreased tactile vocal fremitus, decreased breath sounds, and dullness to percussion. What is the most likely diagnosis?
    Pleural effusion

  3. Patient presents with decreased fremitus, decreased breath sounds, hyper resonant on percussion. There is also paradoxical chest rise and fall. What is the most likely diagnosis?
    Pneumothorax (tension type- pay attention to the trachea deviation away)

  4. Patient presents with cough with purulent sputum, pleuritic chest pain, and hemoptysis. What is the lesion in the arrows?
    Lung abscess

  5. Patient presents with rusty colored sputum. What is the most lkely diagnosis?
    Strep Pneumoniae pneumonia

  6. Patient presents with SOB & hemoptysis. PE reveals diastolic murmur in the mitral area. What is the main initial diagnosis.
    Initial = mitral stenosis

    Backflow of blood into the lungs from the mitral valve causes the shortness of breath. Blood into the lungs leads to pulmonary htn which causes the right ventricular hypertrophy seen in the xray.
    • Aspergilloma
    • Fungus ball is seen on the xray

  7. Patient has a history of smoking 20 pack years. What is the most likely diagnosis?

  8. Pneumonia that usually occurs after influenza infection. Sputum is salmon colored.
    Staph aureus pneumoniae

  9. Patient presents with dry cough and low grade fever.
    Patient has IgM antibodies? What type of pneumoniae is this?
    Mycoplasma Pneumoniae

  10. Patient is went hiking and went through a bat cave. This is the most common cause of mediastinal fibrosis. What is the most likely diagnosis?
    • Histoplasmosis pneumoniae.
    • CXR: hilar adenopathies and focal alveolarinfiltrates.

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Semester 5 review 5
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