US History

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  1. Name James Monroe's secretary of war.
    William H. Crawford
  2. The _________ is the body that traditionally selects presidential candidates in the 19th century.
    House of Representatives (Congressional Congress)
  3. According to the conspiracy theorists, with whom did John Quincey Adamsmake a "Corrupt Bargain"?
    Henry Clay
  4. What agreement with Spain led to the aquasition of Florida in 1819?
    Adams-O'nis Treaty of 1819
  5. Name the editorof the Richmond enquirer in 1828:
    Thomas Ritchie
  6. Name the political pamphlet circulated by Jackson's opponents that said he executed militia during the Creek War.
    Coffin Handbill
  7. Who was called "American Jezebel" and "Profligate Woman" induring the 1828 campaign?
    Rachel Jackson
  8. Who do the textbook authors call "Jacksons most valued advisor?"
    Martin Van Buren
  9. Jackson called the ___________ "rotation inĀ  office"
    Spoils System
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