Induction System

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  1. What are the three principal sections of the induction system?
    • Air Scoop
    • Air Filter
    • Carburetor
  2. What are the four princiapal parts of the induction system for a non supercharged system?
    • Air Intake
    • Induction air filter
    • Fuel Metering Device
    • Induction Manifold
  3. What is the purpose of the air filter?
    To prevent foreign material from entering the engine.
  4. What are the three types of air filters?
    • Polyurethane
    • Paper
    • Flocked Screen
  5. What is the purpose of the alternate air valve?
    To allow airflow in case the filter is clogged or impact icing.
  6. What is the carburetor heat air valve?
    A valve the directs hot air to the carburetor
  7. What could be the result of using carburetor heat during periods of high power operation?
  8. What could be the result of a manifold air leak in the induction system on a natrually aspirated engine?
    Cause mixture to become more lean.
  9. When would small induction system leaks have the most noticable effect?
    At low RPM or Idle
  10. What are the three types of induction system icing?
    • Fuel evaporation icingĀ 
    • Throttle icing
    • Impact icing
  11. How can the pilot tell if induction system icing is occuring?
    The use of the CAT gauge.
  12. How is the formation of the induction system icing prevented?
    Direct warm air into the carburetor.
  13. Why is carburetor preheater not generally used on take off?
  14. Where would a carburetor air heater be located in a fuel injected system
    There is none.
  15. What is indicated when carburetor heat is applied and we get an increase in maniflod pressure?
    Build up of ice on the manifold
  16. When using carburetor air heat when it is not needed would cause?
    • Decrease in Engine power
    • Detonation
  17. What must acompany fuel vaporization.
    An Absorbtion of heat
  18. How is fuel vaporization increased in a small aircraft.
    By circulating the fuel/air mixture through the oil sump
  19. What is the action of the carburetor air scoop beside supply air to the carburetor?
    Increase air pressure
  20. Where would a hot spot heater be located?
    In or through the oil sump
  21. What would a partially clogged air scoop do to the fuel/air ratios?
    A decrease in the air ratio
  22. Where does a carburetor air intake heater derive its heat from?
    The shroud connected to the muffler.
  23. Backfiring through the carburetor is most likely caused by?
    An excessively rich mixture.
  24. During engine operation if carburetor heat is applied, will cause what?
    Decerease the weight of the fuel/air charge
  25. How is carburetor icing on an engine equipped with a constant speed propeller detected?
    A decrease in manifold pressuren with a constant RPM
  26. What is the function of the diffuser of an internal supercharger.
    To decrease velocity and increase pressure
  27. What would indicate induction system icing?
    • Run Rough
    • Lose Power
    • Quit in flight
  28. What method is commonly used to prevent carburetor icing?
    The use of hot air from the exhaust to warm the inlet air.
  29. When starting an engine with a carburetor heater what position should the heater be in?
    • Off position
    • Cold Position
  30. The application of carburetor heat during engine operation will have what effect on fuel, engine, and air?
    • Decrease in fuel/air Density
    • Loss of engine power
  31. How is theĀ icing controlled in the induction system of a reciprocating engine?
    • Alcohol spray on the inlet of the carburetor
    • Heated induction air
  32. Carburetor icing is most severe at?
    30-40 degrees and 60% humidity
  33. How are carburetor hot air door linkeage properly rigged?
    Behind the heater
  34. Into what part of the reciprocating engine induction system is alcohol normally injected?
    Inlet of the Carburetor
  35. What will probable result of excessive heating of the fuel/air mixture?
    Excessively rich mixture and/or pre-ignition
  36. During full power output of a unsupercharged engine equipped with a float type carburetor in what area is the highest pressure.
    Air Scoop
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