CH 17: Part III

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  1. colposcopy
    • use of a colposcope to examine vagina & cervix
    • colposcope-specialized microscope with camera
  2. hysteroscopy
    use of hysteroscope to examine intrauterine cavity
  3. Papanicolaou smear (PAP)
    study of cells collected from cervix - screen for cancer/abnormalities
  4. hysterosalpingogram
    • x-ray of fallopian tubes after injection of contrast medium through the cervix
    • determines tubal pregnancy
  5. mammogram
    x-ray of breast tissue
  6. pelvic sonography
    ultrasound imaging of female pelvis
  7. adhesolysis
    breaking down OR severing of pubic adhesions
  8. cervical conization
    removal of con-shaped portion of the cervix
  9. colporrhaphy
    suture to repair vagina
  10. anterior repair
    posterior repair
    • repair of cystocele
    • repair of rectocele
  11. cryosurgery
    destroying tissue by freezing
  12. culdocentesis
    • aspiration of fluid from the cul-de-sac
    • used to diagnose extopic pregnancy & pelvic inflammatory disease
  13. dilation and curettage (D&C)
    dilation of the cervix and scraping of the endometrium to: control bleeding, tissue Bx, removal of polyps
  14. hysterectomy
    removal of uterus
  15. abdominal hysterectomy
    removal of uterus through incision in abdomen
  16. vaginal hysterectomy
    removal of uterus through vagina
  17. total hysterectomy
    removal of uterus and cervix
  18. laparoscopy
    inspection of abdominal and pelvic cavity with laparoscope
  19. laparoscopic surgery
    surgical procedure using a laparoscope (therefore, in abdomen or pelvic regions)
  20. laser surgery
    use of laser to destroy lesions or dissect/cut tissue
  21. myomectomy
    excision of fibroid tumors
  22. oophorectomy
    excision of an ovary
  23. ovarian cystectomy
    excision of an ovarian cyst
  24. salpingectomy
    excision of a uterine tube
  25. bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
    excision of both uterine tubes and ovaries
  26. salpingotomy
    • incision into fallopian tube
    • to remove extopic pregnancy
  27. salpingostomy
    • creating of an opening in fallopian tube
    • to open blockage
  28. tubal ligation
    sterilization of a woman by cutting and tying uterine tubes
  29. lumpectomy
    excision of breast tumor without removing other tissue or lymph nodes
  30. mastectomy
    removal of breast
  31. simple mastectomy
    removal of entire breast with underlying muscle
  32. radical mastectomy
    removal of entire breast, underlying muscle and axillary lymph nodes
  33. modified mastectomy
    removal of entire breast and axillary lymph nodes
  34. mammoplasty
    repair/reconstruction of a breast
  35. augmentation mammoplasty
    reconstruction to enlarge breasts
  36. reduction mammoplasty
    reconstruction to remove excessive breast tissue
  37. mastopexy
    exlevation of pendulous breast tissue
  38. hormonal contraceptives
    hormones used to suppress ovulation/conception
  39. oral contraceptive pill (OCP)
    birth control pill
  40. contraceptive injection
    • injection of  hormone into body
    • Depo-Provera
  41. contraceptive implant
    insertion of a contraceptive capsule under the skin
  42. barrier contraceptives
    physical barrier that prevents conception
  43. intrauterine device (IUD)
    contraceptive device inserted into the uterus to prevent implantation of the fertilized egg
  44. spermicidals
    creams, jellies, lotions, that contain agents that kill sperm
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