PBH ch. 7

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  1. communicable disease vs. infection disease***
    def: virus transmitted person to person vs. are in healthy but can cause disase when relocated

    note: some exposed, and they don't get it
  2. Koch's postulates (ON TEST)***
    Isolated bacteria that causes TB

    • Must be there in unhealthy 
    • Isolate and grown in pure 
    • Reintroduce and cause disease in healthy
    • Re isolate and note it be the original cause
  3. modes of transmission (direct/indirect3)
    • D:
    • droplet spread
    • I:
    • airborne- dust
    • vehicleborn-food/fomites aka handkerchief
    • vectorborne-flies in shit or lifecycle 
  4. infectivity
    • ability agent to cause infection to host
    • HOW MANY? 
    • (only one can affect A LOT)
  5. pathogenicity
    ability agent to induce disease
  6. virulence 
    50% vs 90% severity of the disease after infection 

    note: young vs old like influenza
  7. tools to address the burden 5***
    • barrier
    • immunizations
    • screening
    • treatments 
    • max effectiveness
  8. barrier protect against airborne
    air tight suit and laminar flow hood
  9. biosafety 1-4
    • 1-not common in humans/e coli
    • 2-b/c of injury or ingestion/HIV
    • 3- b/c of air and it's exotic-SARS or TB
    • 4- b/c of air but superkiller-Lassa
  10. herd immunity def  NOTE: look further into
    • max vaccine
    • resistance of a group to invasion 
  11. texas biomed
    owned by tom slick
  12. does EVERYONE get vaccine? 
  13. to eradicate smallpox, polio, and measles8***
    • limited to only humans
    • limited persistence
    • absence of long term carrier
    • immunity
    • vaccination 
    • herd immunity
    • easily diagnosed
    • effectiveness of vaccines
  14. hazard
    inherent danger of exposure
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