Christianity - Baptism

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  1. Historical foundations
    • Prophet John baptised Jesus
    • Disciples baptised followers
    • Jesus baptised folloers
    • Jessus commanded followers to baptise people (Acts, Paul's epistles)
  2. Method
    • Full immersion
    • part immersion
  3. Baptiser
    Varies between denominations
  4. Symbolism
    • Identification - of the believer with Christ and the holy trinity
    • Initiation - signifies initiation into the Christian faith and community
    • Burial and resurection - symbolises the death of the old life and a resurrection in Christ. Seen by most denominations as necessary for salvation
    • Bath - act of cleansing the conscience before God
    • Obedient Act - turning from slefishness and placing the pride, past and possessions in Jesus Christ. Great commission commands followers to baptise people
    • Public testimony - outward confession of an inward experience
    • Spirit's gifting - giving of the Holy Spirit during gifting
    • Imitation of the practice of Jesus and the early Church
    • Expression of faith - in a physical right that has spiritual significance
  5. Timing
    • Adult - baptised of own volition
    • Infant - decision made by parents
  6. How does the practice express the beleifs of Christianity
    • Ancient origins
    • Jesus' baptism
    • water the central symbol
    • water and the spirit
    • repentance
    • body of Christ
    • Early Church
    • Symbols and ritual actions
  7. Ancient Origins
    Baptism predates Christianity (Jewish groups and John the baptist)
  8. Jesus' baptism
    accepted the baptism of John and instructed his disciples to baptise followers
  9. Water the central symbol
    • Reflects the belief of God and creator and source of life
    • Allusion to the waters of chaos in Genesis and the parting of the Red Sea
  10. Water and the spirit
    water is representative of the womb and symbolic of rebirth in God
  11. Repentence
    Belief that baptism is a renouncing of sin
  12. Body of Christ
    A believer is baptised into the Church (the body of Christ) and is thus able to experience the resurrection more fully
  13. Early Church
    Early Church believed that baptism was necessary for repentence and is still practiced today
  14. Symbols
    Symbols include - the cross, water, oil (to annoint), white garment, baptismal candle
  15. Significance for the individual
    • Individual walks the path of all Christians since the origin of the Church
    • An opportunity for prayerful reflection and spiritual development
    • Necessary for salvation
    • The individual is welcomed into the body of Christ
    • Rite of passage - transition of one stage of life to the next
  16. Significance for the Christian community
    • Perpetuating the tradition of the historic church
    • Baptism prompts constant reflection and renewal of the community's baptismal promises
    • marks the entry of a new member into the church
    • the process of preparing and supporting a person through baptism invigorates the community
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