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  1. Bombardment of uranium -235 with a neutron generates tellurium-135, 3 neutrons and ___
  2. Bombardment of uranium -238 with a deutron(hydrogen-2) generates neptunium-237 and ___ neutrons
  3. What percent of electricity generated on US is from nuclear plants?
  4. What is phosphor
    A substance that emits light when excited radiation.
  5. Which of the following is correct representation of beta particle?
    4/2 e (ignore / )
  6. How much energy (in J) is produced when 0.082g is converted to energy?
  7. If we start with 1g of -90, 0.908g will remain after 4yrs. The half life of strontium is
  8. What is the largest number of protons that can exist in a nucleus and still be stable?
  9. Due the nature of the position___is actually detected in positron remission tomography
    Gamma radiation
  10. The missing product from this reaction is____.
    121/53 I -> 121/52 Te + ___
    0/1 e
  11. Strontium-90 is a byproduct in nuclear reactors fueled by the radioisotope uranium-235. The half-life of strontium-90 is 28.88yr. What percentage of a strontium-90 sample remained after 75 yr?
  12. The half life for bets decay of strontium-90 is 28.8yrs. A milk sample is found to contain 10.3ppm strontium-90. How many years would pass before the strontium-90 concentration would drop to 1.0 ppm?
  13. What is the typical percent of uranium-235 in the enriched UO2 pellets used in nuclear reactors?
  14. Radium undergoes alpha decay. The product of this reaction also undergoes alpha decay. What is the product of this second decay reaction?
  15. What radioactive element is used to diagnose medical conditions of the heart and arteries?
  16. The formation of Kempton from rubidium decay is a result of
    Electron capture
  17. What happens to the mass number and the atomic number of an element when it undergoes beta decay?
    The mass number does not change and the atomic number is increased by 1
  18. In the nuclear transmutation represented
    by 239/94 Pu (4/2 He, 1/0 n)? what is the product?
    curium -242
  19. The belt of nuclear stability ends withthe element
  20. Transuranium elements have atomic numbers greater than
  21. The mass of a proton is 1.673x10-24g. What is the nuclear binding energy (in J) for a 56Fe nucleus? (c=3.00*10^8 m/s)
  22. In what type of radioactive decay does the atomic number of the product increase by one?
  23. In the formula k=0.693/t1/2, k is the decay constant.
    What is the half-life(min) of this radionuclide? (table included)
  24. Cesium-137 undergoes beta decay and has a half life of 30 yrs. How many beta particles are emitted by a 14g sample of Cesium-137 in 3 minutes?
  25. Which of these is most likely to be
    243/95 Am
  26. Atoms containing radioactive nuclei are called
  27. Carbon-11 decays by___
    Positron emission
  28. By what process does thorium-230 decay to radium-226?
    Alpha emission
  29. The decay of a radionuclide with a half life of 4.3x10^5 years has a rate constant(in yr^-1) equal to ____
  30. The mode of decay of 32P is___
    Beta emission
  31. Of the following processes, which one changes the atomic number?
    All of these processes change the atomic numbers
  32. The missing product of this reaction would be found in which group of the periodic table?
    24/11 Na --> 0/-1 e + ___
  33. A rock containing 0.313 mg of lead-206 for each milligram of uranium-238. The half life for the decay of uranium-238 to lead-206 is 4.5x10^9 yrs. The rock was formed ___yrs ago
  34. The largest number of stable nuclei have an ___ number of protons and an ___ number of neutrons.
    Even, even
  35. What are the "dees" on a particle accelerator?
  36. What happens to the mass number and the atomic number of an element when it emits gamma radiation?
    The mass and atomic number remain unchanged.
  37. The primary commercial use of nitric acid is ____
    In the manufacture of fertilizers.
  38. Replacement of Na2O b y K2O in soda-lime glass results in
    A harder glass with a higher melting point
  39. B2O3 is the anhydride of
    Boric acid
  40. Which form of elemental sulfur is the most stable at room temperature?
    Rhombic sulfur
  41. The correct name of H2CO3 is
    Carbonic acid
  42. The oxidation state of SiO4^-4 is
  43. Which group 13 element is a metalloid?
  44. What is the primary commercial use of hydrogen in the US?
    Manufacture of ammonia by Harber process
  45. The least electronegative of the elements below is
  46. Pyrex glass is formed by adding an oxide of ____ to soda-lime glass.
  47. Which halogen forms an oxyacid with the formula HO2?
  48. Which halogen can react with fluorine to form the compound XF7?
  49. The careful, thermal decomposition of solid ammonium nitrate will yield ____
  50. Replacement of CaO by PbO in soda-lime glass results in
    Denser glass with a higher refractive index
  51. Which of the following is false concerning buckminsterfullerene?
    It is made up of Cl2 molecules.
  52. The oxidation numbers of sulfur in the sulfate ion, sulfite ion, sulfur trioxide, and hydrogen sulfide are ___, ___, ___, and ____ respectively.
    +6, +4, +6, -2
  53. Which halogen can react with flourine to form the compound XF7?
  54. Which halogen forms an oxyacid with the formula HXO2?
  55. Pyrex glass is formed by adding an oxide of ___to soda-lime glass.
  56. The least electronegative of the element below is ____
  57. Which equation correctly represents what happens when NO2 dissolves in water?
    3NO2(g)+2H2O(l)--> 2H+(aq) + 2NO3-(aq) + NO(g)
  58. Water gas is
    H2 and CO
  59. What method is used to produce the most hydrogen gas in the United States?
    reaction of methane with steam
  60. Hydrogen can have oxidation states of ___
    -1, 0, and +1
  61. Which pair of formula/name is incorrect?
    N2O4/ dinitrogen trioxide
  62. The oxidation number of N in N2O is ____.
  63. Only the most active metals react with oxygen to form ___.
  64. How many pairs of unpaired electrons are there in one molecule of carbon monoxide?
  65. Br2 can be prepared by combining NaBr with ___
  66. Which of the following would produce an acidic solution?
    CO2 only
  67. The interhalogen compound ICl3 can form but BrCl3 cannot form. This is because
    iodine is large enough to accommodate three chlorine atoms around itself
  68. Which of the folloowing is true concerning borax?
    all of the above are true
  69. The reaction between nitrogen dioxide and water is a
  70. Which element in groupĀ  is not found as the central atom in compounds with an expanded valence shell?
  71. Which of the following is the nitride ion?
  72. Which halogen is the most easily oxidized?
  73. What is the oxidation state of xenon in XeO2F2?
  74. Boron can violate the octet rule in its compounds in that
    it can have fewer than eight valence electrons
  75. The number of electrons in the valence shell of Xe in XeF6 is
  76. Which of the following is a molecular hydride?
  77. Tetraboric acid, H2B4O3, is prepared by heating boric acid, H3BO3(a condensation reaction involving water loss). If 400.0 mmol H3BO3 are used, what mass (g) of H2O is formed assuming quantitive stoichiometric conversion?
  78. Which of the followingequations correctly represents the reaction of B2H6 with oxygen?
    B2H6 (g) +3O2 (g) -->H2B2O2(s) + 2H2 (g)
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