Wind Limits

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  1. When wind speeds are recorded above _____ kts all aircraft must be inspected prior to flight.
    65 kts
  2. When airspeeds are observed above ___ kts, all airport operations will be suspended.  Landings are not permitted above ___ kts.
    50 kts
  3. Maximum crosswind for manual (handflown) operations is ___ kts
    30 kts
  4. Maximum headwind for autoland operations is ___ kts
    25 kts
  5. Maximum crosswind on any runway < 148' wide is...
    20 kts
  6. Maximum crosswind when the braking action is reported "fair" is ___ kts
    20 kts
  7. Maximum crosswind allowed when the weather is reported less than 4000' and 3/4 mile vis.... ___ kts
    15 kts
  8. Maximum crosswind for Autoland operations,  during CAT II or CAT III approaces...?
    15 kts
  9. Max crosswind, when rudder travel is restricted/ limited and / or  during manual rudder operations is ___ kts
    12 kts
  10. Maximum crosswind when braking action is reported as "POOR" is ___ kts
    10 kts
  11. Maximum tailwind component for takeoff or landing is ___ kts
    10 kts
  12. Maximum tailwind component allowed during land-and-hold-short (LAHSO) operations is ...
    3 kts !
  13. Maximum thrust shall be used when _______ tailwind component is observed...
    ANY tailwind,  or tailwind in excess of  1kt (chickenshit answer)
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