exam 3- POLS

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  1. Which presidents have had to deal with
    modern-day terrorist attacks
    • 1)President Reagan-Bombing of US
    • embassies in Beirut (1983) and Kuwait (1983), bombing of US Marine barracks in
    • Beirut (1983), hijacking of TWA 847 (1985), hijacking of Achille Lauro cruise
    • ship (1985), bombings of airports in Rome and Vienna (1985), bombing of a disco
    • in West Berlin (1986), Pan Am 103 bombed in flight (1988)

    • 2) President Clinton-WTC bombing
    • (1993), “Black Hawk Down” (Somalia) (1993), bombing of US military barracks at
    • Khobar Towers (Saudi Arabia) (1996), bombing of US Embassies in Kenya and
    • Tanzania (1998), foiled attack on LA Airport (1999), bombing of USS Cole (2000)

    • The Iranians were behind the bombing
    • of the US military barracks at Khobar Towers (Saudi Arabia).  Al Qaeda conducted or inspired the other
    • attacks.
  2. Why the U.S. and NATO intervened in Libya but
    has not intervened in Syria;
    • expenses were easier for
    • the US and NATO, also libya has less power
  3. your professor’s opinion on whether or not Iran
    would use a nuclear weapon (if it developed one
    • no, the nuclear weapon is a
    • physcological scare tactic to have against other countries
  4. why there is no possibility of war in (western)
    Europe today;
    • 1) all the countries of
    • Europe are democracies (this is democratic peace theory – democracies don’t go
    • to war against other democracies), 2) Europe is integrating under a common
    • government (European Union) and under a common currency (16 countries currently
    • use the Euro) (the theory here is that the tighter countries are tied together,
    • politically, economically, militarily, etc., the less likely they will go to
    • war), 3) Europe is war-weary, resulting in cultures that advocate peace (two
    • world wars took too much out of the Europeans; they don’t want more war).  Which is the greater influence is difficult
    • to pinpoint, but all three factors seem to be influential in bringing peace to
    • a continent that fought almost constant war for 5 centuries
  5. what is
    the “clash of ideologies” associated with the war on terro
    • (secular democracy v.
    • theocracy (religious government)) which could not be reconciled peaceably.
  6. link
    between Iraq War and War on Terror
  7. the success of Obama’s overtures to the Muslim
    world (professor’s commentary in class;also see lecture notes
  8. Pew Research Polls (2009): general views of
    people in countries on closing Guantanamo Bay, withdrawing from Iraq, and
    sending more troops to Afghanistan + NATO countries (European countries) in
    which a majority supported sending more troops to Afghanistan (2 questions);
    • Guantanamo bay- mostly approve
    • withdrawing from iraq- approve
    • sending more troops- disapprove
  9. conspiracy
    theories about America;
    • 1) JFK assasination
    • 2)that US goverment planned 9/11 attack
  10. what was the following bin Laden quote referring
    to, “Don’t be turned away from Islam by the terrible situation of the Muslims
    today, for our rulers in general abandoned Islam many decades ago, but our
    forefathers were the leaders and pioneers of the world for many centuries, when
    they held firmly to Islam”;
    he was refering to 9/11
  11. similarities between America
    today and the most successful Muslim empire of centuries past;
  12. what % of americas energy is powered by wind or solar
  13. countries that are dependent on imported oil
    china, japan, india, germany, south korea, france
  14. if country were to go out of poverty, why would it be negative?
    be too much greenhouse gases
  15. standard of self defense worked out by u.s and great britian in 1830?
    caroline standard
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