SAT High-Frequency Word List Part 2

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  1. Censure
    v. blame; criticize.
  2. Coercion
    n. use of force to get someone to obey.
  3. Concede
    v. admit; yield.
  4. Conciliatory
    adj. reconciling; soothing. conciliate, v.
  5. Concise
    adj. brief and compact.
  6. Concur
    v. agree.
  7. Condone
    v. overlook; forgive; give tacit approval; excuse.
  8. Conflagration
    n. great fire.
  9. Confound
    v. confuse; puzzle.
  10. Constraint
    n. compulsion; repression of feelings.
  11. Contend
    v. struggle; compete; assert earnestly.
  12. Contentious
    adj. quarrelsome.
  13. Contract(V)
    v. compress or shrink; make a pledge; catch a disease.
  14. Cordial
    adj.[kawr-juhl] gracious; heartfelt.
  15. Corroborate
    v. confirm; support.
  16. Credulity
    n. belief on slight evidence; gullibility; naivete. credulous, adj.
  17. Criterion
    n. standard used in judging.
  18. Cryptic
    adj. mysterious; hidden; secret.
  19. Cursory
    adj.[kur-suh-ree] casual; hastily done.
  20. Curtail
    v. shorten; reduce.
  21. Decorum
    n. propriety; orderliness and good taste in manner. decorous, adj.
  22. Deference
    n. courteous regard for another's wish.
  23. Degradation
    n. humiliation; debasement; degeneration. degrade, v.
  24. Delineate
    v. portray; depict; sketch. delineation, n.
  25. Denounce
    v. condemn; criticize. denunciation, n.
  26. Deplore
    v. regret; disapprove of.
  27. Depravity
    n. extreme corruption; wickedness.
  28. Deprecate
    v. express disapproval of; protest against; belittle. deprecatory, adj
  29. Deride
    v. ridicule; make fun of. derision, n
  30. Derivative
    adj. unoriginal; derived from another source.
  31. Despondent
    adj. depressed; gloomy. despondency, n
  32. Detached
    adj. emotionally removed; calm and objective; physically unconnected.
  33. Deterrent
    n. something that discourages; hindrance. deter, v.
  34. Detrimental
    adj. harmful; damaging.
  35. Devious
    adj. roundabout; erratic; not straightforward.
  36. Devise
    v. think up; invent; plan.
  37. Diffuse
    adj. wordy; rambling; spread out(like a gas). diffusion, n.
  38. Digression
    n. wandering away from the subject. digress, v.
  39. Diligence
    n. steadiness of effort; persistent hard work.
  40. Diminution
    n. lessening; reduction in size.
  41. Discerning
    adj. mentally quick and observant; having insight.
  42. Disclose
    v. reveal. disclosure, n.
  43. Discordant
    adj. not harmonious; conflicting.
  44. Discount(V)
    v. disregard; dismiss.
  45. Discrepancy
    n. lack of consistency; difference.
  46. Discriminating
    adj. able to see differences; prejudiced.
  47. Disdain
    v. view with scorn or contempt.
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