SAT High-Frequency Word List Part 3

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  1. Disinclination
    n. unwillingness.
  2. Disparage
    v. belittle.
  3. Disparity
    n. difference; condition of inequality.
  4. Disputatious
    adj. argumentative. disputant, n.
  5. Disseminate
    v. distribute; spread; scatter.
  6. Dissent
    v. disagree.
  7. Divergent
    adj. differing; deviating. divergence, n.
  8. Doctrine
    n. teaching, in general; particular principle taught.
  9. Document(V)
    v. provide written evidence.
  10. Dogmatic
    adj. opinionated; arbitrary; doctrinal.
  11. Dubious
    adj. questionable; filled with doubt.
  12. Duplicity
    n. double-dealing; hypocrisy.
  13. Eclectic
    adj.[ih-klek-tik] composed of elements drawn from desperate sources.
  14. Egotistical
    adj. excessively self-centered; self-important; conceited.
  15. Elated
    adj.[ih-ley-tid] overjoyed; in high spirits. elation, n.
  16. Eloquence
    n. expressiveness; persuasive speech. eloquent, adj.
  17. Elusive
    adj. evasive; baffling; hard to grasp. elude, v.
  18. Embellish
    v. adorn; ornament.
  19. Emulate
    v. imitate; rival.
  20. Endorse
    v. approve; support. endorsement, n.
  21. Enhance
    v. increase; improve.
  22. Enigma
    n.[uh-nig-muh] puzzle; mystery. enigmatic, adj.
  23. Enmity
    n. ill will; hatred.
  24. Ephemeral
    adj.[ih-fem-er-uhl] short-lived; fleeting.
  25. Equivocal
    adj. ambiguous; intentionally misleading. equivocate, v.
  26. Erroneous
    adj. mistaken; wrong.
  27. Erudite
    adj.[er-yoo-dahyt] learned; scholarly.
  28. Esoteric
    adj. hard to understand; known only to the chosen few.
  29. Eulogy
    n.[yoo-luh-jee] expression of praise, often on the occasion of someone's death.
  30. Euphemism
    n. mild expression in place of an unpleasant one.
  31. Exacerbate
    v.[ig-zas-er-beyt] worsen; embitter.
  32. Exalt
    v. raise in rank or dignity; praise.
  33. Execute
    v. put into effect; carry out. execution, n.
  34. Exemplary
    adj. serving as a model; outstanding.
  35. Exemplify
    v. serve as an example of; embody.
  36. Exhaustive
    adj. thorough; comprehensive.
  37. Exhilarating
    adj. invigorating and refreshing; cheering.
  38. Exonerate
    v. acquit; exculpate.
  39. Expedient
    adj. suitable; practical; politic. expediency, n.
  40. Expedite
    v. hasten.
  41. Explicit
    adj. totally clear; definite; outspoken.
  42. Exploit(V)
    v. make use of, sometimes unjustly. exploitative, adj.
  43. Extol
    v. praise; glorify.
  44. Extraneous
    adj. not essential; superfluous.
  45. Facilitate
    v. help bring about; make less difficult.
  46. Fallacious
    adj.[fuh-ley-shuhs] false; misleading. fallacy, n.
  47. Fanaticism
    n. excessive zeal; extreme devotion to a belief or cause.
  48. Fastidious
    adj. difficult to please; squeamish.
  49. Feasible
    adj. practical.
  50. Fervor
    n.[fur-ver] glowing ardor. intensity of feeling.
  51. Flagrant
    adj.[fley-gruhnt] conspicuously wicked; blatant; outrageous.

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