SAT High-Frequency Word List Part 5

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  1. Invert
    v. turn upside down or inside out.
  2. Ironic
    adj. resulting in an unexpected and contrary outcome.
  3. Lament
    v.[luh-ment] grieve; express sorrow. lamentation, n.
  4. Laud
    v. praise; laudable. laudatory, adj.
  5. Lavish(ADJ)
    adj. generous; openhanded; extravagant; wasteful. also v.
  6. Lethargic
    adj. drowsy; dull.
  7. Levity
    n. lack of seriousness; lightness.
  8. Linger
    v. loiter or dawdle; continue or persist.
  9. Listless
    adj. lacking in spirit or energy.
  10. Lofty
    adj. very high.
  11. Malicious
    adj. hateful; spiteful.
  12. Marred
    adj. damaged; disfigured. mar, v.
  13. Materialism
    n. preoccupation with physical comforts and things.
  14. Methodical
    adj. systematic.
  15. Meticulous
    adj. excessively careful; painstaking; scrupulous.
  16. Miserly
    adj.[mahy-zer-lee] stingy; mean.
  17. Mitigate
    v. appease; moderate.
  18. Morose
    adj.[muh-rohs] ill-humored; sullen; melancholy.
  19. Mundane
    adj. worldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday.
  20. Negate
    v. cancel out; nullify; deny.
  21. Nonchalance
    n.[non-shuh-lahns] indifference; lack of concern; composure.
  22. Notoriety
    n. disrepute; ill-fame. notorious, adj.
  23. Novelty
    n.[nov-uhl-tee] something new; newness. novel, adj.
  24. Nurture
    v. nourish; educate; foster. also n.
  25. Obliterate
    v. destroy completely.
  26. Oblivion
    n. obscurity; forgetfulness.
  27. Obscure(V)
    v. darken; make unclear.
  28. Obstinate
    adj.[ob-stuh-nit] stubborn; hard to control or treat. obstinacy, n.
  29. Ominous
    adj. threatening.
  30. Opaque
    adj.[oh-peyk] dark; not transparent. opacity, n.
  31. Opportunist
    n. individual who sacrifices principles for expediency by taking advantage of circumstances.
  32. Optimist
    n . person wo looks on the good side.
  33. Opulence
    n.[op-yuh-luhns] extreme wealth; luxuriousness; abundance. opulent, adj.
  34. Orator
    n.[awr-uh-ter] public speaker.
  35. Ostentatious
    adj.[os-ten-tey-shuhs] showy; pretentious; trying to attract attention. ostentation, n.
  36. Pacifist
    n. one opposed to force; anti-militarist.
  37. Partisan
    adj. one-sided; prejudiced; committed to a party. also n.
  38. Peripheral
    adj. marginal; outer. periphery, n.
  39. Perpetuate
    v. make something last; preserve from extinction.
  40. Pervasive
    adj. pervading; spread throughout every part. pervade, v.
  41. Pessimism
    n. belief that life is basically bad or evil; gloominess.
  42. Phenomena
    n. observable facts; subjects of scientific investigation.
  43. Philanthropist
    n. lover of mankind; doer of good.
  44. Piety
    n.[pahy-i-tee] religious devotion; godliness. pious, adj
  45. Placate
    v.[pley-keyt] pacify; conciliate.
  46. Ponderous
    adj. weighty; unwieldy.
  47. Pragmatic
    adj. practical(as opposed to idealistic); concerned with the practical worth or impact of something.
  48. Preclude
    v. make impossible; eliminate.
  49. Precocious
    adj.[pri-koh-shuhs] advanced in development. precocity, n.
  50. Predecessor
    n. former occupant of a post.
  51. Presumptuous
    adj.[pri-zuhmp-choo-uhs] overconfident; impertinently bold; taking liberties.
  52. Pretentious
    adj. ostentatious; pompous; making unjustified claims; overly ambitious.
  53. Prevalent
    adj. widespread; generally accepted.
  54. Prodigal
    adj.[prod-i-guhl] wasteful; reckless with money. also n.
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