SAT High-Frequency Word List Part 6

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  1. Profane
    v. violate; desecrate; treat unworthily. also adj.
  2. Profound
    adj. deep; not superficial; complete. profundity, n.
  3. Profusion
    n. overabundance; lavish expenditure; excess.
  4. Proliferation
    n.[pruh-lif-uh-rey-shuhn] rapid growth; spread; multiplication. proliferate, v.
  5. Prolific
    adj. abundantly fruitful.
  6. Provincial
    adj. pertaining to a province; limited in outlook; unsophisticated.
  7. Proximity
    n. nearness.
  8. Prudent
    adj. cautious; careful. prudence, n.
  9. Qualified
    adj. limited; restricted.
  10. Quandary
    n. dilemma.
  11. Ramble
    v. wander aimlessly(physically or mentally).
  12. Rancor
    n.[rang-ker] bitterness; hatred.
  13. Ratify
    v. approve formally; confirm; verify.
  14. Rebuttal
    n.[ri-buht-l] refutation; response with contrary evidence.
  15. Recluse
    n.[ri-kloos] hermit; loner. reclusive, adj.
  16. Recount
    v. narrate or tell; count over again.
  17. Rectify
    v. set right; correct.
  18. Redundant
    adj. superfluous; repetitious; excessively wordy.
  19. Refute
    v. disprove. refutation, n.
  20. Relegate
    v. banish to an inferior position; delegate; assign.
  21. Remorse
    n. guilt; self-reproach.
  22. Renounce
    v.[ri-pyoo-dee-eyt] abandon; disown; repudiate. renunciation, n.
  23. Repel
    v. drive away; disgust.
  24. Reprehensible
    adj. deserving blame.
  25. Reprimand
    v. reprove severely; rebuke.
  26. Reprove
    v. censure; rebuke.
  27. Repudiate
    v. disown(reject); disavow.
  28. Reserve(N)
    n. self-control; formal but distant manner.
  29. Resigned
    adj. accepting one's fate; unresisting; patiently submissive.
  30. Resolution
    n. determination; resolve. resolute, adj.
  31. Resolve(N)
    n. determination; firmness of purpose.
  32. Restraint
    n. moderation or self-control; controlling force; restriction.
  33. Reticence
    n.[ret-uh-suhns] reserve; uncommunicativeness; inclination to silence. reticent, adj.
  34. Retract
    v. withdraw; take back. retraction, n.
  35. Reverent
    adj.[rev-er-uhnt] respectful; worshipful. revere, v.
  36. Rhetorical
    adj. pertaining to effective communication; insincere in language.
  37. Rigor
    n. severity.
  38. Robust
    adj. vigorous; strong.
  39. Sage
    n. person celebrated for wisdom. also, adj.
  40. Sanction(V)
    v approve; ratify.
  41. Satirical
    adj.[suh-tir-i-kuhl] mocking.
  42. Saturate
    v. soak thoroughly.
  43. Scanty
    adj. meager; insufficient.
  44. Scrupulous
    adj. conscientious; extremely thorough.
  45. Scrutinize
    v. examine closely and critically.
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