Your Wish

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  1. Your wish is whose command?
  2. When you go through the training, you virtually have your own __.
    Personal genie
  3. The basic training teaches you what?
    How to have, be or do anything and everything you want. How to make your dreams come true. How to manifest your reality.
  4. Who do you listen to?
    Someone who has what you want and has been where you are.
  5. Who do you ultimately listen to?
    Yourself. Your own feelings.
  6. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your belief that this stuff actually works? 10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest.
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  7. 99.9% of all the books and seminars and courses on how to make money are written by people who have made a lot of money or have not made a lot of money?
    Generally, have not made a lot of money
  8. Generally, where did these people make most of their money?
    Selling books, tapes and seminars on how to make money
  9. If a super wealthy person wrote a book on how to make money, did they actually write the books themselves or did they have a ghost writer write it?
    They did not write the book. They had a ghost writer write it.
  10. If a super wealthy person wrote a book on how to make money, did they even read the book that they allegedly wrote?
  11. The super wealthy believe that the ability to create wealth comes from ___.
  12. Members of secret societies kept the secrets between which two groups? 
    Family and their peers in the same genetic makeup.
  13. In these societies, how is training done?
    Some seminars and workshops, books, audios, observing other people, from your own experience, one on one communication, member to member, being an apprentice to a
  14. What are the two variables in the teachability index?
    Willingness to learn and willingness to accept change
  15.  I don’t know what ___
    I don’t know.
  16.  Will you ever totally “get it”?
    No. You’re always getting it.
  17. If you want things in your life to change, you’re going to have to ___
    Change things in your life.
  18. The most important thing you need to change is what?
    The way you think
  19. Does your teachability index change from time to time?
  20. Should you listen or should you wait for your turn to talk?
  21. If you’re not growing, you’re what?
  22. How do you know you have a high teachability index?
    What you are willing to sacrifice and give up
  23. How much time are you willing to put in? How much money are you willing to put in? What are you willing to give up?
    Whatever it takes
  24.  You must master the step you’re on before you get to ___
    The next step
  25. Only focus on learning the next logical ___
  26. Success Builds ___
  27. Confidence creates ___
  28. Activity creates ___
  29. What’s the optimal length of time to listen to CD’s or do training?
    20 minutes
  30. What kind of music should you listen to while learning new information?
    Baroque Classical Music
  31. How often should you focus on the teachability index?
  32. How do you eat an elephant?
    One bite at a time
  33. Go as far as you can see and when you get there, ___
    You’ll see further
  34. Words that belong to the (Why) side of the training balance scale.
    Thoughts, Thinking, Desires,  Attitude, Mental Processes, Objectives, Goals, Dreams, Vibration, Intention,Energy, Emotions, How You Feel, Motivation, Enthusiasm, Chief Aim
  35. Words that belong to the (How) side of the training balance scale.
    Actions, Activities, Physical Movements, What You Do, Strategies, Techniques, Skills, Action Steps, Plans, Activities
  36. What side of the training balance scale is 90% of success?
    The first side. The Attitude side.
  37. Thinking about the ___ can almost guarantee failure.
    The how
  38. To be successful you must know “how to do something”, you must know techniques and you must have skills.
  39. All successful people did not know “the how.” Rather, they knew what they wanted, instead of “how” to achieve it.
  40. When your attitude is right, ___
    The facts don’t count
  41. The above statement is true because what most people think are facts are actually ___
  42. Who bought up all the ships at the end of World War II and became the richest man in the world?
    Aristotle Onassis
  43. The wealthiest man in the world to first to release this information to the masses was:
    Andrew Carnegie
  44. The person he used to publish the works, first revealing this information, was:
    Napoleon Hill
  45. The first book written that revealed Andrew Carnegie’s material was what?
    The Law of Success in 16 Lessons
  46.  The first basic concept in Your Wish Is Your Command is…
    Who do you listen to?
  47. The second basic concept in Your Wish Is Your Command is…
    Teachability index
  48. The third basic concept in Your Wish Is Your Command is…
    Training Balance Scale
  49.  What are the four steps of learning?
    Unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, unconscious competence.
  50. Focus on your ___, not on the ___.
    Dreams. How.
  51. How do you get to unconscious competence?
    Doing it repetitively, over and over at the conscious competence level. And observing someone else do it.
  52. Success breeds ___
  53. What is created in the brain when you reach unconscious competence?
  54. The first two reasons people don’t succeed are:
    They listen to the wrong people and have a low teachability index.
  55. To know and not to do is ___
    Not to know
  56.  To be a master you must master ___
    The Basics 
  57. A punch is not a punch. It is a ___
  58. I am not afraid of the 10,000 strikes you know you’ve practiced only once, I am afraid of
    The one strike you know you’ve practiced 10,000 times
  59. When can you stop focusing on and learning the basics?
  60.  What is the best way to really learn this information?
    By teaching it
  61. Who do you teach it to?
    Yourself and others
  62.  Why is it important to read books or listen to audios over and over again?
    Because you are a different person every time you listen or read and you get new discoveries, cognitions and realizations.
  63. What is the fifth basic concept in Your Wish Is Your Command?
    Master the first four basics.
  64. When you think you’ve got it, it means you have a ___
    Low teachability index
  65. What is the strangest secret?
    You become what you think about most of the time
  66. Who wrote it?
    Earl Nightingale
  67. Napoleon Hill says, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive ___
    And bring itself to believe, it can achieve.
  68. Have you watched the DVD and read the book, The Secret?
  69. In the movie & book, The Secret, what law was described?
    The Law of Attraction
  70. Can you have, be, or do anything and everything you want?
  71. The brain is a ___ and ___ of frequency, vibration or energy.
    Transmitter / Receiver
  72. Everything in the universe is made up of the same thing. What is it?
  73. If you continue to think like you’ve always thought, you’ll ___
    Continue to get what you’ve always got.
  74. Your brain puts out ___ that affect physical matter.
  75. Your brainwave frequencies ___ instantaneously.
  76. Unlike radio transmissions, your brainwave frequency transmissions do not travel in a…
    A straight line
  77. The most powerful transmitter and receiver of frequency or vibration is your ___
  78. The fastest transmitter and receiver of frequency or vibration is also your ___
  79. What happens when you emit a frequency?
    That exact same frequency is drawn to you
  80.  What is the genie that will grant your every wish?
    You or your brain or your mind
  81.  Are some laws senior to other laws?
  82.  What is an example?
    The law of lift is senior to the law of gravity
  83. Have you watched the movie, What The Bleep Do We Know?
  84. In the movie, What The Bleep Do We Know, what substance was tested to show that thoughts affect physical matter?
  85. Everything is ____  ____ ing at a different ____
    Energy vibrating / frequency
  86.  When we transmit frequencies, it’s picked up by ___ and affects ___
    Other brains / Physical matter
  87. Your brain frequencies travel instantaneously and have the same intensity no matter the distance.
  88. All physical laws are really just ___
  89. The most senior law, which supersedes every physical law is the ___
    Law of attraction
  90. Every vibration you transmit is being attracted to you. The speed in which you will receive what you are transmitting is determined by what three factors: 
    The intensity of your transmission, how often you’re transmitting that frequency and if there is any resistance.
  91. The Law of Attraction works whether you are consciously applying it or not.
  92. Everything you think about, every emotion you feel is a vibration being transmitted. Therefore you and only you create your ___
  93. What you want ___
    Wants you.
  94. Anything you can dream, anything you can image, anything you desire you can have provided you believe it without ___
  95. When you put out a ___, the universe moves heaven and earth and provides people, situations and events to grant you your desires.
  96. Napoleon Hill's secret to success is defining your ___ and get a ___ ___ for its achievement. 
    Dream / Burning desire
  97. The number one goal you should always be shooting for is ___
    To feel good now
  98. Your goal should be feel as good as you can right now.
  99. Your goal should be keep feeling even better. 
  100.  When defining your dreams you can do so in what three ways?
    Very specific, general and focus on the feeling
  101. Thoughts are ___
  102. When your attitude is right, ___
    The facts don’t count
  103. What’s on your radar screen represents 1% of the possibilities. Where is the other 99%?
    Off the radar screen
  104. What is the one thing that stops what you’re focusing on from coming into your experience?
    Doubt or disbelief or focusing on the lack of it
  105. A dream or desire is in a sweet spot when what two things occur?
    The dream is big enough to excite you and small enough that you believe you will get it.
  106.  How do you know your dream is in the sweet spot?
    You feel really good when you think about  it
  107. When writing down your goals and dreams, what two things are most important?
    White Paper. Blue Ink.
  108. The difference between outrageously successful people and you is what?
    The size of your dream and time
  109. List the two ways to do dream building.
    Look at pictures and physically go look and touch things
  110. Your income will be what?
    The average of your five best friends
  111. What should you have to help you focus on your dreams?
    Dream book and dream board
  112. When picturing and visualizing your dreams, what are three key elements?
    See yourself in the picture, visualize your dream through your own eyes, feel the emotions of having it.
  113. When you think of your dream and you’re not in the sweet spot, how do you know?
    You feel bad.
  114.  When you think of your dream and feel bad, this means what?
    You’re thinking about the lack of it and you don’t believe you’ll get it.
  115. The ideal feeling to have when thinking about what you want is what?
    The feeling that you’ve already got it and not caring that you don’t have it yet
  116. Do you subscribe to The Robb Report magazine?
  117. Do you subscribe to the duPont Registry magazine?
  118. Do you subscribe to Architectural Digest magazine?
  119. Do you subscribe to any other dream building magazines on such subjects as, yachting, travel, homes, jewelry, clothing, etc?
  120. Success is a ___ away.
  121. Success is the progressive ___
    Realization of a worthwhile dream
  122. The universe will always give you circumstances, situations, people and events that match the ___ you are vibrating
  123. The 10 second miracle is what?
    Taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life
  124. Eliminating mysticism is what?
    Not blaming any outside influences for what’s happening in your life. It’s taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life
  125. You’re empowered when you believe and realize you have 100% control and responsibility for everything that happens in your life. You are disempowered when you believe:
    1 You’re a victim and you have limited control over what happens in your life. 2 It’s your parents who made you this way. 3 You are 100% in control of only some areas of your life
  126. How do you increase burning desire? 
    Reduce doubt and increase belief that you’ll get it
  127. The number one goal everyday and in all situations is what?
    Feel good
  128. There are only two basic feelings and varying degrees of each. They are what?
    Feeling good and feeling bad
  129. Worrying is basically what?
    Negative goal setting and thinking about what you don’t want to happen
  130. If you’re feeling bad, what should you basically do?
    Anything that makes you feel better.
  131. Over time, all of your negative thinking has created what?
    A black ball of negative energy and neuropathways that vibrate negative frequencies
  132. The magical moment in your life will happen when what occurs?
    The positive energy ball becomes bigger than the negative energy ball
  133. A powerful statement is, I’m going to do it ___
    That’s it. Period.
  134. Go as far as you can see ___
    And when you get there, you’ll see further.
  135. Three things you should be doing everyday:
    Listening to audios, reading books, focusing and thinking about your dreams and what you want.
  136. Every time you think a thought, what happens?
    Your brain broadcasts a frequency
  137. Thoughts first attract what?
    Other like-minded thoughts
  138. How do you know if you are thinking good or bad thoughts?
    How you feel
  139. Do you have a dream book? 
  140. Do you have a dream board? 
  141. Do you have a specific chief aim? 
  142. Do you know what your chief aim is as sure as you know what your own name is?
  143. Something magical happens when you type your dreams on a piece of paper or in a computer.
  144. How do you get something magical to happen when writing your dreams?
    Write it on a white piece of paper with blue ink
  145. When getting pictures of your dreams, how do you make the pictures more powerful?
    Put yourself in the picture
  146. When you have a dream of something tangible and specific you want, how do you make it more real?
    Physically touch it
  147. Should you be looking at pictures of what you want all throughout the day?
  148. When are the two best times to focus on your dreams?
    First thing in the morning and right before you go to bed
  149. You must believe it before you ___
    See it or have it
  150. What you really, really, really want, you ___
  151. What you really, really, really don’t want, you ___
  152. In order to make your dreams come true, do less ___ and more ___
    Actions/ Thinking
  153. When your dream is in the sweet spot and your thinking is correct, any actions you do will have specific phenomenon:
    You will love doing the actions and it won’t feel like work and you get great results.
  154. What are the two major indicators that your thinking is correct?
    How you feel. What you say.
  155. Ideally, in most situations, should you put a time frame on your goal, dream or objective?
  156. In life you have to care, ___
    But not that much
  157. When you’re focusing on your dream and you’re in the sweet spot, the first thing you attract is what?
    Like-minded thoughts
  158. The second thing you attract is what?
    Circumstances, people, events and situations that bring you closer to what you want
  159. The third thing you attract is what?
    The specific goal you were focusing on or something similar that gives you the feeling you were emitting 
  160. When things are not going well, what’s the number one advantage you have?
    You get to clarify specifically what you want and focus on exactly what you want because you know what you don’t want.
  161. In every bad or negative situation, the most important thing you must first do is what?
    Be thankful and grateful and know that this is working to your advantage
  162. If you’re feeling bad, your objective is not to feel fantastic. What is your objective?
    To feel a little better and move up on the emotional tone scale
  163. You can predict the future because ___
    You are creating the future you want
  164. If you want lots of money, what’s the first most important thing you must do?
    Want money
  165. Never focus on what you don’t want, you should always be focusing on what?
    What you do want
  166. When focusing on your chief aim, a good way to describe the intensity of your focus is what?
    Magnificent obsession
  167. When you decided you want money, the three key elements that will allow you to achieve your goal are…
    The specific amount of money you want, exactly what you will do with the money, the feeling you will get when you have the money you desire.
  168. When you have an emotional upset, feel terrible or are under any stress, what is the fastest, most effective technique to eliminate those feelings? 
    Thought Field Therapy/ The Callahan Technique
  169. If you think you can or you think you can’t ___
    Either way, you are right. It’s the thinking that makes it so.
  170. Which is more important? Perseverance or Intelligence?
  171. The super rich are lucky because they create their own ___
  172. Do the super rich take risks and gamble?
  173. In business, the super rich know what very intimately well?
    The market in which they are involved with
  174. The ___ focus obsessively and work, work, work! (which is defined as achieving their goals)
    Super rich
  175. Bill Gates’ three steps to success are:
    Timing, depth of vision, massive and immediate action
  176. Using depth of vision, if you were to look at an acorn, what would you see?
    A forest or housing or anything wood makes
  177. The bottom line is, it’s not really about the money, it’s about what?
    The feeling the money gives you
  178. You can work and earn money or you can have money___ and ___.
    Work / Make money for you
  179.  Live within your means is a myth. What is correct?
    Live below your means
  180. Debt is bad, but what is good?
  181. Debt can be defined as:
    Money borrowed against depreciating assets
  182. Credit can be defined as:
    Using other people’s money to make money or buying appreciating assets
  183. Energy around money always flows easier when you are:
    Out of debt, debt free or in the process of reducing debt
  184. A penny saved is  ___
    A penny earned
  185. Save money for a ___
    Rainy day
  186. Reducing expenses automatically puts money in your pocket. The two easiest and fastest ways to reduce expenses are ___ and ___.
    Taxes and insurance
  187. Leaders are always ___
  188. Dale Carnegie’s most famous book is entitled ___
    How to Win Friends and Influence People
  189. Generally speaking, super wealthy people have what type of personality?
    A pleasing personality
  190. Successful people conduct business with other successful people. They have the following three skills:
    Negotiation, communication, sales or persuasion
  191. God gave you two ears and one mouth, ___
    Use them proportionately
  192. There are six honest serving men and I’ll use them until I die. Choose the answer that is in the correct order:
    What when where who how why
  193. The most effective one-on-one communicators do these two things often:
    Ask questions and listen
  194. When trying to get someone to buy your ideas generally they will say no how many times before they convert to a yes?
  195. You can’t manage time, but can you manage your ___
  196. The system that all successful people are a part of includes:
    Reading books every day, listening to audios every day, going to events, meetings, functions, seminars on a regular basis, developing relationships, participating in both giving and receiving recognition.
  197. Aristotle Onassis said if he was flat broke, he would do one thing that would reestablish his wealth. What is it?
    Associate with wealthy people
  198. Looking at what you ___  helps you clarify and define what you do want. 
    Don’t want 
  199. Besides using Thought Field Therapy when you’re feeling bad, what are some quick things you can do to change the way you feel fast?
    Change your physiology, such as, stand straight, push your chest out, smile, laugh, walk faster, etc
  200.  Did Thomas Edison fail 10,000 times trying to create the incandescent light bulb?
    No, he successfully found 10,000 ways it would not work
  201.  In order to be successful, do you have to be right the majority of the time? 
    No, you only have to be right once
  202. People who succeed at achieving success in something, such as Babe Ruth hitting lots of home runs, Ty Cobb stealing lots of bases, Wayne Gretzky getting lots of goals in hockey, Michael Jordan scoring lots of points, all have one other thing in common. What is it?
    They failed attempting to do those things more than anyone else
  203. When you get a chief specific aim, it makes you do what?
  204. How do you know if you should continue doing something if you’re not seeing results and move on to something else?
    If you’re having fun doing what you’re doing, continue doing it. If it’s no longer fun, consider a change. 
  205. The number one reason people are not motivated is what?
    They don’t have a chief aim, goal or specific thing they are shooting for.
  206. When is a person the happiest?
    When they are in the process of achieving their specific dream
  207. Success is the progressive ___
    Realization of a worthwhile dream
  208. Success is a journey ___
    Not a destination
  209. Always follow your ___
  210. A positive attitude can’t make you do anything, but it will___
    Make you do everything better than with a negative attitude
  211. Negative thoughts first attract what?
    More negative thoughts
  212. We put limits upon ourselves, self imposed limitations and have beliefs that hold us back. They are false. Could you describe the elephant story, the Houdini story and the flea training story?
  213. Fear is an acronym that stands for F__  E__  A__ R__.
    False Evidence Appearing Real
  214. In reality, are there such things as bad events?
  215. Could you describe the story of the man in China, who had a son, which shows that there is no such thing as bad events? 
  216. The number one reason why people don’t achieve their dreams is what?
    They don’t have a specific dream or goal.
  217. The second major reason someone doesn’t achieve their dreams is what?
    They are focusing on the lack of it.
  218. If you want something, for which there is an abundance of, such as a car, is it good to be very specific?
  219. If you want something from which it is limited, such as a specific house or a specific person to do something, is it better to be general?
  220. When you realize that you and only you create everything in your life, you also realize that no one is coming to the rescue.
  221. Your wish is at whose command?
  222. You can have ___
    Be or do anything and everything you want
  223. What is the correct order of have, be, or do?
    Be, do, have
  224.  Does the Law of Attraction work only when you apply it consciously?
  225. Every time you listen to audios or read books, what happens?
    Your understanding of the material improves and your belief that you can do it goes up.
  226. What is the list of the basic recommended books?
    The Magic of Thinking Big, See you At The Top, Ask And It Shall Be Given, The Go Getter, Think And Grow Rich, The Law of Success in 16 Lessons, The New Psycho-Cybernetics, The Secret, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Magic of Believing, The Power of Positive Thinking, The Game of Work, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Hung By The Tongue, What You Say Is What You Get, The Tongue of Creative Force
  227. A graph or a chart with something specific, such as gross income, physically placed on the wall where you can see it all the time showing weekly results is effective why?
    It allows you to focus on what you want and your physical thoughts will make the graph go up.
  228. The global elite class consists of two groups of people. Who are they?
    Those that add value to society and those that are parasites and live off the value production of others.
  229. When you use these techniques and shoot for making money, when you finally make all the money you want, it’s not the money you make, it’s what?
    The person you become
  230. Five minutes to learn ___
    A lifetime to master.
  231. Why do so many people who succeed lose what they have?
    Because they stop focusing on what they want and start focusing on not losing what they have
  232. How long does it take to change a negative vibration to a positive vibration?
    An instant
  233. Faith is the ___
    Substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
  234. Every event that happens in your life, whether you perceive it as good or bad, is simply what?
    An indicator of what you are vibrating.
  235.  The number one disease of the mind is what?
    Mysticism; believing that you do not have control over what happens in your life, but that outside influences control your life
  236. A good mantra to repeat is, Everyday in every way ___
    I’m getting better, better, and better
  237. There are two reasons why people buy anything. First is because of advertising, the second is what?
    Somebody told them about it; referrals.
  238. Medical doctors and scientists say the mind cannot affect physical health. What “effect” do scientists and medical doctors believe, proves that, in fact, the mind does affect the body and physical health? 
    The placebo effect 
  239. What’s one fun activity that expands you as a person, expands your vision, expands possibilities and expands your dreams and is related to events?
    Travel; specifically international
  240. Why do you need to read books, listen to audios and go to functions on a regular basis?
    You need to feed your mind constantly, just like you do with your body
  241. The technique of listening to audios over and over again or reading books over and over again is called ___
    Spaced repetition
  242. You truly know something when you know it as well as your own ___
  243. When can you stop reading books, listening to audios and going to functions?
    When you absolutely LOVE reading books, listening to audios and going to functions.
  244. Is it proven that your thoughts can change your DNA?
  245.  What’s a simple definition of reframing?
    Looking at something from a different view point or in a different way or putting a different frame around it, so it changes its meaning.
  246. ___ is feeling bad when somebody else is feeling bad. ___ is acknowledging that somebody feels bad, but you yourself do not feel bad. 
    Sympathy / Empathy
  247. Should you have sympathy or empathy?
  248. What affects ocean tides, menstrual cycles in women, moods, blood flow?
    The Moon
  249. What outside of the earth affects satellites and electromagnetic flow on planet earth?
    Solar flares
  250. How do you eliminate darkness?
    Turn on a light
  251. You need to learn this material well enough to teach it and the way to learn it that well is to do what?
    Teach it
  252. Before you teach this to others, who do you teach it to first?
  253. You always have to take care of yourself first before you can help anyone else. A good analogy which makes is point is what?
    When you’re on an airplane, they tell you, in case of loss of cabin pressure, to put on your oxygen mask first before you assist your children.
  254. Something that is “keyed in” or “triggered” is what?
    An uncontrollable irrational emotion
  255. When you go to a weekend function, what is the most significant thing that could happen to a person?
    You make a decision
  256. When you go to a weekend function, what is permanently changed?
    Your vibration
  257. Reading information and listening to information on audio and hearing information at a live event all are perceived differently and affect different quadrants of the brain. 
  258. Given a choice to read a new book off the basic book list or reread a book on the basic book list, you should choose to read a new book. 
  259. You can only build as high up as your ___
    Foundation is deep
  260. Pete Rose was known for his hitting, but when Pete Rose first started in little league, how good of a hitter was he?
    He was a terrible hitter
  261. Should you focus and practice on your strengths or weaknesses?
  262. Throughout this training you will be learning lots of new material, but you’ll always be focusing on what?
    The basics/ the fundamentals
  263. Who do you listen to morphs into what? 
    Who do you get counsel from? Who do you get opinions from?
  264. Do you take orders and do what you’re told from experts or authority figures, such as doctors, lawyers and accountants?
  265. You only take orders from ___
  266. The Chinese proverb defining insanity is what?
    Insanity is defined as continuing to do the same thing expecting a different result.
  267. If you continue to do what you’ve always done __
    You’ll continue to get what you’ve always got
  268. Many people don’t have years of experience. They have one year of experience repeated over a number of years, so a salesman who says he has 25 years sales experience may have only one year of sales experience repeated how many times?
    25 times
  269. In order for the training balance scale to be balanced, you don’t put 50% of effort on each side. What percentage of it do you put on the attitude side?
  270. When your ___ is wrong, the actions you do to make your dreams come true will not create positive results. 
  271.  When your attitude is ___, any activity you do to make your dreams come true will be pleasurable and will create spectacular results with very little effort. 
  272. Donald Trump says there are two key elements to becoming successful. What are they?
    Love what you do and be born with it
  273. Napoleon Hill’s book, Work Hard and Grow Rich, tells the secret of success. 
  274. The correct title of Napoleon Hill’s book is ___ and Grow Rich.
  275. Self awareness is a key common denominator of all successful people. Self awareness can be defined as having the ability to do two things; to be aware of your ___ and be aware of your ___. 
    Strengths/ Weaknesses
  276. In the Universe, everything is ultimately ___, ___, ___.
    Energy, frequency, vibration
  277. The brain/mind does two basic things; ___ and ___ frequency or vibration.
    Broadcasts / Receives
  278. If somebody else is broadcasting negative frequency toward you, does it control your physical body or what happens in your life?
  279. If a person is broadcasting negative frequencies toward you, what does it influence?
    Your thoughts
  280. What is the only frequency that can affect you and create your own reality?
    The frequencies you create and broadcast and generate
  281. Do somebody else’s negative thoughts about you have any effect on you?
    Ultimately no
  282. What is the failure disease?
  283.  What leads to hardening of the attitudes?
    Stinkin’ thinkin’
  284.  What device is useful at neutralizing negative energy from other people and machines?
  285. Napoleon Hill’s phrase ‘chief aim’ is also described as ___ of ___.
    Singleness / purpose
  286. When you are truly focused on your chief aim and have singleness of purpose, it can be said that you have a/an ___
  287. ___  +  ___  = Success
    Thoughts + Activity
  288. Success is a __ away
  289. The facts don’t count when ___
    Your attitude is right
  290. The law that allows you to create your own reality is what law?
    Law of Attraction
  291. Taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life is called what?
    The 10 or 5 Second Miracle
  292. Napoleon Hill says, there are two things you need to do to achieve what you want in life. What are they?
    Define your dream and get a burning desire for its achievement
  293. When thinking a negative thought, what word do you repeat two times to neutralize it?
    Cancel! Cancel!
  294. What should you call problems instead of problems?
  295. Ed Foreman & Dr. Coldwell asked the question, “How are you?” What are the two best responses?
    Terrific and Super good, but I’ll get better
  296. Dr. Coldwell asks, “What are you?” The answer is…
    A Champion
  297. It’s common to say in the midst of a crisis, “Someday we’ll look back at this and laugh.” If this is true, what’s a good thing to do in a midst of a crisis?
    Laugh. Why wait?
  298. If you want to be successful, do the right things ___
    Long enough consistently
  299. A. L. Williams, the founder of the insurance company, was noted for saying to people “___!”
    Do it now!
  300. Successful people are always too busy doing ___
    What the other people are still talking about
  301. Successful people are always willing to do what the other guys ___
    Are too good to do
  302. Successful people are always willing to do what other people think is ___
  303. We don’t sing because we’re happy, we ___
    Are happy because we sing.
  304. When you make a decision or commitment, how soon must you take action or you’ll spiral downward? 
    Within 48 hours
  305. Never do something for someone that ___
    They should and can do on their own
  306. Don’t major in the ___
  307. When observing other people and yourself you can find out what their focus is by listening to what they’re talking about. The three basic areas people talk about are what?
    People, Events, Future
  308. If there was one objective you should be focusing on everyday and every minute of the day, it is what?
    Feeling good
  309. Cavett Robert describes character this way…
    Following through on a decision long after the emotion and excitement of the moment has passed.
  310. The best things will always happen when ___
    You least expect it
  311. Great things always happen when there is ___
    No resistance and you are feeling good.
  312. Will Rogers said what about people?
    I never met a man I didn’t like
  313. Most people confuse activity with what?
  314. The example that describes this is ___ ___ ___ story.
    The Processionary Caterpillar, The Go Getter
  315. Another way of describing the Law of Attraction is what you want ___
    Wants you
  316. When you’re thinking about something tangible that you want, what are you really vibrating?
    The feeling you get when you have what you want
  317. The success or momentum cycle says, success builds confidence, confidence creates…
  318. Activity creates ___
  319. Habits create results. Result creates ___, which builds confidence.
  320. Plugging in to the system of reading books, listening to audios, attending events, building relationships with like-minded people and giving and receiving recognition ultimately has one major effect. What is it?
    It gets your thinking right, which raises your vibration and turns you into a success magnet. It reduces your negative ball of energy and increases your positive ball of energy. It helps get you to unconscious competence.
  321. When involved in a business or money making venture, you have to have a high level of belief in various areas. They are what?
    Industry, Company, Leadership, Compensation plan, The system, The product, Yourself
  322. If you are not ‘at cause’ over your environment, you are at what?
    At effect
  323. When you take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life, you realize you are in 100% ___ of your life.
  324. Whatever you ask for, it is ___ to you.
  325. There is a difference between having a goal and a dream that you believe in and a wish. You must have a dream, but don’t ___
    Live in a dream world
  326. Since you make the rules in your life, always set the rules so that you set yourself up to what?
  327. A major thing that the mind does when reading books and listening to audios is what?
    It gets to use its imagination
  328. When you are listening to audios and reading books, you’re virtually doing what to yourself?
    Programming/hypnotizing yourself for success
  329. The most important beliefs you can have relating to achieving your goal is what?
    Belief in yourself and believe you can do it.
  330. It’s important to realize that the controlling elite class of the world wants you what?
    Disempowered, feel like a victim, feel like you’re helpless and that you are not in control and that you cannot create your own reality.
  331. All successful people had a very easy go of it. Everything worked super smoothly and all the doors opened. They got no resistance and they faced no challenges that they had to overcome.
  332. Successful people and failures all get noes when trying to achieve their dreams. The difference between successful people and failures is what?
    Successful people don’t quit
  333. Earl Nightingale says, successful people are not people without problems, they are people who have learned how to what?
    Overcome their problems.
  334. Successful people and unsuccessful people both get knocked down. The difference is successful people do what? 
    Get back up.
  335. A decision is defined as what?
    When you clearly define what you don’t want, turn your back on what you don’t want and have clearly defined what you do want and said I’m going to do it. That’s it. Period.
  336. Successful people are constantly thinking and talking about what they do want. Unsuccessful people generally are doing what?
    Thinking and talking about what they don’t want
  337. In every single situation that happens to you, you can find something negative or ___
  338. Unsuccessful people generally talk about negative events that happen in the past. They tell these stories over and over again. Successful people usually talk about what?
    The positive experiences in the past and the positive experiences they are going to have in the future.
  339. How many seconds does it take of you focusing on a vibration for it to stick?
    68 seconds
  340. How many hours of activity is 14 seconds of thought equivalent to? 
    2000 hours of physical activity
  341. 28 seconds of focused thought gives you how many equivalent hours of physical work?
    20,000 hours/ a factor of 10
  342. Can your thoughts and the Law of Attraction make someone do something? 
  343. Hundreds of years ago, before the Law of Attraction and this information was described in the scientific quantum physics terms, it was taught in the secret societies as ___
    Magic, Prayer, Speels, God's will
  344. Outside influences cannot control your life, but they can ___ your life.
  345. Who creates what outside influences are in your life?
    I do
  346. In order for you to define your dream, what is the first thing you must do?
    Clearly know what you don’t want and turn your back to it.
  347. When you define your dream, you have clarity of ___
    What you want
  348. Every good thing that happens in your life can be traced back to what?
    A bad event from which it germinated
  349. Sometimes negative situations continue to happen and become bigger negative situations one after the other, which causes you to do what?
    Change your vibration because you are causing these things to happen and you have to change your vibration or they will continue to happen bigger and bigger each time.
  350. If you have a chief aim that is really big and hard to believe in, what should you focus on?
    The next logical step, still keeping the chief aim in site, but focus on an objective that’s in the sweet spot; something you can believe in and still excites you.
  351. If you are obsessed with your chief aim, can you still have a well balanced life?
  352.  If you find a very successful person who has what you want, should you mimic and model what they‘re doing, how they are thinking, and how they are acting? 
  353. How should you mimic and model successful people who have what you want?
    Mimic and model what they did when they were in the same position you are at now.
  354. What kind of books are good to read to learn how successful people thought and acted when they were first starting out?
    Biographies and autobiography
  355. Do you understand the difference between something you want and something you don’t want?
  356. The success cycle can also be called the ___  cycle?
  357. When your thoughts are correct and you’re really focusing on what you want and are in the sweet spot, you’re motivated to do what?
  358. Do successful people “work” or “sacrifice” or “struggle”?
    No. Activity is always pleasurable. You may put in lots of hours, but it is not “work.” It’s the most enjoyable thing you can imagine.
  359. There are two indicators that your thoughts are in the sweet spot. What are they?
    You feel good and you’re doing lots of activity that you enjoy
  360. Activity done when your thinking is not right will have two effects. What are they?
    Drains you. Does not create results.
  361. Activity done when your thinking is correct will have two effects. What are they?
    Energize you. Creates positive results.
  362. Success breeds ___
  363. If you want things in your life to change, you have to ___
    Change things in your life.
  364. It’s better to be an hour early than ___
    5 minutes late
  365. When attending any events or meetings, the first rule is always to what?
    Be on time
  366. When listening to speakers, always ___
    Take notes
  367. Three attitude things you should focus on during all meetings are:
    Have fun. Get excited. Be positive
  368. At all meetings, one rule of thumb, in relating to the other attendees, is what?
    Develop new relationships.
  369. When working toward a goal and not seeing results, you are experiencing what?
    Delayed gratification
  370. When you’re on fire ___
    People will come from all around just to watch you burn
  371. People who are always asking negative questions or asking questions about things that really have no relevance or asking questions about things that could go wrong are experiencing what phenomenon or scenario?
    The ‘What If’ Scenario
  372. In reality you don’t attract success, you do what?
  373.  Is it true that some of the benefits of going to events include, expanding your dream, seeing things in a different way, getting into a different routine, meeting different people and thinking differently?
  374. Does the way you dress affect the way you think about yourself?
  375. How should you dress at functions?
    Like a professional or in a manner that is consistent with the function and in a way that makes you feel great about yourself.
  376. Should you “let loose” and be very enthusiastic with applause at events?
  377.  When going to functions, are there benefits of not being in the function when a speaker is presenting, but rather in the halls talking with other members?
    No, always listen to the speakers when they are speaking
  378. Do you benefit when you enthusiastically and genuinely appreciate and recognize other people’s accomplishments on stage?
  379. How do you know if you are doing the right things?
    You feel good
  380. You plant a seed for a Chinese bamboo tree and after watering and fertilizing it for 7 years, in a period of 60 days, it grows 90 feet. Did it grow 90 feet in 60 days or 90 feet in 7 years?
    90 feet in 7 years
  381. The Chinese bamboo story is good example of what two basic concepts?
    Do the right things long enough consistently and delayed gratification.
  382.  Does doing something consistently mean every hour, every day, every week, every month?
    It means on a regular basis. The more often, the better, depending on the activity.
  383. Can you describe Zig Ziglar’s water pump story?
    Keep on keeping on
  384. What is the method when somebody just tries it and watches it to see if it moves then tries it again to see if there are any results?
    Poke It With A Stick method
  385. “Jedi knights don’t try, ___
    Jedi knights do
  386. Finish this from Star Wars. “I don’t believe it…
    That is why you fail.
  387. I’m going to do it. ___
    That’s it. Period.
  388. There are two ways to learn how to apply this in real life. What are they?
    From your own trial and error and from listening to questions and answers from other people’s experience.
  389. The ‘Do It Now’ concept is reflected in this statement; Successful people are:
    Too busy doing what the other guys are still talking about
  390. The brain and mind are two separate entities. 
  391. The mind has physical ___
  392. You can have, be, or do anything and everything you want. 
  393. You can do it. 
  394. You are a champion. 
  395. You are a winner.
  396. You are an over-comer.
  397.  Not taking action on a commitment or decision within ___ is, in fact, breaking an agreement with yourself, which has massive negative consequences. 
    48 hours
  398. The reason why you need a do it now mentality is tomorrow ___
    Never comes
  399. Don’t make a mountain ___
    Out of a mole hill
  400. Don’t sweat the ___
    Small stuff
  401. It’s all ___
    Small stuff
  402. When working with a team or in a business environment, there’s a phrase; “Build the people and ___
    The people will build the business.
  403.  In dealing with people in situations, it’s easy to find something wrong. You should always be looking for the ___
  404. When you dig for gold, you have to move tons of dirt to find just a few ounces of gold, but ___
    You’re not looking for the dirt, you’re looking for the gold.
  405. Make negative comments to others verbally, but make positive comments to others, how?
    In writing
  406. When giving a criticism, it’s always best to use the sandwich technique, which is what?
    Starting with a positive comment, then the criticism, then end with another positive comment.
  407. It’s better to work ___ than hard.
  408. There’s a story that describes two men chopping wood. One man always out-chopped the other even though he spent less time and effort chopping.  How did he do this?
    He spent time, effort and money into sharpening his ax, rested and he ate. 
  409. Everyday you’re bombarded with negative energy from television, radio, friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc. This is one reason you have to do what five things?
    Read books, listen to audios, go to functions, build relationships with like-minded people and give and receive recognition.
  410. When your energy is positive enough and you’ve gone through the training long enough, you get to a point where negative influences and people have little or no effect on you. When you’re around negative influences, what conversely happens?
    YOU have a positive influence on them!
  411. Don’t let anyone ___
    Steal your dreams.
  412. After you go through any part of this training, you are permanently changed. Therefore we almost always end sessions by saying what?
    May you never be the same.
  413. Do successful people have a genetic disposition or a certain genetic DNA vibration that creates their success?
  414. Can anyone with their mind change their DNA and genetic disposition and turn themselves into a success magnet?
  415. Henry Ford did not want people to know what?
    That every person can change their DNA’s vibration with their own mind.
  416. Around the world, where people have lost hope, it’s caused by what two things?
    The government and outside influences telling them they can’t do it and they believe they can’t do it.
  417. Can you describe the 100th monkey syndrome?
  418. There are two mindsets that you should have that will make your life much, much easier and keep you in a positive vibration. What are they?
    Care, but not that much and instead of having needs, have mild preferences
  419. Can physical objects or spaces, such as rooms and homes, have negative or positive energy attached to it?
  420. The global elite want to make you feel what? 
  421. Every day, at every moment, you are either at one of two energetic places in the universe. What are they?
    At effect or at cause
  422. The media; TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, music, movies and even politicians in their speeches,  all use two techniques to program your mind and brainwash you. What are they?
    “Hypnosis” and Suggestion
  423. What are the ways that describe ‘At Cause’?
    Taking 100% iron grip control, taking 100% responsibility, creating your own reality, ask and it is given, your wish is your command,  you can have, be, or do anything and everything I want
  424. What are the ways that describe 'At Effect'?
    Mysticism, Hypnosis, Excusitis, Believing outside influences and letting them control your life, Ignorance, Pessimistic,  Hopeful, Confident, Unsure
  425. In actuality, Mysticism is a disease of the mind, which causes a disease of the what?
  426. Don’t blame anyone else for what’s happening in your life. Remember, any time you point your finger at someone, there are ___
    3 fingers pointing directly at you.
  427. What are the two reasons why you get what you want when you least expect it?
    You have no resistance and  you’re feeling good
  428.  Is there a plateau to feeling good, where you can’t feel any better?
    No, you can always feel a little better than you are no matter how good you feel
  429. Do not think that you have to feel fantastic or great. Feeling good now really means what?
    Feeling better than you feel now
  430. What are two short term fixes that make you feel good, even though they are actually short circuiting you?
    Drugs and Alcohol
  431. Donald Trump said, in the midst of a disaster, when everything is going terribly wrong, he would do what?
    Go golfing
  432. The way the controlling powers want to control you is to do things or encourage you to do things to make you lose your what?
    Emotional guidance system
  433. Since success builds confidence and you set the rules to determine what is successful, you should always set the rules so that you can do what?
    Make it easy to win
  434. Believing that something is going happen and then having it actually happen is sometimes called a self-fulfilling ___
  435. Negative energy is heavy, while positive energy is ___
  436. When somebody has negative energy trapped in the body, what symptoms will occur?
    Physical illness and disease and feeling bad.
  437. If you had an event in the past that when you think about it causes you emotional distress or makes you feel bad, what is an effective technique to use to eliminate any negative energy that is stored?
    The Callahan Technique / Thought Field Therapy
  438. We all have patterns of activity and habits. (The things that we do the same every single day.) A good way to develop success is to do what with these patterns and habits?
    Change them. Do something different.
  439. There is something you can do with your face that will instantly make you feel better. What is it?
  440.  Dr. Norman Cousins, in his book Anatomy of an Illness, found this one technique releases stress, releases endorphins, makes you feel better and can actually cure disease. What is it?
  441.  Reading books causes you to use your ___
  442. Can you still create a mastermind if people are not in the same location, such as a conference call?
  443. Is a mastermind more powerful when people are physically in the same room?
  444. There is one little trick that will make dream books and dream boards work even better. What is it?
    Add yourself in the picture
  445.  Where are good places to put pictures of your dreams?
    Anywhere and everywhere you can see it
  446. You should have your chief aim on a card that you carry with you at all times and look at as much as you can.
  447. The two best parts of the day for you to count your blessings, be thankful, show appreciation and gratefulness for everything in your life are when? 
    First thing in the morning and right before you go to bed
  448. When somebody does something bad, there is a game you can play to make you feel better about the situation. What is it called?
    The understanding game
  449. Changing words can dramatically shift ___. Changing the word ‘like’ to ‘love’ or ‘that makes me angry’ to ‘that makes me a little peeved’ can dramatically shift the way you ___. 
    Emotions / Feel
  450. Most of the time, it’s best to choose words that increase ___ emotion and choose words that decrease ___ feelings. 
    Positive / Negative
  451. Saying a word has energy because the sound has energy attached to it. What is even more important than the word and the sound of the word?
    The intention behind it
  452. What are two very powerful words that you should use and can use very often?
    Please and Thanks
  453. All of the training is designed to help you get you what you want. We do this by getting you to achieve two things. What are they?
    Raise your vibration and reduce your resistance
  454.  What are three kinds of handshakes?
    Neutral, Controlling, Submissive
  455. When you shake someone’s hand, what’s the one other thing you can do to the person to create a good connection?
    Touch them on the shoulder or on the arm
  456. In some cultures, handshakes are replaced by what two things?
    Bow or Kiss on the cheek
  457. In dealing with a person, you don’t want to stare at them, but you do want to do what?
    Give them eye contact
  458. You should what more than you talk?
  459. When having a conversation, it’s better to do what than constantly make statements?
    Ask questions
  460. Dale Carnegie says everyone has a sign on their forehead. What does it say?
    Make me feel important
  461. Everyone’s favorite subject is what?
  462. When dealing with people, according to Dale Carnegie, always show them genuine what?
    Concern and Interest
  463. What can cause a stagnation or stopping of energy and can also cause you to feel frustrated or tense in your home, work environment or other physical space?
    Clutter and disorganization
  464. Will a clean and organized house, office, car or any other physical place you’re in help your energy and how you feel?
  465. There is a powerful technique, as one of the elements in the “system,” that other people do to you that makes you feel amazingly good. What is it?
  466. In order to get the most out of being recognized, what should you do when others are being recognized?
    Enthusiastically and genuinely recognize them
  467. Studying leadership is important because the most important person you have to lead is who?
  468. You should never be where you want to be, but you should be outrageously happy where you ___
  469. There will always be outside influences and forces in our life. You should know that you must be at cause over them instead of at effect to them. What are the two realizations you must have?
    You are stronger than them and you’ve created them
  470. You must always take control and command of your ___, ___, ___, and ___.
    Emotions, thoughts, actions, decisions
  471. One person with a commitment is better than a thousand people with an ___
  472. Most people react to situations. What you need to do is take control of how you ___
  473. When compared to war, all other human endeavors ___
    Shrink to insignificance
  474. A commander will ___
  475. Who is the commander, the general, the leader of your life?
  476. In business, executives are sometimes called ___
  477. In your life, you are the commander, the leader, the general. You are in charge. You are not a ___ of your life.
  478. Anything and everything that has happened in your life, who has caused it?
  479. A good commander is tactically aggressive and loves a good ___
  480. A winner loves a fight and a challenge because they know in the end they will what?
  481. Leaders have strength of character. Cavett Robert described character how?
    Following through on a decision long after the emotion and excitement of the moment has passed.
  482. When the going gets tough, ___
    The tough get going
  483. John Paul Jones’ ship was devastated by the British. On the verge of annihilation and when asked to surrender, John Paul Jones is quoted as saying what?
    Sir I have not yet begun to fight
  484. Leaders show steadiness of purpose.
  485. Leaders always take full acceptance of ___
  486. Leaders always have lots of emotional, mental and physical ___
  487. Generally speaking, should the body’s feelings control thoughts or should the mind or thoughts control the body?
    The mind or thoughts should control the body.
  488. Good commanders always have good ___
  489. Where do leaders lead from?
    The front
  490. You can’t push a rope, you have to ___
  491. Good commanders never ask other people to do something that they’re what?
    Not willing to do themselves
  492. I would rather see a sermon than ___
    Hear one any day.
  493. Dominate, but never ___
  494. Words are important. It is important to find the exact definitions of words. You do this by doing what?
    Looking them up in the dictionary
  495. Starting a cycle and bringing it to completion is key. A leader will always, when given an order, ___
    Get the job done
  496. Can you describe the story when Patton gave an order to dig a trench to a group of men?
  497. A leader is either a leader or he is a ___
    Not a leader
  498. Leaders make important decisions, which affect their core values quickly and decisively. 
  499. You will fall for anything if you don’t ___
    Stand for something
  500. Egotistical leaders are not bad. Patton says cherish your ___
    Prima donnas
  501. Someone who is “egotistical” can also be said to have high levels of what?
    Confidence and Self esteem
  502. Generals must never show discouragement, doubt or fatigue.
  503. If you want to feel enthusiastic, what do you do?
    Act enthusiastic
  504. When you look the part and act the part, you will begin to ___ the part.
  505. If you keep listening to certain people and hanging around certain people, you’ll turn out how?
    Just like them
  506. See yourself as how you want to be, not how you are. Act, dress, talk, and think like the person you want to be and you will become ___.
    That person
  507. Leaders have a “knowingness.” There is one thing you can do, which shows you have a knowingness. What is it?
    The words you use and how you speak
  508.  When you speak you can be wrong, but you should never be in ___ when you speak.
  509. When addressing other people in a commanding way, do not sit. It’s better to do what?
  510. You can give yourself an order to have a great day by doing what?
    When you wake up in the morning say it’s going to be a great day with enthusiasm
  511.  In every negative situation that happens to you, it’s important that you always what?
    Learn the lesson
  512. When speaking, the ___, ___ and ___ in your voice, the body movements, the emotion you have when you speak, have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the words. 
    Volume / Conviction / Authority
  513. The single, most powerful phrase you can ever tell somebody to encourage them, motivate them and make them feel good is what?
    You can do it
  514. Winners do more than is required. They go the extra ___
  515. Do more than what you’re paid for and soon you will be…
    Paid more for what you do!
  516. To command an army well, a general must think of nothing else. This can be described as what?
    Focus. Magnificent obsession. Chief aim. Singleness of purpose.
  517. You will win because you will never lose. You will always win if you never accept what?
  518. Failure only happens where?
    In the mind
  519. You will never be defeated if you refuse to ___ defeat.
  520. It’s not over until you what?
  521. Quitters never win and winners never ___
  522. Say these words out loud: I will win because I will never lose. I am a winner. I am a champion.
    Say these words out loud: I will win because I will never lose. I am a winner. I am a champion.
  523. When you throw out feelings of negativity such as, hate, anger or jealousy towards someone else,  this boomerangs and comes back and negatively affects you. Conversely, when you recognize somebody else for their achievements and throw out praise, encouragement, recognition, love and good, positive thoughts towards someone else, it boomerangs and comes back to you even more powerfully and positively affects you. This is one reason why ___ is so important.
  524. When the student is ready, ___
    The teacher will appear.
  525. Having confidence in yourself, believing in yourself, having high self-worth, a high self-esteem and believing you can do it, is one key to ___
  526. Instead of having an inferiority complex, it’s better to have a ___ complex.
  527. Keep moving and the enemy will never catch you. Always move forward. Never dig in and try to hold your ground. When it doubt, always what?
  528. There is no such thing as stagnation. You are either growing or you are what?
  529. Action is always preferable to ___
  530. Never get hung up on the ___
  531. Stationary and defensive positions are ___
  532. Patton says, when you read something you’ll always need to do what?
    Think about what you read.
  533. Successful people are always willing to do what the other guys are ___
    Not willing to do.
  534. Never rely on second hand opinions or information spoken in generalities. Always get specific, detailed and accurate facts, details, information and statistics. 
  535. When asking questions to get accurate information, there is a key word you can use. What is it?
    Specifically, Precisely, Exactly
  536. Never assume anything. When you assume, you just do what?
    Make an ass out of you and me
  537. Tired commanders are always what?
  538.  Most reports and information you get are not objective. They are what?
  539. When you are physically, mentally or emotionally tired, what should you do?
  540. In life, nothing is as bad or as ___ as it seems.
  541. Worrying is thinking about what you don’t want to happen. It can, therefore, be defined as what?
    Negative Goal Setting
  542. When you are thinking right, you become luckier. Opportunities, situations, people and events will start presenting themselves in unique and mysterious ways. Expect this to happen. The key is that when it does happen, you do what?
    Take action
  543. Successful people are smart enough to take advantage of fortuitous situations that miraculously present themselves.
  544. If you start believing you’re lucky, saying you’re lucky, expecting to be lucky, what will happen?
    You will become lucky
  545. Saying phrases such as, “I am lucky, everything goes my way, everything works out to my advantage, I always end up on top, I always win, things always work out for me,” creates beliefs and therefore, the ___
  546. Is there ever a perfect right time to take action?
  547. When is the best time to take action?
    Right now
  548. A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan executed ___
  549. It’s good to have a battle plan, an alternate and several contingencies, but you should not wait for perfect circumstances or wait for a perfect plan. 
  550. Wars are not won by equipment. They are won by what?
  551. You don’t need anything to succeed. You don’t need money, tools, equipment, machines, technology, etc. A man with a ___ will always win.
  552. It’s the ____________ in a man that makes him win; the belief, enthusiasm, commitment, a decision, motivation, determination, perseverance, persistence, belief in themselves, believe in their dream. 
  553. If you had a choice between a brilliant, super intelligent staff member and a loyal one, who would you choose?
    Loyal one
  554. Is it more important that your people are loyal to you or that you are loyal to your people?
    You are loyal to your people
  555.  Together we stand, divided we ___
  556. Sometimes we have conflicting or counteracting beliefs, such as money can’t buy happiness and you only get what you pay for. It’s important to be ___ with your beliefs.
  557. Do two horses pulling a wagon pull twice as much weight?
    No, they pull three or four times as much weight
  558. To lead is to ___
  559. The most important person you should be teaching is who?
  560. Who’s the best teacher, trainer, mentor, guru or coach that you can have?
  561. Watch the words you speak. Most importantly, watch the words you say to yourself. When you talk to others about yourself, always talk in positive terms. Never tell negative situations. When speaking to yourself, always speak encouraging, motivating, enthusiastic, positive thoughts and words. 
  562. Should you ask yourself questions and give yourself answers?
  563. Who’s the best person to motivate you?
  564. A good leader is never bashful about showing pride in themselves or the organization. Remember that you ARE the best!
  565. If you don’t love yourself, ___ will love you.
    Nobody else
  566. Praise publicly and often. 
  567.  Who should you be praising and patting on the back most of all?
  568.  Praise should not be general. It’s better if praise is what?
  569. Review and focus on accomplishments. Make praise generous, specific and genuine. Always focus on the ___ not the failures. 
  570. Congratulations and praise should always end by looking toward the ___
  571. Is it good to praise in advance of an accomplishment yet to be achieved?
  572. Always set the bar ___
    A little higher
  573. Can you achieve greatness and make all your dreams come true?
  574. Before you impact and change the life of others, you must first impact and change the life of who?
  575. True success is not what you’ve done compared to what others have done, it’s what you’ve done compared to ___
    What you could have done.
  576. Is there a pattern for success? Are there common denominators that all successful people have?
  577. Mark Twain said, I’ll never let my schooling interfere with my ___
  578. David Cooper used a technique when listening to audios that helped him learn the information. What was his technique?
    He listened and wrote down word for word what he heard.
  579. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, does it still work?
  580. Doubt can ___ a ship.
  581. The common denominator of all successful people is that on the route to success they faced a multitude of ___, ___ and ___ situations.
    Challenges, Disasters, Negative
  582. After each negative disastrous situation, ___ have the ability to focus on what they want and make things better. 
    Successful People
  583. Unsuccessful people operate out of ___
  584. The common denominator of ___ is operating out of fear, which is the act of thinking of what you don’t want. 
  585. A burning ___ is something you think about all of the time and something you are obsessed with.
  586.  In negotiation and in the dealing with people, you have to care, but not that much. You have to be in a position of power. The person who is in the most powerful position in a relationship or negotiation is the person who cares the ___
  587. When visualizing and picturing what you want, sometimes there is an advantage of making the picture very big, crystal clear and putting yourself in the picture, but even more so, you should add how you feel, color, smells, sounds and tactile textures.
  588. Perception is ___
  589. When two people look at the same thing and claim to see different things, it’s because of their internal ___
  590. Internal ___ shape our understanding of reality, our view point and our perspective.
  591. Recognizing and acknowledging that everyone has a different view point and perspective of something gives you a big advantage in dealing with people. 
  592. When you read a book or listen to an audio over again at a later date, it’s called reading or listening in a new ___ of time.
  593. Every time you read a book again or listen to an audio again, you get something new out of it. 
  594. You have to know and believe that what you are doing is ___
  595. Business and life can be classified as a ___
  596. If you want to have fun playing or watching a game, you have to know two things; the score and the rules. Who makes up the rules to your life or business games?
    You do
  597. Always make up the rules so it is easy for you to ___
  598. Knowing the ___ allows you to focus on what’s important. 
  599. Since success builds confidence and confidence creates activity and activity creates success habits, which creates results, which creates more success, you want lots of ___. Since you define what a success is, it’s important to define success so that you get lots of successes every day. 
  600. Knowing the ___ allows you to know the things in your business and life that need attention and focus. 
  601. Always do the right things long enough constantly and you’ll get the results. The great pool champion, Irving Crane, told the young future ten time world champion, Mike Sigel, to keep playing in tournaments even though he hadn’t won because “when it’s your turn to win, you will ___
  602.  When processing data, the mind goes through several steps starting with the think stage. What are the four other steps?
    Emote, look, create, know
  603. When you write things down on white paper with blue ink or write things in a Priority Manager and rewrite things, the advantage is that it creates more neuropathways in the brain than when typing things into an electronic device, such as a computer. You will remember more information and have more data at your mental fingertips. Does this give you an advantage in life? 
  604. When information is at your mental ___, you have a tendency to think about it more. 
  605. When you have more ___, ___ and ___ in your brain’s “ram” and memory, it allows you to process decisions and come to conclusions more effectively and efficiently. 
    Data, Facts, Statistics
  606. A ___ person says, “I use the shotgun approach. If I throw enough stuff against the wall, something is bound to stick.”
  607. Successful people do not use the ___ approach. They focus with a single important purpose.
  608. When somebody, who has what you want, gives you a “recommendation” or suggestion or something to consider, is it something you should do?
  609. When dealing with people, there is always an exchange. There are three kinds of exchanges; an uneven exchange, an equal exchange and an exchange at abundance.
  610. If you want to stay in business you have to deliver what you promise. If you want to prosper in business deliver ___ than you promise.
  611. A master is somebody who has mastered the ___
    Basics / Fundamentals
  612. Health
     Eat organic food  Eat organic fruit & vegetables   Drink organic juice   Take a whole foods supplement   Take vitamin D3   Take omega-3’s   Take vitamin E   Take coral calcium   Use organic honey  Eat breakfast  Lose weight   Use a cell phone protector   Use an EMF neutralizer   Use a shower filter   Use a water filter   Get a good night sleep between 10pm and 6am  Sleep on a magnetic sleep pad   Correct your posture  Do a colon cleanse  Do a liver gallbladder cleanse  Do a kidney spleen cleanse  Do a heavy metal cleanse   Do a parasite cleanse    Do a Candida cleanse   Whole Body Cleanse   Do a purification program  Alphabiotics  Oral Chelation   I.V. Chelation 
  613. Wellbeing
     Exercise  Swim  Walk outside in the sun  Listen to music  Stretch  Yoga   Tai Chi  Chi Gung  Kung Fu  Martial arts  Reiki  Use a rebounder  Use an inversion table  Use a vibration plate  Use deep breathing techniques   Meditate  Get a massage regularly    Time massage  Sunbathe  Take a bath  Acupuncture  Reflexology  Fast  Do colonics  Rolfing  Go to a sauna  Cranial cycle therapy  Chiropractic therapy  Buy a plant  Breathe   Count your blessings  Be thankful  Show appreciation for everything  Ask yourself daily, what am I thankful for?  Use Dr. Coldwell’s Stress Reduction CD’s   Dr. Morter’s Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique  Total Body Modification  The Dr. Roger Callahan Techniques   Energetic Rebalancing    Mony Vital’s Vital Balancing   Stephen Lewis’s AIM Program   MindUSA 
  614. Recreation
     Fencing  Boxing  Ride a horse  Bike   Ski  Skate  Hike  Rock climb  Parasailing  Go canoeing  Paint  Draw   Do pottery  Cook  Garden  Bowl  Play tennis  Go golf  Play ping-pong  Billiards  Go fishing  Go boating  Travel 
  615. Laugh A Bit
     Make models  Play with Lego’s  Erector sets   Lincoln logs  Get a chemistry set  Play board games  Play with a child   Play with a pet  Watch movies   Watch cartoons  Create something with your hands  Get a hobby  Sing  Dance  Drink wine or beer  Throw a party  Go to an amusement park  Go to the zoo  Smile  Laugh  Hug
  616. Improve
     Clean and organize home, work, car, etc.  Start and finish a cycle  Finish incomplete cycles  Go to events for inspiration, motivation and training   Build new relationships with like-minded people   Dress for success  Get out of debt  Live below your means  Create a dream board  Create a dream book  Do It Now  Integrate the Priority Manager into your life  Do something for your dream every day  Learn something new, like a foreign language  Go to a museum   Read positive thinking books and novels  Listen to audios   Do a puzzle or crossword  Play a music instrument  Dianetics  Scientology  Go dream building; physically touch things you want
  617. Give Back
     Give compliments  Do something nice  Say please and thank you  Shake hands with others  Look in other people’s eyes when talking to them  Listen more than talk  Volunteer  Publically recognize somebody for their achievements  Speak positive words
  618. Avoid Or Eliminate
     All prescription and non-prescription drugs  Artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, Splenda, high fructose corn syrup and monosodium glutamate  Genetically modified food  Corn fed meat and dairy products  Corn  Soy beans  Canola  Sodas  Mineral oil  Vaccines  Shellfish  Farm raised fish  Pork  Propylene glycol  Magnesium stearate  Talc powder  Chlorine  Nitrates  Fluoride  Sodium laureth sulfate  Stearic acid  Hypnosis  Root canals  Florescent lights   Get rid of mercury fillings.
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