O.B. Negotiations

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  1. Define Negotiation:
    a process that occurs when two or more parties decide how to allocate scarce resources.
  2. What is distributive Bargaining
    negotiation that seeks to divide up a fixed amount of resources; a win/lose situation
  3. True or False...
    When you are engaged in distributive bargaining, research consistently shows one of the best things you can do is wait for the first offer to be made.
    • False.
    • anchoring bias. People tend to fixate on initial information. Once that anchoring point is set, they fail to adequately adjust it based on subsequent information.
  4. What is Intigrative Bargaining?
    negotiation that seeks one or more settlements that can create a win/win solution.
  5. True or False...
    Distributive Bargaining is superior to Integrative Bargaining because there is one clear winner and better allocation of resources.
    • False.
    • all things being equal, integrative bargaining is preferable to distributive bargaining because the former builds long-term relationships.
  6. True or False...
    Men and Women argue differently.
  7. True or False...
    Gender affect negotiation outcomes.
    • True.
    • If Women Negotiate tough and they are penalized for violating a gender stereotype. Negotiate nice and it only reinforces and lets others take advantage of the stereotype.
  8. True or False...
    In Distributive Bargaining, if you are not in a position of Power you should show emotion (Anger)!
  9. True or False...
    The best distributed negotiators are sociable extroverts.
    • False.
    • The best distributed negotiators are disagreeable introverts.
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