Fundamentals of thought

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  1. What is the first principle of Scientology?
    It is possible to know about the mind, the spirit and life.
  2. What is the apparent cycle-of-action and why is it an apparency?
    Creation-survival-destruction, its a apparency because it appears to be from what  actually is, so what we see and believe becomes so, we then see it as so.
  3. Explain what agreement has to do with the apparent cycle-of-action.
    Agreement with others that see and believe what appears to them, becomes true  for them, so if they agree things should be a certain way, they go that way.
  4. What is meant by Create-Create-Create?
    To create again and again continuously one moment after the next.
  5. Define the actual cycle-of-action in full.
    Creation, creation creation creation, creation counter create, no creation, nothingness.
  6. Give an example showing each part of the actual cycle of-action.
    • Creation= a house is being created, constructed. Creation
    • creation creation= The  maintenance, upkeep and repairs are consistently maintaining the house.  Creation counter create= He thinks it would be better not to have a house. No creation= your own creation causes the house to be destroyed.
    • Nothingness= The house does not exist,. Nothingness.
  7. Define BEING.
    The assumption or choosing of a category of  a identity.
  8. Give examples of beingnesses someone could assume.
    It could be one’s own name, profession, physical characteristics or anything one chooses to identify with
  9. What is meant by DOING?
    Action, function, attainment of goals, accomplishment, fulfilling a purpose or any change of position in space
  10. Define HAVINGNESS.
    That would be owning, possessing, being capable of commanding, positioning, taking charge of objects
  11. Describe some havingnesses stating why each one is a
    • One having complete control or command with a musical
    • instrument, one being able to run a 3 minute mile, after one knew what he wanted  (be) and practiced over and over
    • again for a long time (do) one becomes either a accomplished musician or a top athlete (have)
  12. What is the order of seniority of the CONDITIONS OF
    The ability to (be) is more important then the ability to (do) the ability to do is more important then the ability to (have)
  13. What are the EIGHT DYNAMICS?
    • (1)Self dynamic, urge of one’s individual existence (2) Sex
    • dynamic, the sexual act, or the family unit rearing children (3) Group dynamic, urge of existence as a group (4) Mankind dynamic, all races of mankind (5) Animal dynamic, includes all living things (6) Universe dynamic, composed of mater energy space and time (7) Spiritual dynamic, existence as spirit, with or without identity (8) Infinity or God dynamic, the supreme being.
  14. In your own words, explain how the cycle-of-action and the
    three conditions-of-existence belong in each dynamic.
    • (1) self dynamic  scs = a person wants move a picture, then he moves it and the picture stays in that position. Bdh= One identifies with the body, he takes care of the body and enjoys perfect health. (2)Sex dynamic scs= A family unit is
    • started, they have children, teach values, then family ends in separation. Bdh= Each family member has a identity and role, all have various activates in the home, all the family members enjoy a peaceful loving home. (3) Group dynamic
    • scs= A organization is started it changes people’s viewpoints on a subject, then looses interest and ends. Bdh= All members of the group have a united purpose, their growing and expanding and they have a strong unified organization. (4) Mankind dynamic scs= Mankind starts a war, changes
    • things destructively and stops the war. Bdh= Their being a supream race, their doing everything to brain wash the world with belief, which gives green light to remove any that don’t measure up. (5) Animal dynamic scs= A bird starts to fly, it flies through the air and lands on a branch and stops. Bdh=
    • The bird is frightened, it flies away and has the safety of a new location. (6) Universe dynamic scs= A seed starts to grow in the soil, changes area its in, someone digs it up so it dies and stops. Bdh= The idienty of a seed, it sprouts and grows into a tree bearing fruit. (7) Spiritual dynamic scs=
    • A person starts to read the bible, it changes his outlook on life and then stops reading the bible. Bdh= A person is being spiritual, decides to read the bible and is doing spiritual activity and now has a new spiritual outlook his life. (8) Infinity, or God dynamic scs= God creates earth, changes
    • things in space and time and ends creation of earth. Bdh= God is being a creator, God is creating and God is enjoying what he has created.
  15. Define AFFINITY.
    Physical, emotional and mental closeness.
  16. Under affinity, what are the various emotional tones, ranging from the highest to the lowest?
    • Serenity, enthusiasm, conservatism, boredom, antagonism,
    • anger, covert hostility, fear, grief, apathy
  17. What is meant by REALITY?
    • That which appears to be reality, or agreement, what you
    • agree to be real is real.
  18. What is the importance of communication in achieving
    If there’s no communication, there is no understanding, which is the A-R-C triangle. No communication, no reality, no affinity, with no affinity and no reality, there’s no communication.
  19. What does a game consist of?
    • Freedoms, barriers, purposes, the power of choice, control,
    • no control, willingness to win and willingness to loose, to be at cause, to be at effect.
  20. Using a game you are familiar with, work out and describe
    how each of the elements of a game apply to it.
    • You have basketball, each player has relative freedom on the
    • court, the barriers would be the opponents, and the rules of the game, the purpose is to make as many baskets as each team can and win.
  21. What is meant by LIFE IS A GAME?
    Life has relative freedoms as well as barriers or restrictions and whatever purpose on lives by.
  22. Describe Pan-determinism and Self-determinism and how
    they relate to playing a game.
    • Pan-determinism is like a chess player who plays both sides
    • of the game, self-determinism is where one plays only one side of the game. PD is one who invents problems, SD is problems come to him.
  23. What is meant by POWER OF CHOICE?
    • It means the power of choice over participation in freedom,
    • barriers, purposes, the fourth element of the game.
  24. How does the ability to make a postulate relate to the four guiding elements of life?
    • Postulate means to consider, to say a thing and have it be
    • true, so in the game of life you have a clear focus to make life less confusing, so you make the rules of your game, which are in freedoms, barriers, purposes and power of choice, create and create, counter create, un create.
  25. Give an example showing how someone’s postulate would
    directly affect the outcome of a game.
    • That would be two teams playing each other for the
    • championship, one team is certain and knows there going to play their best and win, the other team lacks certainty and hopes to win, the team who has postulated their going to win, wins.
  26. Define THETAN.
    Is a spirit having no mass, not wavelength, no energy, no time, no location in space, except by postulates, the spirit is not a thing, it is a creator of things, its you in the body
  27. Give an example showing how a thetan is not a thing but is a
    creator of things.
    • Example of a person that postulated of believes or
    • identifies that he is his body, then the theatan created or becomes the body, so sprit becomes flesh
  28. Describe the three main divisions of the mind.
    They are the, analytical mind, reactive mind and the somatic mind
  29. How does the thetan use the mind?
    The thetan uses the mind to control the body to control things in the physical universe, it also used the mind to receive impressions from past present and future and from the senses
  30. Describe anchor points and the electrical field that surrounds the body.
    • Anchor points surround the body different from the physical
    • universe, space around the body, these anchor points create a electronic current which causes a electrical field around the body
  31. Describe the relationship between the thetan and the body.
    • Thetan is you in the body each one influences the other
    • continually, thetan is the senior entity, without thetan there would be no mind of action of the body
  32. What is the anatomy of CONTROL?
    Start change stop
  33. Give a real-life example showing each of the parts of control.
    Start thetan initiates action in the person, he, picks up the guitar, plays the guitar or changes things in space and time and stops playing the guitar, the stop
  34. Define: space, energy, objects and time.
    • A space is a viewpoint of dimension, energy is postulated
    • particles in space, objects are grouped particles and also solid masses, time is a postulate that space and particles will persist
  35. Give examples of space, energy, objects and time.
    • (space) would be my perception from where I’m at and looking at something in the distance, so what is in between me and the object would be my perception of space (energy) would be the sun made of particles in space,
    • (object) would be a computer which is made of grouped particles and solid
    • masses, (time) is the example of the earth, spinning at 1,000 miles an hour
    • which changes things on earth
  36. What are the three classes of UNIVERSES?
    That would be the physical universe, then you have the other persons universe, and ones own universe
  37. Define KNOWLEDGE.
    Knowledge is data, factors whatever can be thought about or perceived from another source which means when one learns he is being an effect, also assured belief, that which is known, information, enlightenment, and skill
  38. Give an example of creation of knowledge or a self-evolved idea.
    • Creation of knowledge would be to break down or perceive
    • differently, example, people work, but the cycle of action is involved, start change stop, so now I can create knowledge or a new perception of action
  39. What is meant by CAUSE and EFFECT?
    Cause is the emanation or source point, the place where a river begins is a source point and where it goes to, the sea is the effect point, the sea would be the effect of the river
  40. What is meant by KNOWING and NOT-KNOWING?
    • That would be knowing and not knowing one’s own creative
    • thoughts, and one knowing and not knowing the thoughts of others
  41. Explain why being able to not-know is equally as important
    as being able to know.
    So to truly live in the present one needs to know the present and not know the past and future
  42. Define remembering and forgetting.
    • Remembering is a process of knowing the past, forgetting is
    • a process of not knowing the past
  43. What is prediction?
    Prediction is the process of knowing the future
  44. Describe what it means to live “only for today.”
    • Living only for today is a process of not knowing the future
    • and the past
  45. What is a VALENCE?
    A false sense of identity, unwittingly assumed, other persons identities, father, mother, others, or yout idenity
  46. What would be examples of valences someone might assume?
    • To get fathers attention, one could take on the identity of
    • mother or vice versa
  47. List the four VALENCES.
    • (1) own valence or identity of being himself (2) exchanged
    • valence, another identity takes over ones true identity (3) attention valence, because ones identity didn’t get the attention wanted, one becomes what will get ones attention (4)synthetic valence, one takes a valence about which he has
    • been told, mother is telling false things about father and accuses child of being like father, result, child is farced into fathers valence
  48. Work out your own example of each.
    • (1)own valence, the one you were born with your true
    • identity (2)exchanged valence, having a over bearing father, which causes you to become your father (3)attention valence, observing what gets the attention of another and you become that (4) synthetic valence, one is told over and over again that you’re a looser like your father and you become your father a looser
  49. What is the highest purpose in this universe?
    • Axiom 10, the creation of an effect is the highest purpose
    • in this universe, so if one cannot create effects he has no purpose, when you believe you can create an effect, action follows
  50. What happens to someone’s purpose when he cannot create
    effects? Give an example.
    • They loose interest and stop the activity, or slow down,
    • example, a artist no longer believes he is good enough to affect others with his work, so he slows down, or stops
  51. Define PROBLEM.
    Two or more purposes in opposition, intention verses intention
  52. Describe why Man or any life form in this universe seems to
    love problems.
    Problems are above, the conditions of life, BE DO HAVE and attention, problems are the remedy of boredom, they have something to work on, need to be someone, need to create an effect, and sense of accomplishment
  53. What is meant by SELF-DETERMINISM?
    Is a condition of determining the action of self
  54. What are the consequences when one insists on being
    Self-determined only?
    • Self determined, the first dynamic is in opposition to the
    • remaining seven, as a consequence
  55. What is meant by PAN-DETERMINISM?
    • It means to determine the action of self and others, wider
    • determinism then self, or to be controlling a situation, by creating problems, one views both sides in opposition to each other
  56. Describe a situation you could be Pan-determined over. What would be the results of this?
    • That would be a chess game, by viewing both sides of the
    • game, I would be above the game and in control of the game and the result, I would win the game
  57. Describe some of the elements of games.
    • Freedoms, barriers, purposes, ones team or self receives no
    • effect and must deliver an effect, space and playing field, same time continuum for both players, must have something which one does not have in order to be won, when you have cross purposes, type of game it determined by how much and what kind of a effect he may receive while trying to deliver an effect, the mechanism for continuing attention, to not know his past, and future and not know his opponents complete intention
  58. Identify some of the elements of games in an activity in which you are involved.
    • That would be the game of creation a business, I have
    • freedoms to communicate with people, I don’t have their business and would like to have it as a goal to be won, there is a playing field, knocking on doors or calling on the phone, me, wanting to make a impact or effect, and being willing
    • to take risk of being rejected and becoming an effect, things that don’t want me to succeed, opponents
    • (game conditions) attention, identity, effect on opponents,
    • no ill effect on self, have and not have, purpose, self determinism, opponents, possibility of loss, possibility of winning, communication, control, (no game conditions) know all, not knowing everything, serenity, namelessness, no effect
    • on opponent, others have everything, self can’t have, pan determinism, friendship with all, total communication or no communication, win, loose, death, no playing field, no universe
  60. Give some examples of game and no-game conditions you have
    • (game conditions) would be I go out and try to start a
    • conversation with someone, and they don’t want to have anything to do with me, they become my opponent, (no game conditions) I know everything past present
    • future, I own everything and everyone loves me
  61. Describe in your own words the principle of “gradient scale”
    and how one would apply this to processing.
    • The gradient scale is starting easy and simple and building
    • more difficulty, and load that on could handle, and become stronger and in control, applied with that of a weight lifter, starts with less weights and adds more and more
  62. State some of the principal processes which produce marked gains.
    • To increase havingness, using the trio,( have , permit, dispense) with 10-5-1 process, 25 hrs with several sessions brings about a high tone, another is to not know something on already knows to the point of making things disappear, goal, entire universe, also the other person not know about
    • you
  63. How could someone benefit from these processes?
    • Running trio, or not know, preclear may exteriorize which is
    • a better condition, to audit better instead of being in his head, to not know is the ability to erase the past, by self command
  64. Give your reasons why Scientology can be used for the
    betterment of Man.
    You can prevent insanity, criminality, and war, it is for all man to use for the betterment of mankind

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