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  1. What are the three types of Backup?
    Full, Incremental, Differential backups
  2. Full Backup
    • Backs up the entire set of data to the chosen place.
    • Takes the most disk place, time and PC resources on backing up.
    • The easiest and fastest to restore.
  3. Incremental Backup
    • Processes only files that appeared or changed since the previous backup. Index file is updated
    • Pros: use the least time and space as only those files changed since the last backup are copied; lets you backup multiple versions of the same file.
    • Cons: Long restore, which consist of the full backup and all subsequent Incremental backups; hard to located a particular file int the backup set
  4. Differential Backup
    • Backup of those files which have change since the last full backup. Index file is not updated
    • Pros: Takes up less time and space than a full backup; provides for more efficient restoration than incremental backups.
    • Cons: Redundant information stored, because each backup stores much of the same information plus the latest information added or created since the last
    • full backup. Faster restore than Incremental. Subsequent differential backups take longer and longer as more files are changed.

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Backup Types
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