Acids and Bases

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  1. HCLO4
    Strong Acid
  2. H2SO4
    Strong Acid
  3. HI
    Strong Acid
  4. HBr
    Strong Acid
  5. HCL
    Strong Acid
  6. HNO3
    Strong Acid
  7. LiOH
    Strong Base
  8. NaOH
    Strong Base
  9. KOH
    Strong Base
  10. Ca(OH)2
    Strong Base
  11. Sr(OH)2
    Strong Base
  12. Ba(OH)2
    Strong Base
  13. Arrhenius Base
    increases the concentration of OH- when dissolved in water
  14. Arrhenius Acid
    increases the concentration of H3O in water
  15. Bronsted-Lowry Base
    Proton accepter in proton transfer reaction
  16. Bronsted-Lowry Acid
    the species which donates a Proton in Proton transfer reaction
  17. Lewis Acid
    covalent Bond formed by accepting electrons from the other species
  18. Lewis Base
    Covalent Bond by donating a electrons
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