BIOM2000- Unit 9

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  1. What is endocrinology?
    Scientific study or hormones and endocrine organs.
  2. What are hormones?
    Chemical substances that are secreted by endocrine cells into the extracellular fluids that regulate the metabolic activity of other cells in the body.
  3. What are bloodborne hormones?
    These hormones circulate to all organs of the body, while others have a target cell/organ.
  4. What needes to be present in the plasma membrane for the hormones to be able to attach?
    Protein receptors.
  5. What do hormones do?
    Alter cellular activity.
  6. What changes can occur due to hormones?
    • Change in plasma membrane permeability/electrical state.
    • Synthesis of proteins or certain regulatory molecules (enzymes)
    • Activation/inactivation of enzymes
  7. What do steroid hormones do?
    • Diffuse through plasma membranes.
    • Enter nucleus.
    • Binds to specific receptor proteins.
    • Binds to specific sites on the cell’s DNA.
    • Activates certain genes to transcribe messenger RNA (mRNA).
    • Then mRNA is translated to the cytoplasm.
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