Ladders Rapid Fire

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  1. Which is the most obvious use of a ladder?
  2. How many feet does the residence measure from floor tofloor?
    8 to 10 feet
  3. Which type of ladder raise should be used when performinga three-person raise?
  4. How high is the ladder lifted during the raiser's firstmove when performing the two-person rung raise?
    Hip height
  5. How many rungs above the desired height should thefirefighter climb when performing a leg lock?
  6. How many people does ladder work usually require?
  7. How many firefighters lower the ladder onto the buildingwhen performing the three-person raise?
  8. At what height should the average height firefighter beable to grab the ladder rungs with his toes against thefoot of the beams when placing a ladder to ensure theproper climbing angle?
  9. What is the load capacity of the ladder based upon?
    Total weight
  10. How much faster than the lowest fly section can the upperfly section be moving depending on the pulley and cablearrangement?
    Three Times
  11. What is the minimum number of firefighters that should be used to take down a ladder?
  12. Which overhead obstruction is always a hazard when using aladder?
    Electrical wires
  13. What is the height that most aerial ladders can reach as a maximum?
    100 Feet
  14. Which type of ladder is used to obtain access to narrow or confined spaces?
  15. Where is the extension ladder usually carried?
    Ladder Truck
  16. Where do the raisers lift the ladder to first when performing a three-person raise?
    Shoulder height
  17. What height is the hook ladder held when engaging thehook?
  18. Where should the ladder tip be placed when using the ladder for access or escape?
    At or below the windowsill
  19. Which is the best way to step onto the windowsill from a ladder?
    Step Down
  20. Which firefighter location is the guide when performingthe suitcase carry?
    The Tip
  21. Which term refers to decreasing the length of the aerial ladder by nesting fly sections?
  22. How many firefighters are needed to raise a majority ofladders that will be used?
    1 to 3
  23. How many limbs as a minimum must the firefighter have incontact with the ladder when climbing?
  24. What size loop (feet in circumference) should be created to hoist a ladder by rope?
  25. Which is found on wooden ladders that prevent the rungs from pulling out, which would result in a ladder collapse?
    Tie Rods
  26. Up to how many firefighters are needed to carry and raise the larger extension ladder?
  27. What is the greatest asset of the A-frame combination ladder?
    Mobility in narrow spaces
  28. Which function is NOT part of the ladder company's duties?

    A:) Water delivery B.) Ventilation C.) Upper floor accessD.) Forcible entry
    Water delivery
  29. What is the rail that runs the full length of the ladderfrom top to bottom?
  30. What hand motion is used when lifting the ladder using aone-person raise?
  31. Which should be moved first to ensure greater stability on the ladder when dismounting the ladder?
  32. How many rungs above the middle of the ladder is the rope passed through when hoisting a ladder by rope?
  33. What is generally the maximum floor height that the straight ladder can access?
  34. What is one of the first considerations that must be made in ladder selection?
    Where it will be placed
  35. What model folding ladder is generally carried?
  36. Which refers to the lifting of the aerial ladder from horizontal to vertical angles?
  37. Where are ropes lashed when using ladders for a hoist point?
    Beam intersections
  38. When using multiple ladders for victim rescue how many should be designated as "supply" ladders?
  39. Approximately what portion of the working distance from the wall is the ladder brought to the raising point and positioned perpendicular with the two-person rung raise?
    One Quarter
  40. From what direction do most new ladder apparatus storage compartments unload?
  41. Which term refers to turning the aerial ladder right and left?
  42. When moving a ladder which part should be carried in the front?
  43. Where does the raiser place his foot when lowering the ladder onto the building?
    First Rung
  44. Which term refers to increasing the length of the aerial ladder by extending fly sections?
  45. Which part of the ladder should be slightly dipped for maximum visibility and control when a single firefighteris carrying a ladder?
  46. What is generally needed to remove most dirt from the ladder during cleaning?
    Mild detergent
  47. What is a simple solution when parking the ladder apparatus so the ladders can be accessed?
    Park at an angle to the building
  48. Which NFPA standard covers the use, maintenance and service testing of ground ladders?
  49. Which ladder carry is used primarily for a short distance carry?
  50. What is the lowest section of the aerial ladder called?
  51. At what point from the base on the length of the ladder is the raiser positioned when performing the two-person beamraise?
    Two Thirds
  52. How many firefighters would be required to carry a 30-foot extension ladder?
  53. Which part of the firefighter should be used as the locking mechanism when performing a leg lock?
    Instep of the foot
  54. How many feet will the average commercial property story measure from floor to floor?
    10 to 12
  55. Up how many rungs can the ladder be painted for identification purposes?
  56. From which section are all other sections raised in extension ladders?
  57. How many ladders should be used to capture runoff with a tarp?
    3 or 4
  58. What is the proper climbing angle of the ladder?
    75 degrees
  59. What is ladder safety most often equated with?
    Common sense
  60. What motion is used to lift the ladder for both the rung and beam raises?
  61. At what height does the extension ladder require the use of staypoles?
    40 feet
  62. Which piece of equipment will save lives and reduce property damage at almost every fire when proper knowledge and usage of the equipment occurs?
    Ground Ladders
  63. Where should the first ladder be placed when laddering a fire escape to speed up evacuations?
    Opposite the drop ladder
  64. How many short ladders can be used to climb over a fence that cannot be cut?
  65. Which is a mechanism in an extension ladder that rides up with a fly section and prevents retraction with aspring-loaded lock?
  66. Where should the ladder be secured when left unattended?
  67. Which term refers to the lowering of the aerial ladder from vertical angles to horizontal?
  68. Which formula is correct when using an extension ladder to bridge an alley?

    A.) The portion of the ladder that rests should be one-half ofthe distance spanned
    B.) The portion of the ladder that rests should be one-fourthof the distance spanned
    C.) The portion of the ladder that rests should be one-thirdof the distance spanned
    D.) The portion of the ladder that rests should be one-eighthof the distance spanned
    The portion of the ladder that rests should be one-half ofthe distance spanned
  69. Approximately how many rungs should be placed over the roof level when placing a ladder for access to the roof?
  70. Which is NOT an advantage of the articulating boom ladder?
    A.) Few contact points to consider
    B.) Remove several victims
    C.) Can be lowered behind an obstruction
    D.) Better positioning ability
    Few contact points to consider
  71. What position should the ladder be in before the fly section is extended?
  72. Which ladder raise should be used to assist with the leverage and weight of the ladder?
    A.) Four-person
    B.) Two-person
    C.) One-person
    D.) Three-person
  73. What is the length range of the roof or hook ladder that can be use on a sloped roof securely?p.
    A.) 10 to 15 feet
    B.) 18 to 32 feet
    C.) 20 to 25 feet
    D.) 12 to 24 feet
    12 to 24 feet
  74. What is the distance between the ground and the point of contact with the structure called?
    Working lenght
  75. Which is NOT one of the most common causes of ladderrelated injuries in general use?
    A.) Overbalancing
    B.) Overreaching
    C.) Overlooking
    D.) Overloading
  76. What is the primary use for a ladder by design?
  77. Where does the firefighter who is taller or shorter position himself when performing the three-person flatladder carry?
  78. What is the minimum number of points that should be used to store a ladder for an extended period of time?
  79. Where should the firefighter keep his eyes when ascending a ladder?
  80. Where on the ladder would length identification numbers assist in ladder selection from the ladder storage bed?
  81. What is a drawback to using the tower ladder?
    Time it takes to put into place
  82. How many firefighters are positioned on the same side of the ladder when performing the suitcase carry?
  83. At what height should the heeler grasp the beam of the ladder?
    Chest Level
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