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    • Gustar means:
    • To be pleasing
  1. Step 1:
    Who is it pleasing to?
  2. Who is pleased
    • Me
    • Te
    • Le
    • Nos
    • Os
    • Les
  3. Step 2:
    What is pleasing
  4. Thing that is pleasing
    • El traje: the suit
    • Or
    • If blank: it
  5. Thing that is pleasing goes after conjugated gustar
    Gusta el traje
  6. Step 3:
    Conjugating gustar
  7. Conjugation: two parts
    • Is it present or past?
    • One thing is pleasing or plural?
  8. Present
    • Gusta
    • Gustan
  9. Past
    • Gusto'
    • Gustaron
  10. If one thing is pleasing
    Gusta o Gusto'
  11. If plural
    Gustan o Gustaron
  12. How do you express what people like or don't like to do?
    Gusta followed by infinitive.
  13. Nos Gusta caminar por la manana
    We like to walk in the morning
  14. Other gustar wannabe verbs:
    • Encantar, Fascinar
    • Intersar
    • Parecer
    • Quedar
  15. Encantar, Fascinar
    To like a lot or to love
  16. Intersar
    To interest, to matter
  17. Parecer
    To seem
  18. Quedar
    To fit, to have something left
  19. Like or dislike a person
    Caer bien o Caer mal

    Copies gustar
  20. To clarify or emphasize to whom something is pleasing
    • Use:
    • a+mi', a+ti', a+e'l/ella, a usted(es), a+noun
  21. I liked the shoes, but Pedro did not like them
    A mi' me gustaron los zapatos, pero a Pedro no le gustaron.
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