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  1. #1.)1.What is anatomical Position?
    2. Anatomical Neutral?
    3. What are the planes of movement?
    4. How do they divide the body?
    • 1. is a positon of standing erect w/ the plams facing Forward or externally rotated.
    • 2. palms facing Body
    • 3. Frontal/Sagittal/Horizontal
    • 4.Frontal: Front to back
    • Sagittal: Right to Left
    • Horizontal: Top and Bottom
  2. #2.) Be able to identify and properly use all the anatomical movement descriptors.
    See notes* #2
  3. #3.) 1.What are the Primary movement Descriptors?
    2. What planes do each move in?
    3. If an Individuals foot is externally rotated when standing, which parts of the leg will most likely also externall rotate?
    • 1 & 2.) Flexion, Extension (sagittal plane- coronal axis)
    • Abduction,Adduction (anterior-posterior axis)
    • Internal/Medial rotation, External/Lateral Rotation (longitudal axis)
    • 3. tibia/fibula, etc...-The whole leg
  4. #4.) 1.What are the 4 main movements of scapula?
    • 1. Protraction: abduction of scapula
    • 2. Retraction: adduction of scapula
    • 3. Elevation: Raising of scapula(shrug)
    • 4. Depression: Lowering of scapula
  5. #5.) 1. What is pronation and Supination at the Wrist?
    2. Ankle?
    • 1.Supination: Movement of the forearm where the palm rotaes to face forwar from neutral to anatomical position at the radioulnar joint.
    • Pronation: Movement of the forearm where the palm rotates to face backward
    • 2. Supination: is a triplane moton which combines the movements o inversion,adduction,plantar-flexion
    • Pronantion: is a triplane motion consisting of simultaneous movement of eversion,abduction,dorsiflexion
  6. #6.) 1.What are the 3 main parts of a muscle?
    2. What is the job of the sternocleidmastoid?
    • 1.
    • 1. Belly: the bulging part of the muscle
    • 2. Origin(or head): the less moveable attachment
    • (ther can be more then 1 origin)
    • 3. Insertion: The moveable attachment

    • 2. Flex Head-->Origin------Insertion
    • (turn neck) -->Sternum----Temperal Bone
  7. #7.) What is the primary function of the Gastrocnemius and soleus during a calf raise?
    • 1.PlantarFlexion---> Gastrocnemius/ Soleus
    • Knee Flexion ---> Gastrocnemius

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