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    • All present yo forms end with
    • O
  1. - ar endings Conjugations end with
    O as a amos ais an (piano exam)
  2. -er/-ir end in
    O es e _ _ en (el barrio)
  3. Fill in blanks - er
    Emos eis
  4. Fill in blanks -ir
    imos is
  5. Irregular Verbs (Yo Go verbs)
    Hacer, Poner, Salir, Traer, Tenet, Venir
  6. Irregular Yo Go conjugated
    Hago, Pongo, Salgo, Traigo, Tengo, Vengo
  7. Oir (double vowel and yo go) conjugated
    Oigo oyes oye oimos ois oyen
  8. Ser
    Soy eres es es
  9. Estar
    Estoy esta esta estamos estais estan
  10. Ir (special verbs) Special Rules
    • Use _a_ after to introduce a place
    • If _a_ is followed by el contract to form _al_
  11. Ir (special verb) conjugated
    Voy vas va vamos vais van
  12. Irregular Verbs (vowel change)
    Not in Nos Form
  13. Irregular Verbs (vowel change)
    e - ie
  14. Irregular Verbs (vowel change)
    o - ue
  15. Irregular Verbs (vowel change)
    e - i
  16. Past
    • Preterit
    • Imperfect
  17. Preterit stems
    I U J
  18. I stem
    Hacer Querer Venir
  19. U stem
    Andar Estar haber Poner poder saber tener
  20. J stem
    Conducir decir producir traducir Traer
  21. Preterit -er -ir
    i iste io imos ieron
  22. Preterit -ar
    e aste o amos aron
  23. Yo form if verb ends with -car
  24. Irregular Preterit (front)
    Poder past pud, Poner past pus, saber past sup, querer past quis, venir past vin, Estar past estuv, tener past tuv
  25. Irregular Preterit Ending
    -e -iste -o -imos -isteis -ieron
  26. a as a mos ais an
    imperfect asshole
  27. Imperfect beginnings
    ab or i (with accent); nos has a (with accent)
  28. Imperfect Progressive
    Ongoing nature of activity in past.
  29. Imperfect progressive is made up of:
    Imperfect of estar + present participle (-ando)
  30. Example of imperfect progressive:
    Mario was talking to the teller when the robbers came in
    Mario estaba hablando con la cajera cuando entraron los ladrones.
  31. To express intentions in the past, use:
    Imperfect of Ir + a + infinitive
  32. I was going to go out
    Iba a salir
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