History - Colonies

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  1. Roanoke Island was established as a what?
    Economic venture
  2. What was the first permanent English settlement in North America?
  3. Why was Jamestown established?
    Economic venture
  4. Why was Plymouth Colony settled?
    To avoid religious persecution
  5. Which colony was settled by Quakers?
  6. What did Quakers want?
    Freedom to practice their faith without interference
  7. What did the people who settled Georgia want?
    To experience economic freedom and a new life in the New World
  8. Separtists from the Church of England settles what colony?
    Plymouth Colony
  9. What did the people who settled Massachusetts Bay want?
    To avoid religious persecution
  10. Rich farmlands, rivers, livestock, fish, coastal lowlands, harbors and bays, villages and cities, varied lifestyles and religions.
    Mid-Atlantic Region
  11. Village and Church as center of life, fishing, shipbuilding, timber, fish, rocky soil, jagged coastline, moderate summers, cold winters.
    New England Region
  12. Fertile land, tobacco, cotton, indigo, wood products, plantations, indentured servants, few cities, few schools.
    Southern Region
  13. What are 3 types of resources?
    • Natural
    • Capital
    • Human
  14. What does specialization mean?
    Focusing on one or more products
  15. Define interdependence.
    Two or more people depending on each other for goods and services
  16. What made the colonies interdependent?
  17. Who settled Massachusetts Bay colony?
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