APUSH- Ch. 4 Vocab

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  1. Indentured servants
    Immigrants who received passage to America in exchange for a fixed term of labor
  2. Freedom dues
    Indentured servants received transatlantic passage; corn, suit, small land
  3. Headright system
    way to attract immigrants; gave 50 acres of land to anyone who paid their way and/or any plantation owner that paid an immigrants way; mainly a system in the southern colonies.
  4. Bacon’s Rebellion
    In 1676, Bacon, a young planter led a rebellion against people who were friendly to the Indians. In the process he torched Jamestown, Virginia and was murdered by Indians.
  5. William Berkeley
    Colonial Virginia official who crushed rebels and wreaked cruel revenge
  6. Middle Passage
    middle segment of the forced journey that slaves made from Africa to America throughout the 1600's; it consisted of the dangerous trip across the Atlantic Ocean; many slaves perished on this segment of the journey.
  7. Slave codes
    VA- 1662- statues that had decreed on them the iron conditions of slavery for blacks
  8.  Stono River Revolt
    50 + blacks from South Carolina revolted in 1739 and tried to go to Spanish Florida but stopped
  9. Planters
    Top of the south's social ladder with small but powerful convey; vast lands, slaves, rules region economy, and political power
  10. Widowarchy
    Allowed widows right to inherit their husband's land
  11. Jeremiad
    In the 1600's, Puritan preachers noticed a decline in the religious devotion of second-generation settlers. To combat this decreasing piety, they preached a type of sermon called the jeremiad. The jeremiads focused on the teachings of Jeremiah, a Biblical prophet who warned of doom.
  12. Conversions
    Testimonials by individual that they they had received Gods grace and deserved to be admitted to church as members of elect
  13. Half-Way Covenant
    Formula devised by Puritan ministers in 1662 to offer partial church membership to people who had not experienced conversion
  14. Leisler’s Rebellion
    an ill- starred bloody insurgency in New York City took place between landholders and merchants
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