Statistics Chapt7

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  1. The value(s) assigned to a population parameter based on the alue of a sample statistic is called ____________.

    The sample statistic used to estimate a population parameter is called __________.
    • an estimate
    • estimator
  2. A __________ is a single value (or point) used to approximate a population parameter.
    Point Estimate
  3. An interval constructed around the value of a sample statistic (point estimate) to estimate the corresponding population paramter is the _______________ or __________.
    • confidence interval
    • interval estimate
  4. A ______________ is a range or interval of values used to estimate the true value of a population parameter.
    Confidence interval
  5. The ____________ is the probability Image Upload that the confidence interval actually does contain the population parameter.  It is also called the ________ or the _____________.
    • confidence level
    • degree of confidence
    • confidence coefficient
  6. What is the most common choices (3) for the confidence level and Image Upload?
    • Confidence level: 90% with Image Upload = 0.10
    • Confidence level: 95% with Image Upload = 0.05
    • Confidence level: 99% with Image Upload = 0.01
  7. When interpreting a confidence interval which is correct to say:
    1. "there is a 95% chance that...."
    2. "We are 95% confident that the interval..."
    Number 2
  8. What is a number on the borderline separating sample statistics that are likely to occur from those that are unlikely to occur?
    Critical Value
  9. The number _____ is a critical value that is a z score with the property it separates an area of _____ in the right tail of the standard normal distribution.
    • Image Upload
    • Image Upload
  10. The difference between the sample proportion and the population proportion can be thought of as ___________
    Margin of Error E
  11. What are the requirements to construct a confidence interval for estimating a population Proportion P and how is the confidence interval found?
    • 1. Requirements:
    •    - sample is a simple random sample.
    •    - conditions for the binaomial distribution are satisfied.
    • 2. Confidence interval
    •   Image Upload
    • where:
    • Image Upload
  12. The confidence interval is often expressin in the what equivalent formats?
    • Image Upload
    • OR
    • Image Upload
  13. What is the procedure for constructing a confidence interval for p?
    • 1. Verify requirements are satisfied.
    • 2. Find the critical value Image Upload that corresponds to the confidence level.
    • 3. Evaluate the margin of error
    • Image Upload
    • 4. Find the values of the confidence interval limits (rounding to three significant digits)

    Image Upload
  14. When analyzing results from polls, what four things should be considered?
    • 1. sample should be a simple random sample.
    • 2. confidence level should be provided.
    • 3. sample size should be provided.
    • 4. Except for relatively rare cases, quality of poll depends on sampling method and size of the sample. population size is usually not a factor.
  15. How is the sample size determined in order to estimate the population proportion p?
    1. when an estimate Image Upload is known?
    2. when an estimate Image Upload is not known?
    3. What is the round-off rule for determining sample size?
    • 1. whan an estimate Image Upload is known:
    • Image Upload

    • 2. when an estimate Image Uploadis not known:
    • Image Upload

    3. If not a whole number, round the value of n up to the next larger whole number.
  16. If the confidence interval limits are known,
    1. how is the point estimate of  Image Upload found?
    2. How is the Margin of Error found?
    Image Upload= [(upper confidence interval limit)+(lower confidence interval lmit)]/2

    E=[(upper confidence interval limit)+(lower confidence interval lmit)]/2
  17. How is the confidence interval or estimating a population mean (with Image Upload known)?
    • Image Upload
    •   where
    • Image Upload
  18. What is the round-off rule for confidence intervals used to estimate Image Upload?
    When using the orginal set of data, round to one more decimal place than is used for the original set of data.

    When the original set of data is unknown, only Image Upload, is used, round to the same number of decimal places used for the sample mean. 
  19. How is the sample size required to estimate a population mean found?
    Image Upload
  20. How is a Sample Size with unknown Image Upload found?
    1. use range rule of thumb Image Upload.

    2. Start sample collection process, using the first several values, calculuate the sample standard deviation s and use it in place of Image Upload

    3. Estimate by using results of some other study done earlier.
  21. The difference between the value of a sample statistic obtained from a sample and the value of the corresponding population parameter obtained from the population is called the ______________.
    Sampling Error
  22. A ______________ are errors made during collection, recording, and tabulation of data.
    nonsampling errors
  23. The sampling error is the difference between the value of a _____________ and the value of the corresponding population parameter.
    sample statistic

    Sampling error = Image Upload
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