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  1. Jubile House E15
    Great Eastern Street
  2. Toto's Restaurant
    Walton Street
  3. The Valmont Club
    Redclife Gardens/Fulham Road
  4. Bromar Road SE5
    Ivanhoe Road/ Grove Hill Road
  5. London Fields Staion in By TA
    Westgate Street L Triangle Rd R Warburton Road R Exmouth Place L Mentmore Terrace SODL
  6. London Fields Staion Lve TA
    LoR Mentmore Terr R&L Warbutron R Triangle Road
  7. The Ann Taylor Childrens Centre
    Traingle Road
  8. London Field Studios
    Exmouth Place
  9. Greenwich Coroners Court
    Devonshire Drive/Cathrine Grove and Greenwich South St
  10. Brookmarsh Trading Estate
    Norman Road
  11. Rooneys Boxing Gym
    Holyrood Street/in By Magdalen Street
  12. Uptown Oil
    King James Court/King James Street
  13. Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park
    Lambeth road
  14. Morocco Store
    Leathermarket street
  15. Shard Building
    London Bridge Street
  16. Coronet Theatre SE1
    New Kent Road
  17. North Tower Lounge
    North Tower/Tower Bridge
  18. Tower Bridge Control Centre
    North Tower/Tower Bridge
  19. Golden Hinde
    Pickfords Wharf/Clink Street
  20. Metropolitan Police Tactical Unit
    Pratts Walk
  21. Platform Bar & Restaurant
    Tooley Street
  22. The Refinery Bar and Restaurant
    Southwark street
  23. Cantina Vinopolis
    Vinopolis City of Wine/Bank End
  24. Trio Place
    Trinity street
  25. Catford Stadium
    Adenmore Road
  26. Helsinki Square
    Finland street
  27. Finland Street
    Onega Gate/South Sea Street
  28. Alberta Street
    Penton Place/Braganza street
  29. Ivory Restaurant
    Walworth Road
  30. Amateur Boxing Association
    National Sports Centre Anerley Hill
  31. Southwark Theory Driving Test Centre
    Holyrood Street/in By Magdalen Street
  32. Honor Oak Crematorium
    Brockley Way
  33. London Eye Hostel
    Lambeth Walk
  34. Battersea Bark Station TA
    R Palmerston Way L Havelock Terrace R Breadmead F Palmerston Way
  35. City Hall - Disabled Entrance
    Weavers Lane
  36. Brooke Green to Hamersmith Rd
    L Luxemburg Gardens L Bute Gardens R Wolverton Gardens
  37. Surrey Square
    L Surrey Ter L Freemantle Street R Exon Street LorR East Street
  38. Green Ligth Youth Club
    Bow Road
  39. Walley Foster Comuity Centre
    Homerton Road/ Marsh Hill
  40. New Zeland House
  41. Highbury Magistrates Court TA
    L Digswell Street R Crane Grove R Furlong Road
  42. Harbour Club W2
    Alfred Road
  43. Artesian House
    Artesian Road
  44. Caroline House W2
    Bayswater Road
  45. Orme Square
    Bayswater Road
  46. Thistle Hyde Park Hotel
    Bayswater Road
  47. Woodchester Square
    Cirenchester Street/Senior Street
  48. Little Venice Sport Centre
    Cropton Streetin By Cutberth Street R Hall Place
  49. Algerian Consulate
    Hyde Park Gate
  50. Lancaster Hall Hotel
    Craven Terrace
  51. Speakers Corner
    Cumberland gate
  52. Best Western Shaftesbury Paddington Court
    Devonshire Terrace
  53. Warwick Castle Ph
    Warwick Place
  54. Paddington Police Station
    Edgware Road
  55. Westbourne Park Bus Garage
    Great Western Road
  56. Paddington Fire Station
    Harrow road
  57. Commander PH
    Hereford Road
  58. Print Room Theatre
    Hereford Road
  59. John Aird Court
    Howley Place In By r Madia Avenue R Park Place Villas
  60. Novotel Paddington Hotel
    Kingdom Street
  61. Barrie House W2
    Lancaster Gate
  62. Kateh Restaurant
    Warwick Place
  63. Hyde Park Hotel
    Leinster Square
  64. West London Budist Centre
    Westbourne Park Road
  65. Easy Hotel London Paddington
    Norfolk Place
  66. Frontline Club
    Norfolk Place
  67. Saxon Hall W2
    Palace Court
  68. Wetherby School
    Pembridge Square
  69. Porchester Hall
    Porchester Road
  70. Steam Bar
    Praed Street
  71. Tune Hotel Paddington
    Praed Street
  72. United Lodge Of Theosophists
    Queens Gardens
  73. Caesar Hotel
    Queens Gardens/Leinster Gardens
  74. Central Park Hotel W2
    Queensborough Terrace
  75. All Star Lanes W2
    Porchester Gardens/Queensway
  76. Saint Marys Square
    Saint Marys Terrace
  77. Ramada Jarvis London Hyde Park Hotel
    Saint Petersburgh Place
  78. Fairways Hotel
    Sussex Gardens
  79. Gower Hotel
    Sussex Gardens
  80. Warner Music
    Kensington Church Street
  81. Barry House Hotel
    Sussex place
  82. Bloody French Restaurant
    Westbourne Grove
  83. Khans Restaurant W2
    Westbourne Grove
  84. Lucky Seven Restaurant
    Westbourne Park Road
  85. Saint Stephens Gardens
    Westbourne Park Road
  86. Pelham Hotel
    Cromwell Place
  87. Park International Hotel
    Cromwell Road
  88. Montrose Court
    Exhibition Road
  89. The Jam Cupboard
    Gloucester rd/Rydges Kensington Plaza
  90. Rydges Kensington Plaza Hotel
    Gloucester Road
  91. Ecuador Embassy
    Hans Crescent
  92. Baglioni Restaurant
    Hyde park gate
  93. Fiji High Commission
    Hyde park Gate
  94. Baglioni Hotel
    Kensington Road
  95. St Nicolas School
    Prices Gate
  96. Bumpkin Restaurant SW7
    Old Brompton Road
  97. Claireville Grove SW7
    Old Brompton Road
  98. Royal Society of British Sculptors
    Old Brompton Road
  99. Madsen Restaurant
    Old Brompton Road
  100. Iran Embassy
    Princes Gate
  101. Tunisia Embassy
    Princes Gate
  102. Porchester Centre
  103. Bangladesh High Commission
    Queens Gate
  104. Grange Strathmore Hotel
    Gueens Gate Gardens
  105. Institut Francais
    Queensberry Place/Cromwell Place
  106. Anglesea Arms PH
    Selwood Terrace
  107. Elizabeth Hotel
    Lancaster Terrace
  108. Kazakhstan Embassy
    Thurloe Place
  109. Black Lion Gate
    Bayswater Road
  110. Century Court
    Grove end Road
  111. Western Hotel
    Bayswater Road
  112. British Legion Padington
    St Stephen Gardens
  113. Kings Troop
    Ordnance Hill
  114. Saint Johns Wood Barracks
    Ordnance Hill
  115. The Showroom Gallery
    Penfold Street
  116. Blazer Court
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  117. Graces Gate
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  118. Saint Johns Wood Court
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  119. Padington Green
    Nottingham Place/Church Street/Harrow Road
  120. Church Street Market
    Church Street
  121. Hilton Hotel Hyde Park
    Bayswater Road
  122. Little Bay Restaurant EC1
    Farringdon Road
  123. Old China Hand Restaurant
    Tysoe street
  124. Guildhall Library
  125. Cinnamon Kitchen
    Devonshire Square
  126. Abacus House EC2
    Gutter lane
  127. Book Club
    Leonard Street
  128. Amnesty International
    New Inn Yard
  129. Merchant Taylors Hall
    Threadneedle Street
  130. Saint Albans Tower
    Wood Street
  131. Haz Restaurant EC3
    Mincing Lane
  132. Rivington Apartments
    Rivington Street
  133. Guildhall School of Music & Drama
    Silk Street
  134. Modern Pantry
    Saint Johns Square
  135. Salters Hall
    Fore Street
  136. One Tree Park
    Monument Street in By Botoph Lane lve by Pudding lane
  137. Peninsular House EC3
    Monument Street in By Botoph Lane lve by Pudding lane
  138. Bangers Too
    Saint Mary at Hill
  139. Assembly Bar
    Seething lane
  140. Old Tea Warehouse PH
    Creechurch Lane
  141. Philpot Lane
    East Cheap/Fenchurch Street
  142. Lime Street Ta
    R Fenchurch Ave L Billiset Street L or R Leadenhall Street
  143. Lambeth North Staion TA
    Baylis Road L Murphy Street R Baylis Rd L Wetsminster Bridge Rd SDOL
  144. H10 Waterloo Hotel TA
    R Webber Row L Dodson Street L Westminster Bridge Rd L Waterloo Rd
  145. Rothbury Hall
    Azof Street
  146. Greenwich Magistrates Court
    Blackheath Road
  147. Meantime Brewing Company
    Blackwall Lane
  148. Azof Street
    Blackwall Lane/Christchurch Way
  149. Holiday Inn Express SE10
    Bugsbys Way
  150. Peninsula Chinese Restaurant
    Bugsbys Way
  151. Saikei Chinese Restaurant
    Bugsbys Way
  152. Spanish Galleon PH
    College Approach
  153. Curlew Rowing Club
    Crane Street in By Park Row
  154. Cutty Sark DLR
    Creek road
  155. Up the Creek Club
    Creek road
  156. Corvette Square
    Feathers Place
  157. Greenwich Playhouse
    Greenwich High Road
  158. Diamond Terrace
    Hyde Vale/Point Hill
  159. Dreadnought Seamens Library
    King William Walk
  160. Vanbrugh Castle
    Maze hill
  161. Minor Hall
    Peyton place
  162. Pilot Inn PH
    River Way/West Parkside/John Harrison Way
  163. Cheese Board
    Royal Hill
  164. Greenwich Union PH
    Royal Hill
  165. Ahoy Centre
    Borthwick street
  166. Armada Street SE8
    Creek Road
  167. Deptford Methodist Mission
    Creek Road
  168. Glaisher Street
    Creek Road
  169. Copperas Street
    Creek Road/Creekside
  170. Laban Centre for Movement & Dance SE8
  171. Lady Florence Hall
    Deptford Broadway
  172. Big Red Pizzeiria
    Deptford Church Street
  173. Birds Nest PH
    Deptford Church Street
  174. Birds Nest Theatre
    Deptford Church Street
  175. Bronze Street
    Deptford Church Street/Creekside
  176. Borthwick Street
    Deptford Green/Watergate Street
  177. Albany Empire Theatre
    Douglas Way
  178. Elverson Road DLR
    Elverson Road
  179. Deptford Fire Station
    Evelyn Street
  180. Deptford Park
    Evelyn Street
  181. Oxestalls Road
    Evelyn street/Grove street
  182. Grove Street
    Evelyn Street/Plough Way
  183. Prince Street SE8
    Evelyn Street/Watergate Street
  184. Riverside Youth Club
    Grove street
  185. Deptford Green
    Mcmillan Street
  186. Reginald Square
    Reginald Road
  187. Bellerbys College
    Stowage/Bounty House
  188. Grinstead Road
    Trundleys Road/Evelyn Street
  189. Barque Mews
    Watergate Street
  190. Brig Mews
    Watergate Street
  191. Caravel Mews
    Watergate Street
  192. Frigate Mews
    Watergate Street
  193. Trevithick Street
    Watergate Street
  194. Village Bar
    Muswell Hill
  195. ONeills PH N10
    Muswell Hill Broadway
  196. Lawrence Road N15
    Philip Lane/West Green Road
  197. Tottenham Bus Garage
    Phillip Lane
  198. Hillside Road
    Stamford Hill/Amhurst Park
  199. Broad Lane N15
    The Hale/Tottenham High Road
  200. Tottenham Town Hall
    Town Hall Approach
  201. Cyprus Potato Marketing Board
    Wordsworth Parade
  202. East Bank
    Amhurst Park/Dunsmure Road
  203. North London Mosque
    Cazenove Road
  204. West Bank
    Dunsmure Road/Amhurst Park
  205. Lordship Park
    Green Lanes/Lordship Road
  206. Allen Road
    Nevill Road/Milton Grove
  207. Cinnamon Lounge
    Newington Green
  208. Egg Stores
    Stamford Hill
  209. Dunsmure Road
    Stamford hill/Bethune Road
  210. Daniel Defoe PH
    Stoke Newington Church Street
  211. Fox Reformed Wine Bar
    Stoke Newington Church Street
  212. Stoke Newington Town Hall
    Stoke Newington Church Street
  213. Tottenham Hale Station
    Hale Road/Lve By Watermead Way
  214. Bald Faced Stag PH
    High Road East Finchley/East End Road
  215. Phoenix Cinema
    High Road East Finchley/Fairlawn Avenue
  216. Manor House Station Cab Rank
    Woodberry Down
  217. Boogaloo Bar
    Archway Road
  218. Williamson Street
    Parkhurst Road/Camden Road
  219. Red Rose Theatre
    Seven Sisters Road
  220. Suicide Bridge
    Hornsey Lane
  221. Carpernters Row/Plesent Theatre TA
    Brecknock Rd L Hilldrop Rd F Middleton Grove R Hungerford Rd L Corporation Street L North Road
  222. Arlington Avenue
    Bevan Street/Arlington Square
  223. Hoxton Market
    Boot Street/Coronet Street
  224. Joiners Yard
    Caledonia Street
  225. Bridge Wharf
    Caledonian Road
  226. Keystone Crescent
    Caledonian Road
  227. Omega Place
    Caledonian Road
  228. All Saints Street
    Caledonian Road/New Wharf Road
  229. TS Quail
    Canonbury Road
  230. Arlington Square
    Coleman Fields
  231. Circus Space N1
    Coronet Street
  232. Falkirk Street
    Cremer Street/Hoxton Street
  233. Paula Pryke Flower School
    Cynthia Street
  234. Embassy Bar
    Essex Road
  235. Hackney Community College N1
    Falkirk Street
  236. Real Greek Souvlaki & Bar N1
    Hoxton Market
  237. Electric Showrooms
    Hoxton Square
  238. Browns Restaurant N1
    Islington Green
  239. Angel Square
    Islington High Street/Torrens Street
  240. Edward Mews N1
    Islington Park Street
  241. Orsman Road
    Kingsland Road/Whitmore Road
  242. Nobody Inn PH N1
    Mildmay Park
  243. Waterloo Gardens N1
    Milner Square
  244. Ice Wharf N1
    New Wharf Road
  245. Cairo Studios
    Nile Street
  246. Radius Apartments
    Omega Place
  247. Acme Studios N1
    Orsman Road
  248. Packington Square
    Packington Street
  249. Chapel Bar
    Penton Street
  250. Mayor of London Cycling Scheme
    Penton Street/The Old PCO
  251. Family Planning Association N1
    Pentonville Road
  252. Help the Aged
    Pentonville Road /Age UK
  253. City of London Academy Islington
    Prebend Street
  254. The Copperworks N1
    Railway Street
  255. Noel Road N1
    Saint Peters Street/Colebrooke Row
  256. Wenlock Street N1
    Sheperdess walk
  257. Chocolate Studios
    Shepherdess Place
  258. Murray Grove
    Shepherdess Walk/New North Road
  259. Northchurch Road
    Southgate Road
  260. Islington Tup PH
    Theberton Street/Liverpool Road SD and lv Use Gibson SQ
  261. Albion PH
    Thornhill Road
  262. Candid Arts Trust
    Torrens Street
  263. Byron N1
    Upper Street
  264. Club Union House
    Upper Street
  265. Gem Bar N1
    Upper Street
  266. Asylum Aid N1
    Upper Street/Union Club House
  267. Graham Street N1
    Vincent Terrace/City Road
  268. Victoria Miro Gallery
    Wharf Road
  269. Lincoln Lounge
    York way
  270. Wharfdale Road
    York Way/Caledonian Road
  271. Regent Quarter
    York way/pentonville road/caledonia street/caledonia road
  272. Central Saint Giles
    Saint Giles High Street
  273. Sherwood Street
    Lower James Street/Denman Street
  274. Great Russel St TA
    R Coptic St R Streatham Street R Willoughby Street L Great Russel Street
  275. Rose Square
    Fulham Road
  276. Hackney Empire TA
    Lol Mare Street L Amhurts Rd R Kenmure Rd R Brett rd L Amhurst Rd
  277. Coles Green Road
    Dollis Hill Lane
  278. Isledon Village
    Isledon Road
  279. Sovereign Cresent
    Rotherhite Street
  280. Hambledon Place
    Dulwich Common
  281. Tiananmen Building
    Dixon Road
  282. Yoe Street
    Violate Road/Watts grove
  283. Bow Exchange
    Yoe Street
  284. Caspian Warf
    Yoe Street
  285. Amourrers and Brasiers Hall
    Coleman Street
  286. Central Foundation Boys School
    Cowper Street In by Tabernacle Street
  287. Racine Restaurant
    Brompton Road. Land L Egerton Gardens L Egerton Terrace L or R Brompton Road
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