Onc step2

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  1. Breast mass management
    • Mammogram
    • initial bx: FNA
    • core needle - can stain
    • accurate: open bx. followed by immediate resection
  2. When to ultrasound breast mass
    • Painful
    • varies in size or pain with menstruation
  3. Hormonal manipulation tx
    • Aromatase inh - anastrazole, letrozole, exemestane. risk of osteoporosis
    • Selective modifiers - Tamoxifen - risk of endometrial cancer and clots, also use as ppx if multiple 1st degree relatives. Raloxifene
    • Trastazumab - Herceptin. dec recurrence
  4. Adjuvant chemo indications in breast cancer
    • >1cm
    • Axillary LN
  5. Prostate cancer tx sides
    • Surgery causes urinary incontinence and more ED
    • Radiation - ED
  6. Gleason grading
    • measure of aggressiveness or malignant potential of prostate cancer
    • high = greater benefit of surgical removal. get it out quick.
  7. Hormonal manipulation in prostate cancer
    • flutamide
    • GNRH agonists
    • ketoconazole
    • orchiectomy
    • shrink lesions that are present, dont prevent recurrences
  8. Lung surgery contraindications
    • Bilateral
    • Malignant pleural effusion
    • Heart, carina, aorta, or vena cava involvement
    • Most small cell bc it metastasizes quick
  9. AFP testicular type
  10. Testicular cancer tx
    • orchiectomy
    • then radiation for local and chemo for widespread (cures even if spread to the brain)
  11. PAP smear management
    • Low grade dysplasia: colposcopy
    • High grade dysplasia: colposcopy
    • ASCUS: HPV testing
    • -If +: then colposcopy
    • -If -: PAP in 6 mo
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