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  1. Weld   vt / n
    to unite (metallic parts) by heating and allowing the metals to flow together or by hammering or compressing with or without previous heating.

    They were welded together in friendship.
  2. whittle  v.
    to pare or cut off chips from the surface of (wood) with a knife.

    She whittled a walking stick from a maple tree branch.
  3. whoop vi
     to go or pass with a loud noise.

    The children whooped with joy at the sight of all the presents.
  4. wiggle    vt.
    to move to and fro with quick jerky or shaking motions .

    The puppy wiggled with excitement.
  5. withstand   vt.
    to stand up against.

    cookware that can withstand high temperatures.
  6. wobble
    to make a series of small irregular or violent movements.

    The boy was wobbling along on his bicycle.
  7. act up
     to act in a way different from that which is normal or expected: as

    the two-year-old was acting up in church so much that her dad had to take her outside.
  8. and how
    sed to emphasize the preceding idea.
  9. back and forth
    backward and forward; also : between two places or persons.

    The chair rocked back and forth.
  10. be better off
    being in a more advantageous position.

    I would be better off taking the train instead of driving.
  11. be clustered wtih
  12. be done with
    finished with someone or something.

    Mary is done with Bill. She has found another boyfriend.
  13. be finished with
    Mary is finished  with Bill. She has found another boyfriend.
  14. be off to
    to go somewhere. 

    While Marianne heads off to work each morning, Keith takes care of the kids.
  15. be supposed to
    expected or intended to do something; obliged or allowed to do something. 

    You're supposed to say "excuse me" when you burp.
  16. be through
    • be done wtih 
    • be finished with 
  17. be up all night
    stay up
  18. beat    adj
    being in a state of exhaustion : exhausted.

    Let me sit down. I'm absolutely beat!
  19. beyond repair
    not repairable
  20. ovation

    He was welcomed by a warm ovation when he came out onto the stage.
  21. scapegoat
    a person or thing taking the blame for others.

    The CEO was made the scapegoat for the company's failures.
  22. scarce
    deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand :not plentiful or abundant.

    Food was getting scarce during the drought.
  23. scatter
    The wind scattered the pile of leaves.
  24. scavenger
    to salvage from discarded or refuse material; also : to salvage usable material from

    Rats scavenged in the trash.
  25. scene
    • the place of an occurrence or action.
    • scene of the crime

    Police are now at the scene.
  26. scenery
    a picturesque view or landscape.

    The scenery showed a forest.
  27. scenic
    of or relating to natural scenery <a scenic view>

    the scenic beauty of the countryside.
  28. ascent
    the act of rising or mounting upward : climb

    They followed a steep ascent to the top of the hill.
  29. quiescent
    slow to move or act.

    a group of quiescent loungers recovering from the Thanksgiving feast.
  30. incandescent
    white, glowing, or luminous with intense heat.

    itting in darkness, except for the incandescent coals of our campfire.
  31. fluorescent
     bright and glowing as a result of fluorescence .
  32. adolescent

    Their children are now adolescents.
  33. scheme
    • A) a graphic sketch or outline.
    • the color scheme of a room.

    • B) a plan or program of action; especially : a crafty or secret one.
    • a scheme to improve the economy
  34. scholar

    • scholarship
    • scholarly: academic
  35. scope
    range, extent,bound

    this objective is beyond the scope of our project.

    • microscope
    • telescope
  36. score
    musical compostions

    how can someone be a conductor if they cna't read the score.
  37. scour
    to remove by rubbing hard and washing.

    you'll have to scour out those old cooking pots before you use them.
  38. rural

    urban: city
  39. rustic

    the rustic life is supposed to be atranquil one.
  40. sac


  41. sacred
    divine, consecrated

    to defend the interests of one's country is ivewed by many as sacred duty.
  42. saga

    the saga of a lone man confronting the turbulent occans in a small boat is an exploit we find laudable.
  43. sake
    purpose, benefit, favor

    the greedy man would do anything for money's sske.
  44. salient
    conspicuous, noticeable 

    mike has two salient charcteristics, an unusually prominent nose and extremely large ears.
  45. saline

    the slightly saline taste of this mineral water is pleasant.
  46. sanctimonious

    a sanctimonious moralist
  47. sanction
    • prohibition, penalty
    • a formal decree; especially

    Their policy has legal sanction.
  48. sanctuary
    holy place

    shelter, refuge
  49. infirmary
    clinic, hospital
  50. sanitation
    health, hygiene

  51. sap
  52. sapphire
  53. sarcastic
    ironic, cynical
  54. satire
    lampoonery, mockery

    satiric, satirist
  55. satisfactory
    acceptable, passable
  56. saturate

    saturated; drenched
  57. saucer
  58. save
    but, except, apart from
  59. scate
    climb, ascend
  60. scale
    extent, range, measure

    scaled, upscale
  61. scan
    survey, scrutinize
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