OTA Concepts Abbreviations box 2.1 P.12-15

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  1. AP
    advanced practitioner, for OTAs and COTAs only
  2. APE
    adaptive physical education
  3. ATC
    athletic trainer certified
  4. CCC
    certificate of clinical competence [for speech-language pathologists]
  5. CCM
    certified case manager
  6. CEO
    chief executive officer
  7. CFO
    chief financial officer
  8. CHT
    certified hand therapist
  9. CI
    clinical instructor
  10. COO
    chief operating officer
  11. COTA
    certified occupational therapy assistant
  12. COTA/L
    certified occupational therapy assistant, licensed
  13. CPE
    certified professional ergonomist
  14. CST
    craniosacral therapist
  15. D/APE
    developmental and adaptive physical education
  16. DC
    doctor of chiropractic
  17. DDS
    doctor of dental surgery
  18. DMD
    doctor of medical dentistry
  19. DO
    doctor of osteopathy
  20. DPT
    doctor of physical therapy
  21. EBD
    emotional or behavioral disorder
  22. EdD
    doctor of education
  23. FACP
    Fellow of the American College of Physicians
  24. FACS
    Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
  25. FAOTA
    Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association
  26. FWS
    fieldwork supervisor
  27. HHA
    home health aide
  28. LD
    learning disabled
  29. LMFT
    licensed marriage and family therapist
  30. LP
    licensed psychologist
  31. LPN
    licensed practical nurse
  32. MAOT
    master of arts in occupational therapy
  33. MD
    medical doctor
  34. MOT
    master of occupational therapy
  35. MPH
    master of public health
  36. MSW
    master of social work
  37. OT/L
    occupational therapist, licensed
  38. OTA
    occupational therapy assistant
  39. OTA/L
    licensed occupational therapy assistant
  40. OTAS
    occupational therapy assistant student
  41. OTD
    occuptional therapist, doctor of [clinicall doctorate]
  42. OTD/L
    doctor of occupational therapy, licensed
  43. OTIP
    occupational therapist in independent practice - Medicare 
  44. OTR
    occupational therapist, registered
  45. OTR/L
    occupational therapist, registered and licensed
  46. OTS
    occupational therapy student
  47. PA
    physician's assistant
  48. PCA
    personal care attendant
  49. Pharm D
    doctor of pharmacy
  50. PhD
    doctor of philosophy
  51. PT
    physical therapist
  52. PTA
    physical therapist assistant
  53. QMHP
    qualified mental health professional
  54. QMRP
    qualified mental retardation professional
  55. QRC
    qualified rehabilitation consultant
  56. RD
    registered dietician
  57. RN
    registered nurse
  58. ROH
    Roster of Honor
  59. RT
    recreation therapist, respiratory therapist
  60. RRT
    registered recreation therapist, registered respiratory therapist
  61. ScD
    doctor of science
  62. SLP
    speech-language pathologist
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