The Stuarts

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  1. James 1 of England and Scotland
    son of mary queen of scots; succeeded elizabeth; ignored the advice of Parliament's Apology of the House Of Commons b/c of DIVINE RIGHT; ordered bible translation for the puritans; sold titles of nobility to finance his policies
  2. Charles I
    son of james I; arrogant; strong believe in divine right; imprisoned people who wouldn't give him funds ---> parliament presents him w/ petition of right---> signs it but continues to levy taxes--->parliament protests-->charles abolishes parl.; puritans hated his ritualistic protesantism and lavish life---> restricted puritans-->some left to usa---> determined puritans and lawyers thought he was tyrannical---> charles manipulates the court; attempted to anglicanize presbyterian scots!--> scots build army of religious freedom-->charles calls parl. into session; irish problem (rebellion); radical puritans in parl. wanted to rid of bishop in anglican church--> charles tries to arrest leaders of opposition= CIVIL WAR... LOSES...BEHEADED
  3. Oliver Cromwell (NOT A STUART)
    puritan; controlled england's social life; est. constitution that names him "Lord Protector"; challenged Dutch with navigation act; dictator..... son, richard takes over.... english revolution ends
  4. Charles II
    period of the "Restoration"; merry monarch; removed restrictions on entertainment; tolerated catholics
  5. James II
    Duke of york; royal absolutism; england threatened by catholic ruler and possible line of catholic monarchy; fled to france when fearful of assasination--->daughter mary and husband, william asked to take throne
  6. Mary
    daughter of James II; required to sign bill of rights to rule w/ husband, the Dutch William of Orange
  7. Anne
    last stuart; the gin queen; 17 kids...none survived
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