Medical Terminology

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  1. Define: Afebrile
    Without Fever
  2. Define Angioedema
    a condition marked by the development of edematous areas of skin, mucous membranes, or internal organs
  3. Define Aphasia
    a neurological disorder influencing the production and understanding of language
  4. Define Apical impulse
    point at which the apex of the heart touches the anterior chest wall, best site to hear heart sounds; aka point of maximal impulse 
  5. Define Ataxia
    defective muscular coordination, especially manifested when voluntary muscular movements are manifested 
  6. Define Atelectasis
    collapse of alveoli, preventing the normal respiratory exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide
  7. Define Blanching
    whitening of the skin from pressure, vasoconstriction, or hypertension 
  8. Define Bruit
    abnormal sound or murmur heard while auscultating an organ, gland, or artery
  9. Define Cachexia
    general ill health and malnutrition marked by weakness and emaciation
  10. Define Diaphoresis
    sevretion of sweat, especially profuse secretion associated with an elevated body temp, physical exertion, or emotional stress
  11. Define Distal
    farthest from the center, from the medial line, or from the trunk
  12. Define Distention
    swelling of a body cavity; may be caused by fluid, gas, or a mass
  13. Define Diuresis
    increased formation and excretion of urine
  14. Define Dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  15. Define Dysphasia
    impairment of the speech resulting from a brain lesion or neurodevelopmental disorder
  16. Define Dyspnea
    shortness of breath
  17. Define Ecchymosis
    a bruise, that is, superficial bleeding under the skin or musous membrane
  18. Define Embolus
    A foreign object, a quantity of air or gas, a bit of tissue or tumor, or a piece of thrombus that circulates in the bloodstream until it becomes lodged in a vessel
  19. Define Epistaxis
    hemorrhage from the nose, nosebleed
  20. Define Erythema
    redness or inflammation of the skin or mucous membranes that is a result of dilation and congestion of superficial capillaries; ex sunburn
  21. Define Eupnea
    normal breathing
  22. Define Evisceration
    protrusion of visceral organs through a surgical wound
  23. Define Excoriation
    injury to the skin's surface caused by abrasion
  24. Define Febrile
    pertaining to or characterized by an elevated body temp
  25. Define Hematemesis
    vomiting blood, indicates upper gi bleeding
  26. Define Hematocrit
    measure of the packed volume of red cells, expressed as a % of the total blood volume
  27. Define Hematoma
    collection of blood trapped in the tissues of the skin or an organ
  28. Define Hemiparesis
    muscular weakness on one side of the body
  29. Define Hemiplegia
    paralysis on one side of the body
  30. Define Hemoglobin
    the iron containing pigment of RBC that carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues
  31. Define Hemoptysis
    coughing of blood from respiratory tract
  32. Define Hemostasis
    termination of bleeding by mechanical or chemical mean by the coagulation process of the body
  33. Define Hirsutism
    excessive body hair in a masculine distribution caused by heredity, hormonal dysfunction, or meds
  34. Define Hypovolemia
    decrease circulatory blood volume resulting from extracellular fluid losses
  35. Define Hypoxemia
    abnormal deficiency of oxygen in arterial blood
  36. Define Indurated
    hardened tissue, particularly skin, due to edema, inflammation, or infiltration by a tumor
  37. Define Ischemia
    a temp deficiency of bld flow to an organ or tissue
  38. Define Kyphosis
    exaggeration of the posterior curvature off the thoracic spine
  39. Define Leukocytosis
    abnormal increase in the # of circulation WBC
  40. Define Lordosis
    increased lumbar curvature
  41. Define Neuropathy
    abnormal condition characterized by inflammation and degeneration of peripheral nerves that alter sensory or motor function
  42. Define Nocturia
    urination at night
  43. Define Nystagmus
    involuntary rhythmic movements of the eyes
  44. Define Oliguria
    diminished capacity to form and pass urine
  45. Define Orthopnea
    abnormal respiratory systom in which a person must sit or stand to breathe deeply or comfortably
  46. Define Orthostatic Hypotension
    drop in sys bp of 15mm Hg or more when a person rises from arecumbent position to a sitting or standing position
  47. Define Palliative care
    the prevention, relief, reduction, or soothing of symptoms of disease or disorders without effecting a cure
  48. Define Pancytopenia
    A reduction in all cellular elements of the blood
  49. Define Perfusion
    passage of fluid, such as blood, through a specific organ or area of the body
  50. Define Petechiae
    tiny purple or red spots that appear on the skin as minute hemorrhages within dermal layers
  51. Define Phlebitis
    inflammation of a vein
  52. Define Pneumothorax
    collection of air or gas in the pleural space
  53. Define Polyps
    small tumor like groths that project from a mucous membrane surface
  54. Define Polyuria
    excretion of an abnormally lg volume of urine
  55. Define Prone
    horizontal with the face down
  56. Define Proximal
    nearest the point of attachment, center of the body, or point of reference
  57. Define Pruritis
    symtom of itching
  58. Define Purulent
    producing or containing pus
  59. Define Sanguineous
    fluid containing RBC
  60. Define Serosanguineous
    containing both serum and blood
  61. Define Strabismus
    abnormal ocular condition in which the eyes are crossed
  62. Define Stria
    streak or linear scar that results from rapidly developing tension in the skin, commonly seen on the abds after pregnancy
  63. Define Supine
    lying on the back with face up
  64. Define Syncope
    transient and uaually sudden loss of consciousness, accompanied by an inability to maintain an upright posture
  65. Define Thrombocytopenia
    an abnormal decrease in the # of platelets
  66. Define Thrombus
    accumulation of platelets, fibrin, clotting factors, and the cellular elements of the blood attached to the interior wall of a vein or artery, sometimes occluding the lumen of the vessel
  67. Define Turgor
    normal resiliency of the skin caused by the outward pressure of the cells and interstitial fluid
  68. Define Urticaria
    multiple swollen raised areas on the skin that are intensely itchy and last up to 24 hr; they may appear primarily on the chest, back, extremities, face, or scalp
  69. Define Urosepsis
    condition caused by bacteria in the urine that may lead to the spread of organisms into the bloodstream or kidneys
  70. Define Vertigo
    the sensation of moving around in space or of having objects move about the person
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