Session recording

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  1. QUIZ 1
    Steve Albini rarely takes a direct signal from the electric bass
  2. QUIZ 1
    Chuck Ainlay departs from the Nashville perspective when recording drums by using TWO microphones on the _______ and _________
  3. QUIZ 1
    Steve Albini when choosing a vocal mic it totally depends on the _________ and the __________
    • SINGER
  4. QUIZ 1
    Chuck Ainlay usually uses the consoles mic preamps when recording and recording drums of important things.
  5. QUIZ 1
    Steve Albini says I like to be able to hear the drum kit as a _______ instrument rather than a collection of discrete sounds
  6. QUIZ 1
    Chuck Ainlay records his kick drum to _____ track/s on the multitrack recorder
  7. QUIZ 1
    In determining where to place instruments in the room. Steve Albini says the most important things are the bands ________ and _________.
  8. QUIZ 1
    Chuck Ainlay records the snare drums mics to ___ track/s on the multitrack recorder.
  9. QUIZ 1
    Steve Albini occasionally uses bottom snare microphone but it doesn't get used a lot.
  10. QUIZ 1
    Chuck Ainley uses minimal EQ on the drums and never uses EQ while tracking
  11. QUIZ 1
    Steve Albini really likes _______ microphones for electric guitars
  12. QUIZ 1
    Chuck Ainlay always put Gates on the inserts of the Tom channels
  13. QUIZ 1
    Does Steve Albini usually Mic the hi-hit
  14. QUIZ 2
    On the AMEK 9098i Pressing MON 48TK on the routing matrix will allow to receive signal from the _______ fader
  15. QUIZ 2
    On the AMEK 9098i the High shelving and low shelving filters can be put in the monitor path
  16. QUIZ 2
    On the AMEK 9098i the high pass filter and low pass filter can be put in the monitor path
  17. QUIZ 2
    Pressing the BUS button on the AMEK 9098i send the output of the master bus to the _______ fader
  18. QUIZ 2
    Michael Bishop recording philosophy is to be to Galloway the musicians intentions of being as _________ as possible to the end listener
  19. QUIZ 2
    SSL 9000j in record status the channel fader is the ____ Fader
  20. QUIZ 2
    Michael BeinHorn starts by tracking the ______
  21. QUIZ 2
    Pressing the HF/LF MON button on the AMEK 9098i moves the high pass and low pass filters to the monitor path
  22. QUIZ 2
    SSL 9000j the channel fader is The ______ fader
  23. QUIZ 2
    SSL 9000j The large fader feeds the _________
  24. QUIZ 2
    Michael Bishop doesn't like using a Decca tree to record orchestras because of time delay reference between center mic and other two mic because it produces __________
    comb filtering
  25. QUIZ 2
    SSL 9000j number of Mono aux sends
  26. QUIZ 2
    Amek 9098i  has __mono aux sends
  27. QUIZ 2
    What two polar patterns does Michael Bishop use for most of his recordings
    omni and bidirectional
  28. QUIZ 2
    What does AFL stand for
    after fader listen
  29. QUIZ 2
    SSL 9000j the _____ Fader feeds the routing matrix
  30. QUIZ 2
    Michael Bishop "I let _________ be my friend"
  31. QUIZ 2
    SSL 9000j in Record status pressing the LF button in the routing matrix will allow the routing matrix received signal from the _______ fader
  32. QUIZ 2
    AMEK 9098i How many aux sends can be used in a stereo configuration
  33. QUIZ 2
    AMEK 9098i to send the channel fader to the stereo buss you must press _____ button
  34. QUIZ 2
    Michael Binhorn harmonically their immense similarities between the _________________ and a band that tracks multilayered guitars.
    Symphony Orchestra
  35. QUIZ 2
    SSL 9000j the channel fader and the monitor fader on the same I/O could be assigned to the routing matrix at the same time
  36. QUIZ 2
    PFL stands for
    pre fader listen
  37. QUIZ 3
    There are _____ hard groups on the AWS 900
    0  ( ZERO )
  38. QUIZ 3
    There are ____ hard groups on the duality
  39. QUIZ 3
    Wyn Davis uses the direct And the Amp
  40. QUIZ 3
    AWS 900 channel input modes
    MIC, line, and instrument
  41. QUIZ 3
    Which engineer worked on the soundtrack of Star Wars poltergeists Air Force One and the sum of all fears
    Bruce Botnick
  42. QUIZ 3
    To engage the variable harmonic drive on the duality counsel you push the _________
    drive in button
  43. QUIZ 3
    Analog channels on the AWS 900
  44. QUIZ 3
    Recording electric guitar Ed Cherney usually uses a ____ and a ______  microphone
    • SM 57
    • Royar 121
  45. QUIZ 3
    You can use all four dedicated AUX sends per I/O on the AWS 900 console
  46. QUIZ 3
    _____________ is used to synchronize pro tools on the AWS 900
    MIDI Time code
  47. QUIZ 3
    On the duality to s/ch button moves the low-frequency, and high frequency filters to the__________ input of the dynamics
    side chain
  48. QUIZ 3
    The Duality has __ Mono busses
  49. QUIZ 3
    That AWS has built in A to D converters
  50. QUIZ 3
    The duality has ___ stereo mix buses
  51. QUIZ 3
    Ed Cherney says the human voice is the most difficult to record because it has the most ________
  52. QUIZ 3
    How many DAW channels does the duality counsel have
    as many as your DAW can handle
  53. QUIZ 3
    The duality console has ___ independent mic preamp/s on each I/O
  54. QUIZ 3
    AWS 900 has ___ stereo cues
  55. QUIZ 3
    AWS 900 you can use ___ studio cue per I/O
  56. QUIZ 3
    Bruce Botnick If it's a good sounding room leakage is your _______
  57. QUIZ 3
    AWS 900 has _____ dynamic modules only ____ can be used on individual I/O
    • 3
    • 2
  58. QUIZ 3
    When Davis layering guitar he is changing the _______ and/or ______
    • guitars
    • pickups
  59. QUIZ 3
    AWS 900 has ____ stereo mix buses
  60. QUIZ 4
    Frank Filipetti overhead technique for drums is to capture just the cymbals
  61. QUIZ 4
    Just a re-amp box changes the impedance of the signal from ___ impedance to ____ impedance
     low impedance to high impedance
  62. QUIZ 4
    The _________________ is a property of physics stating that every time the distance of a microphone from the sound source is doubled the level dropped by 6 DB
    inverse square law
  63. QUIZ 4
    A microphone with both the diaphragm and back plate electrically charged so that when the diaphragm vibrates it changes the capacitance is a___________
    capasitor microphone
  64. QUIZ 4
    Calculate wavelengths
  65.                                             1130 FPS
    • WAVELENGHT= ______________________
    •                                          FREQUENCY
  66. QUIZ 4
    M/S stereo micing techniques requires two microphones one with a _____ pattern and one with a _______ polar pattern
    • cardio
    • bidirectional
  67. QUIZ 4
    what are the two parameters on a guitar amp that allow a player to create distortionthe
    input gain and output gain
  68. QUIZ 4
    Frank Filipetti one of the things that I do because I know that my overheads will be so important is to make sure that the distance from the snare to each overhead capsule is ______
  69. QUIZ 4
    To decode MS stereo micing technique you must make a copy of the microphone with a cardio pattern and reverse the polarity of the copy
  70. QUIZ 4
    If the microphone is 3 feet from the choir how far should the second mic be from the first Mic following 3:1 rule
    9 feet (3x3 = 9)
  71. QUIZ 4
    When mixing guitar putting the mic at the edge of the speaker gives you a ______________
    dark or warm sound
  72. QUIZ 4
    The ____ near coincidence stereo micing technique uses two microphones both with the a cardio pattern set at 90° and spaced 30 cm apart
  73. QUIZ 4
    A _______ microphone has a coil of wire attached to the diaphragm so that when the diaphragm vibrates the coil wire grooves within a magnetic field creating a signal
  74. QUIZ 4
    When to signals are combined the timing relationship between the two signals is represented as ______ and is measured in degrees
  75. QUIZ 4
    You should switch on your monitors to Mono when audibly listening checking for __________ between two signals
    phase or polarity
  76. QUIZ 4
    A re-amp box changes the signal from ____ level to ____ level
    • LINE
    • MIC
  77. QUIZ 4
    A DI box changes the signal from Mic level to line level
  78. QUIZ 4
    A Fender twin combo guitar amp can be used with a modular four speaker Marshall guitar cabinet
  79. QUIZ 4
    A passive DI box needs power to work
  80. QUIZ 4
    Pointing the microphone at the center of a guitar speaker will give you a ______ sound
  81. QUIZ 4
    ______ is a coincidence stereo micing technique that uses two microphones and both microphones have cardioid polar patterns
  82. QUIZ 4
    Frank Filipetti To two main jobs of an assistant engineer
    liaison between artist and the studio and documentation
  83. QUIZ 4
    When listening for polarity or phase between two signals and you hear a loss of low-end when you press the polarity button on one of the signals. This means that the two signals were________ before you hit the button
    in phase
  84. QUIZ 4
    ________ near coincidence stereo miking technique uses to microphones both with a cardioid pattern set at 110° and separated by 17 cm
  85. QUIZ 4
    Because Ohm's ratings and power ratings you must use a modular orange guitar head with a modular orange cabinet
  86. QUIZ 4
    Frank Filipetti leakage is your________
  87. QUIZ 4
    _____________ is the point in a room where the direct sounds and the reverberant sound are at equal levels
    Critical distance
  88. QUIZ 4
    _____________Coincidence stereo mixing technique uses two microphones each with bidirectional polar patterns.
  89. QUIZ 4
    NOS and the X/Y stereo micing technic both place there mic at 90 degrees
  90. QUIZ 4
    Microphone property where the low-frequency response of the microphone increases as a microphone is moved closer to the sound source is known as__________
    proximity effect
  91. QUIZ 4
    Microphones that are considered a match pair are matched according to the _______________
    frequency response
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