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  1. Time it takes for processor to react to a single above threshold
    attack time
  2. The range of frequencies around the center frequency of an equalizing filter that will be affected
  3. A dynamic processor that makes loud sounds softer and soft sounds louder
  4. A compressor that reacts to a selected range of frequencies usually used to reduce the sibilant frequency of a vocal
  5. A processor that allows for the internal altering of the frequency characteristics of an audio signal
  6. A processor that allows for the increase of the dynamic range of the audio signal that is being processed
  7. A transistor where the voltage varies the size of the signal stream and enhances even order harmonics
    field effect transistor FET
  8. The Parameter on a compressor to increase the output of the unit after dynamic reduction has been applied
    makeup gain
  9. A processor designed to reduce the noise floor in an audio signal
    gate/noise gate
  10. The parameter on a gate that determines how long the gate is held open before the onset of the attenuation begins
  11. Additional input back into a gate that is used to control when the gate opens
    key input
  12. A premature on a compressor that determines when the compressor starts working
  13. A compressor with a medium attack time, a medium to slow release time, a high ratio setting, and low threshold
    leveling amplifier
  14. A compressor that has a fast attack time a medium to fast release time with a high ratio setting usually 10:1 and higher and a high threshold
    peak limiter
  15. A property/effect created by a compressor when the setting are such that you detect a sudden and usually unwanted deep gain reduction by the compressor
  16. A premature on a date that determines the amount of attenuation when the gate is closed
  17. A parameter on a dynamic processor that sets the relationship between input and output levels
  18. A parameter that determines how long the compressor will take to return to normal after compression
    release (compressor)
  19. A premature that sets you know of time it takes for the gate to close once the whole time has elapsed
    release (gate)
  20. And additional input into a compressor that is used to control when the compressor changes from a unity gain amplifier to a compressor
  21. A parameter I dynamic processor that determines when the processor begins the work
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