Ch10 Verbs

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  1. bajar
    to lower, to come down
  2. corregir
    to correct
  3. crear
    to create
  4. criar
    to raise (animals, children)
  5. desarrollar
    to develop
  6. desperdiciar
    to waste
  7. hacer una gira
    to take a tour
  8. imponer
    to impose
  9. llamar la atencion
    to call attention
  10. marearse
    to get seasick
  11. molestar
    to bother
  12. parecer
    to seem
  13. preocupar
    to worry
  14. proteger
    to protect
  15. requerir
    to require
  16. resolver
    to solve
  17. salvar
    to save
  18. sembrar
    to plant
  19. urgir
    to be urgent
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Ch10 Verbs
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